My unknown love story by Naagin part 7

Hii guys Naag here i am happy by your comments also by silent readers ??

Now she stops blushing and said how dare u Mr Abhimanyu khan behaving like my Laksh ( she bites her tongue for Saying my Laksh ) hr smirks at her . Oihhh Miss Ragini i am not ur Laksh i am Abhimanyu khan okay he again smirks . Ragini said u know one thing u will never be lucky because he will always wear a specks and will have a locket on that i don’t know wat will he have but he will say it is me but i will not believe it . Suddenly Yuvi came there and called Doll my baby doll where are u my dear darling oihhhh now here luckily is in hell anger he said he is disgusting yaar ragu said i am here ????? now yuvi hugged her and said I Love u doll i love u alot now here lucky burst and came near yuvi to beat him but ragu said i love u too as friend baby lucky stopped Ragini left from there

yuvi stared her till she left and said but i love u as my Queen and smiled ??? luckily is in
hell anger but yuvi left from there all left to their house and all are sitting in the garden all are wearing night suit ragu wearing a sky blue color which is lucky favourite colour lucky stares her lovingly

Neenjikul peidhidum mamzhai neerukul mozhgidum thamarai ponvanam soodiya ???tharigai ????pena un mell pizhai

Hope u like it ?????

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