My unknown love story by Naagin part 6

Hiiii guys Naagin here here its next epi

Suddenly some one came inside the washroom its krishaya . She asked Ragu wat happened she said nothing and remember the incident and slap her cheek and again washed her face and went from there. They both are talking and walking that time Ragini took her phone and she chat with her other friends in group she went and sit in their table without Seeing up . Manik called Ragini and said Sweety see him he is our family friend and he going to stay here for 5 months . Ragini is not in interest she just chatting in group . Manik said sorry to his friend and called ragu again . Suddenly Manik took her mobile from his hand . Ragu shout Wat the hell ? by looking Manik . Ragu said oihhh Manik y u are doing this always with a cute anger . She doesn’t notice the person . Yuvi and krishaya came there and sat . Manik said ohhh Sweety behan see him he is family friend . That time she saw him

he gave his hand and said Hiiiii
Ragu was in hell shock ???? …… ……
Manik said he is…….. suddenly ragu phone rings
Loongi dance song ???? every one in hotel saw their table Ragu stood up and said Sorry guys And again saw him
Manik :,he is Abhimanyu khan

Ragini : shouted wat no he is Laksh Kanna he is cheating he is Laksh only
Manik : Sweety cool down u may be saying someone yaar chilll pls ( ragu saw Manik and he pleased her so she cannot do anything so she just sit and breathe heavily )
Yuvi : who is Laksh kanna Ragu ?
Krishaya : ya who is he

Ragini : woo wo he is my for me friend ? with her full teeth ( u know one thing when someone is saying lie they will show all their teeth i also will do the same ????????? )
Abhi : Sorry actually First time i am hearing this name ( he shows his lips like kissing ragu without anyone noticing) He smirks
Ragu : in anger u ….. ???damn

what happened doll yuvi asked with concern
Laksh pov
who the hell is he Seeing my Dolly like this and calling her doll she is my dolly forever ?
Ragini saw Laksh anger and she got some idea and she said to yuvi Nothing baby just irritated thats it by Saying she saw Laksh she know he is jealousy type so she smirks at him
Barrer was called by krishaya and order her dish
Manik too said his order yuvi also said now ragu should tell she said i need chicken noodles and some soup suddenly laksh said oihhh u forget to tell without egg Ragini too said ya i forget without egg said to barrer

Everyone shocked by Abhimanyu krishaya asked how u know she will eat noodles without egg
Laksh stamers and said actually wo i know mind reading suddenly ragu laughs
every one in curious Really they asked
Laksh in confused manner yes

krishaya plsed him to say wat is in there in Manik mind i want to know
Manik pov
OMG she planned something i want to stop it
Manik said oihh krishaya let him eat first
foods came ( krishaya Ragu are in one side they are in against them in table )
For irritating Laksh she put the spoon down and make that him to take he too took that give her
suddenly something is touching ragu foot she saw it was Laksh who is doing so she beat his leg but yuvi shouted ohhhhhccc ragu said sorry baby i am sorry ohhhh really Sorry baby
Laksh who laughed stop laughing and fumes in anger

Laksh pov
how can she say him baby i hate baby that name ????????
Ragu smirks at him and went to wash her hand
Laksh to went took ragu to corner and said gow dare u Dolly y are u saying that blo*dy as baby
ragu became angry and said y are u saying him blo*dy u are a blo*dy cheep before she finishing he kissed her and said shut up Dolly ya i am Laksh Laksh kanna wat u will do now say me

Ragu pov
let me record it
Laksh knows her plan and he took her phone from her and saw the profile pic wow wat a girl i will send this pic to my mobile ragu said no u should not do Laksh said ohhh Sorry but i will do
by showing his mouth like kissing ??? he said her u know Dolly u are very beautiful in this blue dress u have changed into a gorgeous girl
ragu slightly blushes

song plays yen munnal kalidhey …… ???????????????????????
hope u like Naagin and her ff take care ??

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