My unknown love story by Naagin part 4

Author ‘ s note
Hiii guys now here is next part . I think u have confused little about characters i will explain u

Manik Malhotra

19 year old loving and caring loves his Sweety alot as behan not blood relation more than that . He loves krishaya a lot as lover ??? . ( plyed by parth )

krishaya Kapoor
Loves Ragini and alot and also her bf Manik. No parents only one cousin she as he as a parents who loves krishaya as their daughter and like his sister. Very pretty with her long hair ?? ( u can keep who ever u want as krishaya )

Story starts
Suddenly Thunder and lighting was there both separated
Ragini : yuvi u here wat is the matter
Yuvi : actually my cousin Krishna and my buddy called me for dinner
Ragini : ohhh kk but y are staring me from here
Yuvi : as u are very beautiful so….. without his scene he said it
Ragini : wat ,?
Yuvi : no nothing ( suddenly his phone rings )
he went to talk
Ragini started to think by Seeing the dark cloud

Flash Back
she went closer and he is shouting
Ragini : wat happened y are u shouting yaar
Laksh : he opened his eyes and saw she is standing away
Ragini thinks i think he is mad
Laksh slap his cheek and said himself u are dreaming lucky
Laksh said her to climb up and call someone
Ragu looked him with angry face how
Cimb on me and go
Ragu said okay and climed suddenly she sliped and falled over him with Ragini on top
Song plays
konjam nee pesinal nejukul yanao…………..????????
suddenly he said I Love U Ragini
Ragini shocked wat ???? joking rite
Laksh in anger joking ?
See my another joke and kissed her in cheeks and said i am joking u know
Ragini stood up
R : u damn came to slap him
L : he holds her hand and said i am joking baby
R : anna ( bhaiya ) u are my anna u know she said
L : don’t call me anna okay are else my kissing place will change ? ? ? he said and smirked

Fb ends
Yuvi dragged her to library and searching krishaya and Manik
they saw them fighting
R : wat happened guys again fighting bhaiya u too
K : he only started ragu
M : no Sweety she Only started
Ragini got anger and said finger on your lips
they both closed their mouth
yuvi seeing his love lovingly

Hope u like it who is love of yuvi stay tuned ??????

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