My unknown love story by Naagin part 3

Author ‘s note
Hiii guys thanks for supporting Naagin ?? and her story ? so now next epi

Suddenly ragini looked out through window and now she identified that clearly someone is staring her she hide herself and started to think about her childhood .

Flash back
Ragini : ohhh swara see someone is looked me through their balcony yaar
swara : oihhh ragu are u mad u are not a heroin ????
Ragini : ? i know it okay come we will play . Where is Kavitha ?
Kavitha : i am here ragu come lets play
Swara and Kavitha are playing shuttle cock
Ragini next came and played
Ragini throwed her cock up and beat it forecly
That time she watched that eyes again suddenly she stopped playing and the cock hits her she screams Ouch
she give her bat to kavita and said her she will come within 2 minutes
Ragini went to 1st floor and In lift

lift suddenly stopped and she pressed the bell kept in lift
Ragini : some one there pls help me
boy : saw from outside it is half mirrored lift so he signed her as wait
Ragini : saw him and said okay
Boy jumped inside the lift and said her come we will go
Raginj in anger : are u mad who said u to jump inside instead u can call anyone na ?
boy : Sorry i suddenly jumped to help u
Ragini : leave it whats ur name I am Ragini kumar
boy :Seeing her itself and said i am laksh kanna
new to appartment

Ragini : ohhhh u belongs to 1st floor ?
Laksh : yes
Ragini : u know one thing yesterday one boy i saw i think he also new
Laksh : in laughing tone he is little bro
Ragini : i know just for checking i asked
Suddenly she stops him and went closed to him very close and he closed his eyes she whisper to
open the eyes he opend and lost in her closeness
Suddenly Manik called Sweety were are u
she now only remembered about the pair of eyes she noticed and raned out of library

As it is a hilly place she stopped and breathe heavily
and again start running and went near tree which contains dry flowers and droplets of few minutes before rain
suddenly she falled by holding the tree and a carring arms fold her all droplets falling on them
song plays
nee tholaidhayo naan thedi thedi varuvadharku

Any guess about a carrying arms ? hope u like Naagin’ s story ???????

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    Mystery dear Awesome

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  5. Is this a ragsan ff??


  7. Awesome episode and loved Raglak scenes. Waiting for more Raglak scenes ???

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    awesome dear…loved it alot….mystery dear…eagerly waiting for nxt one….r u tamil….tkcr dear….

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  10. Awesome

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    Ya i am Tamilian . And its not ragsan its raglak ????

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    It’s Laksh…

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