My unknown love story by Naagin part 11

Hiii guys Naagin here i am very happy by your comments thanks for folly , ammu , asra , mittu and all silent readers . Now i will give u 11th part

Ragu is sleeping in Laksh arms by holding him alarm was ringing as ragu will not consider it Laksh got disturb by the alarm suddenly it stopped . He opened his eyes and saw someone holding him he smell his love fragrance he is was in cloud now he was very happy but he saw the time it was only 3 he confused y she Kept the alarm for 3 itself but she is sleeping he don’t want to leave from there but anyone saw him then he will be cought he can’t fulfill his purpose so he lightly moved her and was about to get up but suddenly she pushed him by her hands and kissed him in cheeks and said by closing her eyes where u are going taddy I Love U . He was happy to hear it which she never said to him he too said i love u too . He kissed her in forehead and said wake up ragu she said 5 minutes pls then she realised it was Laksh fragrance she got up and saw he was so close to him . She said how dare u idiot . He make her mouth shut again she is shouting by biting his hand he suddenly kept his lips on hers ot was for 5 minutes . Then he left her and said keep your mouth shut Dolly . U coming to my room and now kissing me and Saying me keep quite i know u came here to rape me know wait i will call yuvi she took her mobile but he grabbed her mobile and said yes i came herr for that only now call that blo*dy and say he said by closing her very much inch gape was there he said shall i do wat u said . She pushed him and ran to washroom . He smiled at her and she came out and saw no one was there she took her dress for jogging and saw the time it wss 3 : 15 . She about to change but suddenly she saw Laksh is still in room behind the cupboard she saw him and asked him to get out he said no i will not . She became anger and dragged him to go out but she can’t even push him she said u are so strong but i am strong than u . He smirked and took her in bridal style and said yes u are very strong Dolly ????? . They shared a cute eyelock then he left from the room after changing her dress she came out for jogging she was jogging that time it was awesome climate u mean romantic climate she was about to sit after she jogged she is breathing heavily a hand came to give water she also drink it and said thanks bhaiya without seeing his face he suddenly kissed her in lip and said i told u na never call me bhaiya or anna or bro she saw him it was Laksh . She slap him and running behind him to beat her but she can’t beat him so they stoppef near a tree and looking each other by breathing heavily

Song plays
Thovanam thova thova ………… kadavul varangal varum kadhaigalai katen avale varamai varuvadhai ingu parthen veru yana vendum vazhvil ??????????????????

hope u like it ? . Naagin leaves and come back soon ??

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