An unknown love story (episode 9)


Hello everyone I know u will be confused to see Swara behaving friendly with Sanskar but you will get to know about it now so here we go.
The episode starts with Priya and Swara entering their alloted room.
Priya: What Swara u r behaving close to Sanskar what is the matter.
Swara: do u think I am a fool to behave like this I am a story writer I write all situation then how will I handle.
Priya: If my guess is right u r doing like Shashi in ur Forbiden story.
Swara smirks: absolutely right Priya Episode No 19.
Priya: then its fine.
Swara: y u called this Sanskar to meet Aishu.
Priya: yaar I got afraid seeing her and from meeting him I thought he will help the right one so thats it.

Swara: actually I came to spoil this marriage seems like God also want it.
Priya: What ? Why yaar?
Swara: you dont know how this idiotic Buaji irritated Maa.My Maa have to search girl for this blo*dy Vicky and u know Priya this idiot want a girl like Alia Batt.
Priya: if Alia heard it will defintely hang up herself. And both laughs.
Swara: And my so called Papa this Vicky want to stay beside us for that we have to look house for him. But the Vicky himself with drawed the idea. My sweet Buaji called my Papa and cried that my Maa provoke that Vicky and what will my Papa will do.
Priya: scold ur Maa.
Swara: exactly.
Priya: so what was ur plan.
Swara: simple I would provoked that Aishu and I will made her run away.
Priya: nice plan.

Suddenly they heard clapping sound. Both are shocked. Its Abhinaya.
Abhi: now Swara nice plan but its too late Buaji made ur plan flop because Sanskar is with Aishu so sad na he wont even let ur shadow reach her. Swara and Priya let a sigh of relief as she didnt heard the initial convo.
Abhi: now go and Priya I got to know u will do nice hairstyle plz help me.
Priya: Yeah I will but first wear ur dress then only I can make ur hairstyle.
Abhi: I dont have time u do any hairstyle I will match and Swara Sanskar is calling you. Swara signs Priya and she leaves.
In Sanskar room
Swara enters Sanskar room and saw him reading something in his phone.
Swara: y u called me Sanskar.
Sanskar: tell u that just now read ur old story Forbiden Episode 19.
Swara: Oh y old story ( in mind Swara dont act shocked stay calm )
Sanskar: now I confirmed u r playing with me just like Shashi playing Anmol am I right.
Swara: wh… playing.

Sanskar: ok let me remaind and started walking around her.
Sanskar: Shashi dont like Anmol but he keeps on following her and she pleaded him to leave her but he just followed his heart says so to stop his drama Shashi started to behave closely with Anmol and he believed her. He does whatever she says and she used it to her advantage and asked him to stay from her for some silly reasons and that stupid believed her.
Swara is literally word of words that he is telling each and every single scenes of that story. Sanskar saw her face and cupped it.
Sanskar: u know Swara ur brother said truth only I used so many girls for a night stand but when I started reading ur first YOURSELF I got to know that I am doing a sin a biggest sin and I left that habit for that even a punished myself.
Swara looks at him with a Why expression.
Sanskar: You know I fought with my parents because they didnt gifted me what I want and left me home and not even contacted them ur story BELOVED made me realise the impotance of parents and the next second I went to home I was shocked to see my Mom in coma I felt my heart sinked and I got my father and I told everything about u he is happy for me that I am a changed Sanskar but till now my Maa is in coma every weekend I go to her and talk about u know every story of urs changed me and I want that person to be with me every circumstance of my life.
Swara took a step back and tears formed her eyes.

Swara: I know it changed u Sanskar but those stories and all an unchanged pain and an expectation of a girl which cant be experienced by her I hope now u know about this so I will not act and if u do anything now I will inform Dharun u will know what will happen. Sanskar hold her arm and says
Sanskar: are you making me fool to believe u I wont care about Dharun even if he kill me.
Swara cries and says
Swara: plz understand this cant happen and will ever happen and she runs from there.
Sanskar stops the car and got down to see a beautiful lake and he standing on a over bridge across the river.
Sanskar: I cant see her in pain the girl who dissolved all my pain is in a pain which she is not even telling I have to get to it.
In Sanskar house
Swara is working in the kitchen and sees the fire and resembles her marriage.

Swara came running to the room and cries her heart out. Priya saw her and hugged Swara.
Priya: What happened Swara.
Swara: Priya I cant handle this yaar he is like the man whom I dreamed but I cant make it happen in the real.
Priya: Sanskar…..
Swara: u know na I didnt get my father’s care from childhood when I saw his care towards me I feel like with my Papa whom I thought as my Papa left me and Dharun and who is my real Papa dont even kbow about me. Sanskar is like my FP u know him na.
Priya nodes.
Swara: he is just like Dharun but see my fate I cant get him and now this desire is added on my incomplete desire and laughs sadly.
Priya hugged her and thinks Swara ur incomplete desire will become complete by Sanskar I dont hope it but leaved it on God.
Sanskar came inside and saw them and thinks This Swara is a mystery box she has so much in her but is afraid.

Sanskar: excuse me ladies good news Aishu reached airport safely.
Swara: what. Priya whats the time.
Priya: 5:30
Swara: Oh my God I will fresh up soon and Priya get my jewels and dress ready and she enters washroom.
Priya: Sanskar give me the dress and jewels.
Sanskar: how do you know.
Priya: I know everything give it to me or else
Sanskar: Ok surrender and plz dont tell her.
Priya chuckles and he leaves. Priya hid the dress Swara and that time Swara came out.
Priya: Swara I forgot to pack ur dress but
I got an extra dress will u wear it.
Swara : Ofcourse yaar now give me that.
Swara gone to change mean while Priya got ready in netted Green saree. Swara came out wearing a baby pink lehenga with violet border and dupatta with gold works
To Be Continued……

Credit to: Rini

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