An unknown love story (episode 8)

The episode starts with Sanskar taking Swara to his room. She is shocked to see the room is filled with her pics. She turns and see Sanskar.
Swara: what is these and all.
Sanskar: my life I lived with them then and now.
Swara: how u got these photos Dharun also dont have this.
Sanskar stays silent.
Swara: why u r doing this Sanskar what will u get by this.
Sanskar: Its not all planned by me but by someone.
Swara: I hope Dharun should be calm.
Sanskar: cant u leave his name for second.
Swara: u got ur Papa’s love from childhood but for me he is the one so cant understand it.
Sanskar saw some pain in her eyes.

Sanskar: but I should thank u Swara because of u I stepped into my house.
Swara: its ok Sanskar we will know the pain when we are far from them especially Maa we wont get to know them when they are with us.
Sanskar : I have some work if u want anything ask servants.
Swara nodes and he leaves.
In Swara house
Dharun came from meeting and called Swara.

Dharun: Swara come down.
Priya: Dharun Swara is not here.
Dharun: not here means
Priya: that…..that
Sumi: I sent her to Dida’s house.
Dharun: y this sudden
Sumi: so much happened if she go far from here means it will change her mood.
Dharun: if thats the case means she will definitely call or aleast messaged me Maa are u hiding anything.
Sumi: No Dharun why will I , I have only sent her.
Priya: Yes Dharun She said will call u later.
Dharun: Ok Priya u go to ur house and give leave letter behalf of Swara in the college.
Priya: Ok and she leaves.
Dharun goes to his room and Sumi let a sigh of relief.
In the car
Sanskar drives his car and thinks about their meeting in the marriage
Swara and Priya are shocked to see its Sanskar.
Swara: You

Sanskar: Oh u r that waste pillar’s daughter.
Swara: so u r that old man’s friend.
Both burst into laughter. Priya is so confused.
Priya: guys one minute what u r talking .
Swara: its something u cant get it ask Dharun and she winks at her.
Priya: BH……
Swara: BFF…. And they laugh.
Sanskar: now what u both talking.
Swara: girls matter ok how u got this Vicky’s friendship.
Sanskar: yaar thats ur cousin Abhinaya she came to work in my office and Vicky comes to pick in drop her Like that.
Swara: Oh that African eskimo’s Boy Friend is u only hahaha…… u both make nice pair.
Sanskar: stop it lets start the work and Priya u see the kitchen work because I got to know u cook delicious food.

Swara: Yeah Dharun’s favourite food.
Priya: u both wont change and she leaves.
Priya thinks he is so nice why Dharun hate him.
Sanskar: so u got to know me from Dharun.
Swara: how u got to know it.
Sanskar: whenever u speak if u r comfortable with them u speak eye to eye if not ur eyes wont meet if ur face meet the person. And they have a eye lock.
Swara: Ok plz maintain distance with me Ok.
Sanskar thinks something and smiles.
Sanskar: Ok ur work is to follow me wherever I go.
Swara: what
Sanskar: or I call ur sweet Buaji.

Swara: Ok and she follows him. Sanskar enjoys it and smiles seeing her.
Swara: he is such an arrogant my legs are paining. She suddenly saw Abhinaya and thinks he is irritated by her na let me watch his expression. Swara calls her.
Swara: Abhi…..Abhi come here
Sanskar little far from them: y she is calling that fevicol.
Swara: Abhi I saw u were trying to talk with Sanskar na.
Abhi: Yeah but he is not giving heed to me.
Swara: so what Buaji asked me to help Sanskar and I have some work if u replace me means u will be with him.
Abhi: what is ur work with him.
Swara: he asked me to follow him wherever he goes think wherever.
Abhi start to think about being with Sanskar in his room. Sanskar thinks what is happening. He saw Swara leaving and Abhinaya coming to him.
Sanskar: Abhi where is Swara going.
Abhi: Oh she has some work so I will be in her place to help u and winks at him.
Sanskar saw Swara and she gives a naughty smile. He sees a Sms in his phone from Swara.
Swara: Dont think much Sanskar now u enjoy with ur fevicol bye.
Sanskar: Oh no what will u do Sanskar.

Abhi: Sanskar fast bride family will be here anytime. The marriage is sometime.
Sanskar: What but its tomorrow only na
Swara and Priya came there.
Priya: what happened Sanskar.
Sanskar: marriage is in sometime.
Swara: Oh exactly when
Abhi: in the evening 7
Just then bride family arrived there with bride.
Rani: Swara Priya take di to her room
Both noded and took her. Swara saw the bride crying and signs Priya. Priya saw that and sees Sanskar and signs him to come up. Sanskar made some excuses and gone up.
Bride room
Sanskar knocked the door and Priya opened and he enters and Priya closed the door. Sanskar saw Swara consoling the bride Aishu.
Sanskar: what happened Aishu why are u crying.
Swara: Sanskar is not willing to marry Vicky.
Sanskar: what

Aishu: yes the whole family is forcing me to marry Vicky I dont even like him.
Sanskar: then why u r marrying Vicky u could have told ur family.
Aishu: they also want me to marry him. U tell me any girl will marry him he is like a father to me. I was talking about this to my Maa and ur Buaji and Abhi heard me to cover this matter they preponed the marriage today.
Priya: Now what will we do.
Sanskar: Aishu tell me ur qualification.
Aishu: M.E CSC
Sanskar: Ok I offer u job in My Mumbai company will u do it.
Aishu: Yes but how.
Swara: Sanskar No If I am not wrong means……
Sanskar: Yes U r correct Aishu will ran away from here sharp 5 u will be out of this house and a car will be waiting outside by flight u will reach Mumbai my PA will be there he will help u.
Swara : Ok its easy to tell but will take time to do work na.
Sanskar: Aishu check ur phone. She checks it and smiles happily.
Aishu: thank u so much.
Swara saw the mobile its plane ticket.

Swara: How
Sanskar: thats Sanskar and winks at her


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  1. Nice yr specially swasan and priya part

  2. Love your ff
    But I have a doubt
    How can Swara & Sanskar talk closely with each other , even after Dharun saying the truth to Swara & warning given to Sanskar ? Actually in previous episodes, the conversation between Swara & Sanskar is not even like friends & how they Became si close as if they know each other from years?
    Why didn’t Priya oppose as she is there to protect Swara from Sanskar?
    Please reply
    Otherwise I can’t understand…

  3. nice…plz update love is painful..plz!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. its boring first it was gud but now its boring + irritating

  5. waiting for next episode…plsss upload it fast…

  6. You know how many times I checked for your ff.. m pls post next episode
    soon… it’s nice yar… I like these types of story…. forcing someone to marry???

  7. Nice twist

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