An unknown love story (episode 7)


The episode starts with Swara opens the door and saw Sanskar. Sanskar is shocked to see Swara in saree. He sees her maang its filled with sindoor. Swara couldn’t speak anything and her eys filled with tears. She ran from there. Sumi and Priya saw Sanskar and asked to come inside.
Sumi: Sanskar beta come inside.
Sanskar came inside and took her blessing.
Sanskar: Aunty I want ask u something.
Sumi: Han beta tell.
Sanskar: Aunty is Dharun is inside.
Priya: No he went for meeting.

Sanskar: Aunty actually my Maa was in coma for few years yesterday she got to know about my wedding and she recovered. I don’t know how it reached her but now she want to meet Swara I know she will not acceptnit but doc told to do what ever my mom tell plz send Swara with for few days Aunty after her recover I will send Swara back.
Sumi thinks this is the right time if Swara goes there and spend some time with Sanskar means both will get to know eachother then all will be set.
Sumi : I will send Swara you don’t worry.
Priya: but Maa Dharun he will not accept this and Swara.
Sumi: priya I will make Dharun agree now come with me to help Swara Sanskar u wait here I will send Swara. Sanskar nodes and waits.
In Swara room
Swara is crying holding pillow close to her. Sumi and Priya came there and saw her crying.
Swara: Maa y did he came here I dont want to see him.

Sumi: Swara don’t talk like he is ur husband.
Swara: I told u na I won’t accept it.
Sumi: Then y this sindoor is in ur maang Swara ur brother wipped it na the y u kept it.
Swara: Maa…..
Sumi: he came here to take to ur house now this not ur house and ur MIL wanted to see u now Priya pack Swara bag she is leaving today I will go arrange for her bidaai.
Swara: Maa Dharun knows it he only asked me to send.
Sumi: Yeah he only asked me send you ( in heart ) Sorry Swara but I have to tell this lie then only u will leave. Priya is shocked. She thinks why Maa is doing this when she knows what will happen when Dharun knows it.
Swara : Ok if Dharun wants it means then I will leave.
Sumi goes and did arrangement for bidaai and Priya made Swara ready in green Saree and packed her things. Sumi and Priya got Swara out.
Sumi gave Swara hand to Sanskar.

Sumi: Beta I know it but Swara is innocent and believe anything without thinking once so handle her carefully.
Sanskar: I promise u I will keep her happy. Swasan took her blessing and Swara hugged Priya and left the house with Sanskar.
In the car
There is slience which is mostly needed for both of them. Swara could not figure anything in her life and thinks all the happenings from where it started.
Swara and Priya came to Swara’s bua son’s wedding. They enter her bua’s house. Rani Swara’s bua came to see them.
Rani: finally u came Swara where is Dharun and ur mother they told will come to marriage.
Swara: Buaji Dharun and Maa has work that’s y I came for marriage.
Rani: Achaa tik I will introduce Vicky’s friend u both have to take care everything of the wedding and who is this girl.
Swara: she is Priya my friend came with me to help u.
Rani: Ok here so men present so u both go and change t traditional dress. Then only Swara’s cousin Abhinaya came. She is too modern and wear short dress but Rani doesn’t object her. Priya sees this and get suspicious.
Rani: Arre Abhi u came its nice come we will go to bride house and leaves.
Priya: ur bua is too much she asked us to wear traditional half saree but see Abhinaya she is wearing such dress but…..

Swara: leave it I am here to change my mood come let’s who is that idiot helping me. Both went to fresh and got ready. Swara is wearing a yellow blue mixed half saree and Priya is wearing black and red mixed half saree. Both got down and met Vicky.
Swara: hello Vicky congrats for wedding.
Vicky: thanks Swara where is Dharun.
Priya: he will not come that’s y we came.
Vicky: who is this Swara.
Swara: my friend ok buaji told to meet ur friend where is he.
Vicky: he is there in the garden he is wearing yellow kurta and white paijama. Swara nodes and left with Priya.
On the way to garden.
Priya: Swara yaar this Vicky is looking like a father of two children and did u look at his stomach it is like he is 5 months pregnant.
Swara and Priya laughs loud.
Swara: don’t tell it infront of him then he will ask suggestion from his friends and will become a clone. Swara saw a guy wearing the dress Vicky told and pats his shoulder.
Swara: Excuse me r u Vicky’s friend. The guy turns and both priya and swara are shocked. Its Sanskar.

Swara got out of her thinking when the car stopped.
Sanskar: my house came. Swara got down and took her back. But Sanskar says Swara servants will take it. He took Swara to the entrance. Swara saw Ap standing with Aarti she too weak but Dp supported her to stand.
Sanskar: Swara this is Maa and Papa.
Swara took there blessing.
Ap: u r looking beautiful beta now u r the daughter of this house and took there aarti. She did Swara’s grah pravesh and took her in house temple.
Swara : Maa u r weak don’t walk too much.
Ap: I am not weak beta u came na all my pain gone. U first light the lamp of the temple. Swara lit the lamp and did aarti of the lord.
Ap gave Swara bangles and says
Ap: beta this is ancestral bangle of this house I was afraid that Sanskar will not marry but u came na see I got up from my bed.
Swara: Maa first u sit and order me as sasu maa I will do and smiles. Dp and Sanskar smiles seeing them.
Dp : Sanskar I am happy to see this I hope u won’t do anything wrong with Swara.
Sanskar nodes and sees his life his Maa and Swara laughing.

Precap: Swara keeps on following Sanskar.

Credit to: Rini

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