An unknown love story (episode 6)

The episode starts with Dharun bringing Swara, Priya and Sumi to home. Swara is not even uttering a word which shocks Priya. She goes to Dharun is in the verge of killing his father.
Priya: Plz go and talk to her she is in trauma u have to get her out.
Dharun: What will I do Priya Swara is in the state because of me. I told u na she is too innocent to understand everything how will I get her out of this crap. Suddenly Sumi phone rings.
Sumi: Dharun ur papa.
Dharun: put on the speaker and Priya take Swara to the room and change her. Priya nodes and took Swara. Sumi attend the call.
Sumi: Hello Shekarji.
Shekar: what happened in the mandap now only didi called me she told someone married Swara how could u let this happen Sumi what will the society think about my didi and her son.
Dharun: So u don’t think about ur daughter’s life na. U planned to destory it for ur lovable sister.
Shekar: Arre Dharun what r u speaking how will I destory Swara life.
Dharun: Then for what purpose u forced Swara to marry ur Didi’s son Mr. Shekar.
Shekar: Sumi what is he speaking what wrong did I do for Swara Vicky has the relation to Swara so Didi asked me and I accepted it don’t I have the rights to decide Swara future.
Sumi: No ji not like that….
Dharun: Maa enough of all this drama Mr.Shekar I transfered 1 lakh to ur account I finished the loan which u spent on me and Swara and for this house and don’t try to enter this house Mr. Shekar If the second I see u I will not be feared to see my Maa widow and he cuts the call.
Sumi: why did u talked like this
Dharun: now also u won’t take ur husband’s insult with the hell he played with ur daughter’s life can’t u see in a miserable state she married a man who don’t want to see in my life.
Sumi: but now she is married we have to send Swara to her sasural.
Dharun: No she will not go anywhere and that is final and don’t do anything on my back. And starts to leave.
Sumi: then what is the difference between u and ur father.
Dharun shouts loud : MAA…..
Priya and Swara came out and got afraid seeing his anger.
Dharun: if u speak like this it won’t be good and leaves breaking a vase. Sumi backs off seeing him.

Swara goes to her room and sat on the bed. Dharun came and saw her like this and tries to talk to her.
Dharun: Swara talk to me or cry.
Swara doent respond.
Dharun shook her: Swara cry.
Swara hugged him and cried her heart out.
Swara: why me Dharun, all I wanted to be happy with y it happened to me I got married to the one whom I don’t want to see why me Dharun what wrong did I do to Papa .
Dharun: don’t worry Swara u won’t go anywhere I am here na now u sleep.
Swara: be with me plz Dharun.
Dharun: Ok Swara and he made her sleep.
Dharun: Priya be here with her and I talked to Aunty u will stay here for one week.
Priya: Ok u go and sleep I will take care of Swara. Dharun nodes and leave.

Next Morning
Sumi came down and started to pray in the mandir. She suddenly heard a commotion and saw Swara comes wearing a pink saree.
Sumi: Swara what is this.
Priya: Maa I am also asking her since morning she is not speaking.
Swara: even though I doesn’t accept this marriage now I am married so I have to be like that na.
Sumi: but Dharun.
Priya: I will manage Dharun.
Swara smiles.
Sumi: after so much….. They hear calling bell. Ding Dong….
Swara: Maa I will see it.
Swara goes towards the door and opens it. She is shocked to see Its Sanskar…..
He too is equally shocked to see Swara in this attire and sees her maang. It is filled with Sindoor.

Precap: For what purpose Sanskar came to Swara house. And here we reveal what circumstance that made them marry.

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