An unknown love story (episode 5)


Episode 5
Suji and Priya came out of the theater and saw Dharun and Swara. Swara is weeping badly. Dharun came and slapped Priya hard. Swara and Sujii are shocked. Priya dosent see his face.
Dharun: I sent Swara with u because I trusted u but….
Priya: I am sorry.
Dharun: will ur sorry make Swara normal and u Suji I warn u if u speak to Sanskar about Swara then I will be the bad person.
Suji: Bhai we are sorry he called me to meet Swara and Priya doesn’t know this now only I told her the next second we r here.
Dharun: Swara lets go and this is warning Priya.
Priya nodes and she suji left and so Dharun Swara.
Sanskar saw this and says Oh Dharun’s soft corner for Priya not bad yaar but how can I use her she is just like Swara dancing on his tune. What r u going to do Sanskar. Let’s disturb Swara a girl will be in ur hand if u play in her mind and smiles.
In the house

Dharun and Swara came and Sumi saw them.
Sumi: where u both went come and have lunch. Both complies and sat.
Sumi: Dharun ur papa called and said he want Swara to attend ur bua son’s wedding.
Dharun: No way Swara is not going any where I cant take risk.
Sumi: what risk u r talking.
Swara: nothing Maa I am tired bye.
Dharun also left from there.
Sumi: what happened to these and left the to sleep.
In Dharun room
Dharun is standing near the window and feel bad to hurt Priya. Swara came and saw him sad.
Swara: y can’t u control ur anger Dharun.
Dharun: when it comes to my sister I can’t control it.
Swara: but u behaved bad with Priya.
Dharun: I know it.
Swara: then y don’t u …. but interuptted by Dharun.
Dharun: Swara till I give ur hand to a safer person I won’t get comitted to anything.
Swara: but Priya….
Dharun: I know her.

Swara: Oh……
Dharun: what.
Swara: I can’t wait to here what my bhabhi thinks and she called Priya.
Swara: hello Priya
Priya: did reached safe don’t think about Sanskar I will handle Suji he will not disturb.
Swara: meri maa stop I thought u will cry but u r pleading.
Priya: y should I cry.
Swara: Dharun slapped na I felt bad and scolded him lot.
Priya: y did u scold him he is not at fault he trusted me and sent its my mistake go and ask sorry and then speak to me and she cuts the call.
Swara: good pair Dharun she is scolding me for u not bad.
Dharun smiles.
Swara: Dharun I want to know the truth y these and all happening. He become serious.
Swara: I know it u hided this matter from me for some reason but I want to becareful na. Dharun nodes and tells about Sanskar.
Dharun: Me and Sanskar were Best friends not only that but we were like brothers. We both met in Delhi as u know I went for doing MBA . He is the only son of Maheswari empire.
Swara: what that Maheswari company.

Dharun: Yes and one day I found that he used to bring girls for one night stand. I warned him but he was least interested and I started to distance myself from him. One day he came to me and showed ur pics and started to tell that he was crazy fan ur story. First I thought he is just reading but he got obessed with u. He came drunk to the hostel and he told that he want u and he loves u. The next day I confronted him and he accepted it. I slapped him and I broke my friendship with him and I came to kolkata. After so many years I saw him today. He just need u for his pleasure that’s it. And today maa wanted u to attend the wedding and I won’t take risk because I know him.
Swara: u trust me na I didn’t think that he is this much cheap now don’t get worry I will attend the marriage and he can’t reach me. Now talk to Priya and sleep peacefully. Dharun hugs her and Swara left.

Precap: Swara attends the wedding but she is in the bridal look. What happened.
Radhika of Manmarziyan plays Priya role.

Credit to: Rini

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