An unknown love story (episode 4)


Hello everyone I know everyone are waiting for Love is painful but I dont get any idea so by tomorrow I will post it. So lets go to this story.
Recap: Swara warned Sanskar to stay away from her and so Dharun.
Sanskar comes to his flat and goes to his room. Its so dark and he turns on the light. The whole room is full of Swara his Swara. The walls dont have paint but Swara’s photo her very emotion is emitted in this wall. He walls on the bed and has the photo of Swara and him.
Sanskar: I wish to see us like this Swara but ur so called brother is making u dance on his tunes but I tell one thing he said right that I use girls for the physical pleasure I get but ur story and ur nature changed me completely a man from an animal animal also is a small word. I want to hold u in embrace forever but how Dharun wont even let me near u. Wait let if I attract ur attention by another means means and smirked at his idea.
Next Morning

In Swara house
Dharun and Swara down late as it is saturday and Sumi is taking rest.
Swara: Dharun I am sorry for what ever happened in the night also he called me and scolded him a lot and I will never speak to him Pakka promise.
Dharun (smiles): My Bublu kutty I know u cant even think anything of urself u r pure at heart Swara u get influenced easily.
Swara nodes her head and hug him. That time Suji and Priya enters.
Suji and Priya: Ahem Ahem… ur bro sis sentiment is over means can we come.
Swara: arre Suji Priya come.
Suji: Bhai I need a favour.

Swara: Suji shut up.
Dharun: what favour
Priya (shys): We r going for movie but she is not coming.
Suji and Swara smiles seeing her.
Dharun: Swara u go Mom is not feeling well u three go on that ticket.
Swara: but…..
Dharun: go Swara u will feel well.
Swara gets happy nd goes to get ready.
Suji: Priya dont blush this much yaar then Bhai will go crazy for u.
Priya: Suji u r insane. That time Swara came all gone to the mall. On the way Suji message some.
Suji: in 5 minutes will reach the mall.
Unknown: Good waiting in the mall.
Swara: guys we reached there is some time will go for shopping.
They entered the mall and Swara purchased some iron man things.
Priya: Swara what u r taking iron penstand, bracelet, cover.
Swara: Priya Dharun is a crazy fan of IronMan so Whenever I go out I will buy these things for him.

Suji came there and said Swara Some one came and gave me this cover to give this to u. Swara opens it and saw Dharun and Sumi’s photo. And a letter in it.
” Dear story writer If want to see ur bro and mom then after 10 minutes of movie come to the balcony of the theater u know who I am”.
Swara thinks Sanskar he is again behind me this time I will inform Dharun.
Swara: guys u go inside I will come and join u. Suji and Priya complies and goes.
Swara calls Dharun and tells him everything.
Dharun: u do as he say and I will there in somtime trust me.
Swara: ok come soon plz and cuts the call.
Dharun: u wont change Sanskar.
In the theater
Swara came inside and saw no one around but guy in business suit and lady lead her to him.
Lady: Mam come sir is waiting for u.
Swara came towards him and he stand to welcome her. She saw his face and she gets lost in his blackish eyes. But compose herself.

Swara: so u r the great Sanskar Maheswari.
Sanskar: Yes Miss Swara come we will talk while watching movie.
Swara sat two seats far from him.
Sanskar: how can I talk like this.
Swara: I can hear if u not I will leave.
Sanskar: ok listen y Dharun always poke in ur matter.
Swara: Excuse me he is my brother and he have that right.
Sanskar: oh plz he will decide all ur life matter its ur life Swara u have to decide.
A voice came from back.
Swara: Dharun u came.
Dharun came to her and holded her hand.
Dharun: Sanskar I think u will mind ur ways if my hand speaks only.
Sanskar: oh comeon Dharun be practical u know that I love her from my college days.
Dharun (shouts): Enough. Swara gets frightened and grips Dharun hand and he composed himself.
Sanskar: dont shout see Swara is getting worried plz Dharun understand my position.
Dharun: see Sanskar just stay away from her I about u and ur behaviour thats y cutted all ur contacts.

Sanskar: plz understand Swara he dont want u to be happy.
Swara cries seeing these things and hides behind Dharun. Sanskar shouts Dharun see she is crying because of u it hurts me.
Dharun: just stop ur nonsense and I know her more than u and again stay away and u know I can find all the ways u reach her today used Suji tomorrow who I warn u then I wont talk nd leaves with Swara. Sanskar hurts himself by seeing Swara.

Precap: Dharun disclose about Sanskar.

Credit to: Rini

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