An unknown love story (episode 34) (FINALE)


After Swaragini left Ap starts to scold Sanskar. Benny could not take it and stops Ap.
Ap: I am ashamed Sanskar to call you my son how can you do this to her Do you know what she have gone through these three months.
Benny: Bas Aunty not a word against Sanskar.
Sanskar: Benny…..
Benny: No Sanskar Aunty the thing what happened here is all a drama done by Sanskar to make Swara away from him.
Laksh, Ap, Meera: What

Ap: What are you speaking
Benny: Haan Aunty Sanskar got to know he could not become a father he didnt want Swara to spoil her life so asked me to do like this.
All this while Sanskar is sitting on the sofa holding his head in his hands.
Ap: Why did you do this Sanskar.
Sanskar (shouts and cries): because I love her Maa she is my life I have seen the pain in her eyes when I am the one giving her pain means…. No Maa let her live happily.
Meera came there holding a file and hits Sanskar’s head.
Meera: Arre Bhai Bhabhi is right you always take decisions wrongly.
Sanskar: What.
Meera: Look at this file you will get to know.

Sanskar (takes the file and reads it): is it true.
Ap: today Swara went to hospital for this only she is pregnant for the past three months she gave meds for you without ur knowledge but you colapsed everything.
Sanskar: now what will I do Maa.
Meera:its not late Bhai go and bring Bhabhi.
Laksh: I will come with Sanskar.
In Railway station….
Swaragini are sitting on a bench. Swara is lost somewhere.
Ragini: Swara you dont worry about Sanskar how could he.
Swara: No Ragini I know he did this for some other reasons if he is guilt or wanted to hide means he will not speak looking at anyones face.
Ragini: it means…
Swara: he will come here when he gets to know about our child and will tell me the truth.
In the car……

Sanskar: Lucky we searched everywhere airport, busstand where they have gone.
Laksh: Sanskar we didnt check the railway station I think they will be there.
Sanskar: I hope so God why I always hurt her.
Laksh: Relax Sanskar and they reach station.
Sanskar runs inside madly and search fir Swara. Suddenly he sees Swara in the train.
Sanskar: Swara….. but the train goes far away.

Sanskar falls down and cries mumurring sorry Swara. When he looks up he saw Swara standing before him with folded hands. Sanskar gets up with a smile and he gets slapped by Swara.
Swara: how dare you
Sanskar: I am sorry Swara.
Swara (holds his collar): Am I looking like a toy for you whenever you want you can play and throw me.
Sanskar: Swara I want ur happiness only when its me who is snatching it from you means.
Swara: Chup if you speak a word against you I will kill you.
Sanskar: Kill me Swara but before that I want to feel our child.
Swara hugs Sanskar tightly.
After one year
Sanskar is outside labour ward.

Doc: Congrats its a girl.
Sanskar:how is Swara Doc.
Doc: she is fine you can meet her.
Sanskar enters and saw Swara who is looking pale holding their sign of love.
Sanskar: thank you Swara for giving me this beautiful gift.
Swara: Our princess Kushi Sanskar Maheswari and both kiss her head.
Swara: I love you Sanskar.
Sanskar: I love you too Swara and our princess.

The screen freezes on their happy face.

………………THE END……………..

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  1. Dhara

    Lol Pregnancy is only for max 9 months.. so here Swara was already 3 months pregnant and u took leap of 1 year rather than 6 months.. u kept Swara pregnant for 1.3 yrs 🙂 Anyways happy ending 🙂

  2. Kritika

    Loved it! Will miss it a lot..when will u start unexpected relation season 2???

  3. JITHA

    kitna wait karvaya yaar…….beautiful ending…i ll miss ur ff’s…..

  4. Zzzzz (Charming)....


  5. Nce ending

  6. Awesome

  7. Soujanya


  8. Purvi

    Nice ending…..

  9. Abirsha


  10. Loved it dear… Will miss you yaar

  11. Priya

    An apt ending forcthe story…good u made me wait for soooooo looooonnnngggg….. anywayw hope u will come up with season -2

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