An unknown love story (episode 33)

Hello frnds I am so happy our favourite Swaragini is going to be aired in tamil. i am so excited to see my best jodi in my mother tongue but the name is only little bit I am not satisfied.

Swara in tamil is known as Yamuna.
Ragini in tamil is known as Ganga. I dont what will be others names but I am mainly concerned about Sanskar and Laksh name. Ok apart from this Lets begin our story.
Its morning……
Swaragini are doing aarti and after that they all sit up for breakfast.
Ragini: Swara what is the progress its been five months na.
Swara: all is well Ragini today I am going for check up only.
Ragini: Dont worry yaar.
Sanskar: Lucky what are these girls talking.
Laksh: I dont know Bhai but it will be silly only.
That time Benny comes there and Swara gives him dead glares.
Benny: Swara you made a very big mistake and thinks what happened.

Few Days Ago…..
One fine morning…..
Swara was working in the kitchen when Benny comes there.
Benny: so what are you doing sweety.
Swara: Mr I had warned you already but you are not taking my words.
Benny: Uff Swara for this small thing you are burning in fire.
Swara tries to go but he holds her hand.
Benny: What did that Sanskar have that I am not having.
Swara: Leave my hand.
Benny: since I came herw I told you about my love Swara.
Swara: dont you feel ashamed to think about ur friends wife like this.
Benny: in which world u r Swara plz come to me.
Swara slaps him hard.
Swara: if you ever try to talk to me like this I will inform Sanskar and she left.
Benny: you will pay for it Swara.
Flashback Ends……

Benny: Aunty I have some work I will come in the afternoon.
Ap: Ok Beta Swaragini you both wanted to go somewhere you go with Benny.
Swara looks at Ragini and she nods.
Ragini: ok Aunty. All finished their lunch.
Benny saw Ragini mixing something in the milk and giving it Swara.
Swara: Sanskar drink this milk.
Sanskar: Swaru plz I am enough.
Swara: Sanskar dont argue drink this.
Sanskar (makes faces): Ok and drinks the milk.
Sanskar: now happy.
Swara:yes a lot.
Sanskar hugs Swara and kiss her forehead.
Sanskar: take care Ok bye and he left with Laksh.

In the hospital……
Swaragini are waiting in the cabin.
Ragini: Swara dont be tensed.
Swara: I hope everything is well.
Doc: Good Morning Swara.
Swara: Morning Doc.
Doc checks her reports while Swara holds Ragini’s hand.
Doc: Congraulation Swara you are two months pregnant.
Swaragini are so happy and Ragini hugs Swara.
Doc: Its all because of ur care only Swara.
Swara (with tears): Thank You Doc and they came to MM.
In MM…..
Ap and Meera are waiting impatiently.
Meera: Maa everything will be fine na.
Ap: I think so. That time Swaragini enter inside.
Ap: Ragini what happened.
Ragini: Maa first you bring the sweet.
Meera: it means….
Ragini: it means soon this house is going to be filled with a child.
Ap: Really Swara and she nods shyly.
Ap hugs her and kissed her forehead.
Ap: I am so happy Swara after long time I can see a glow in my beti’s face.
Suddenly Sanskar comes there followed by Benny and Laksh.
Laksh: Sanskar listen to me.
Sanskar: Swara…..
All comes to main hall.
Swara: Sanskar what happened.
Sanskar gives her some photos.
Sanskar: what is this Swara.
Swaragini are shocked to see the photos.
They are edited photos of Swara Benny in hospital.
Ragini: Sanskar let me explain.
Swara: One minute Ragini why did you give this to me.
Laksh: Actually Swara this Benny today came to the office and told that u and him are in relation that and today….
Swara understands what he meant.
Ap: Laksh what is this.
Swara: Maa I wanted to hear from Sanskar what he thinks of this.
Sanskar keeps mum.
Swara: I am asking you Sanskar.
Sanskar: what should I tell Swara.
Swara gets shocked as with these words she can understand that he believes om the photos.
Ap came and slapped Sanskar hard.
Sanskar: Maa….
Ap: if you tell one more word I will kill you with my hands.
Swara: Maa Nahi its his nature but today I have decided I will leave this house.
Meera: Bhabhi what are speaking.
Ragini: She is right Meera its second time he is hurting her Sanskar dont you use ur mind.
Sanskar: Ragini plz…..
Ragini: its enough Sanskar and Laksh if you want to support ur friend means be here with ur beti I am leaving with Swara.
Saying this Ragini takes Swara from there who is crying looking at Sanskar.

Precap: Last Episode

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