An unknown love story (episode 32)


The episode starts with the sun rise of beautiful morning. Swara and Sanskar came down for aarti.
Swara: Bhagwan today we are getting the results I dont want anything except the happiness of Sanskar.
Sanskar: God Swara suffered a lot in her life but plz dont snatch her happiness from her.
Soon the aarti get finished and all settles on the table.
Sanskar: Swara I have an important meeting.
Swara: its ok Sanskar you concentrate on the meeting I will go with Ma.
Sanskar: Ok take care and call me if needed. She nods and he leaves to office with Dp.

In th hospital……
Swara and Ap are waiting in the Doc’s cabin while the Dox checks the reports.
Doc: Swara Mr. Maheswari didnt came.
Ap: is anything serious Doc I am his mother only.
Doc: everything is normal with Swara but…
Swara: what is that Doc.
Sanskar: Mr.Maheswari cant become a father.
Swara felt a big shock of her life and her hands starts to shiver.
Ap: what are you saying.
Swara: Doc I think the reports are wrong you plz check it I think I have problem.
Doc: Swara I can understand but this is the truth. Swara cries and Ap console her.
Doc: Swara plz control urself look there are chance to cure Mr. Maheswari if you bring him for another check up.
Swara: No Doc he bear this.
Ap: Swara….
Swara: No Maa Doc can we cure it through any medicine because you said there is a cure.
Doc: Ok I will give some meds give him daily and you dont lose ur hope Swara.
Swara: thank you Doc.
Swara and Ap came out. Swara breaks down and Ap hugs her.
Swara: why Maa what is the fault of Sanskar in this.
Ap: Sh…. Swara dont cry you have to be strong enough we tell Sanskar na.
Swara: No Maa I will not tell Sanskar No I wont let him break down.
Ap: Ok first get up we will leave to house.

In the house……
Ragini waits for Ap and Swara. They came and Swara directly goes to the room and Ap explains Ragini.
Ragini: Oh God Maa I think Swara is right I will go to Swara.
Ragini goes to Swasan room and saw Swara lost somewhere.
Ragini hugs Swara and she cries her heart out.
Ragini: Swara we have to make Sanskar strong ok now get up and be strong.
In the night…..
All are gathered in the table.
Sanskar: Swara what about the reports.
Swara: Vo….
Ap: They are in my room and everything is normal only beta so you both dont worry.
Voice: Hello Everyone…..
All turned and saw a young man standing with his baggage.

Sanslak: Benny….. and they looked at eachother worried.
Dp: Arre Benny Beta come inside.
Benny is played Bihaan of Thapki Pyaar ki.
Benny came inside and tapped Sanslak.
Benny: got an electric shock right.
Sanskar: come on Benny its blast (in mind) yes in my life what is this flirt doing her.
Laksh: Buddy what a sudden visit.
Benny: thought to elope with Ragini and he winks at her.
Laksh (shouts): what.
Benny: Dude its a joke BTW who will running with road roller. Ragini pouts and all laughed.
Benny saw Swara coming from the kitchen. Swara also saw him. Benny gets lost in Swara. While Swara feels uncomfortable and hid behind Sanskar. (Actually Sanslak are standing.) Laksh sees Swara and signals Sanskar.
Benny: who this beauty dude and points Swara.
Hearing it Swara holds Sanskar’s hand and hid behind him.
Sanskar: My wife Swara actually she is a bit shy.
Benny: No problem when Benny is here I make all her shyness run away from her and laughs.
Swara to Sanskar: Sanskar lets leave.
Sanskar: Ok Maa we are going to room and Ragini get me milk.
Ragini: Ok Done and she assures Swara through eyes.
Benny (in his mind): God what a beauty man but she is married so what when my charm hit her she will automatically fall in my trap and smirks.

Precap: Swara slaps Benny

Credit to: Rini

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