An unknown love story (episode 31)


The episode starts with Swara after speaking to the ladies excused herself from there and went to lone corner. A two pair of eyes saw this and gets sad. Its Sanrun.
Dharun: Sanskar you go after her she needs you.
Sanskar: Yes you plz be here I will bring her.

Sanskar searched for Swara and saw her crying in the mandir.
Swara: Why God you didnt gave the happiness of being the princess of my Papa I didnt cared about it but why u r not giving me the happiness of being a Mother and cries.
Hearing her Sanskar cries but composed himself.

Sanskar: Swaru you are crying hearing those ladies talks they are jealous that we are enjoying our life you plz smiles.
Swara (thinks): I know Sanskar you are trying to be normal but I am not good for you.
Swara smiles and soon they joined others. In the evening the trio Sanslakrun gathered in the terrace discussing about the child.
Sanskar: Guys I cant see Swara like this from childhood she beared so much.
Laksh: Sanskar relax we will find solution.
Dharun: why dont you guys visit Doc for check up.
Laksh: Haan Sanskar Dharun is right.

Sanskar: Ok we will see everything will be alright na.
Dharun: Haan Sanskar dont worry and he hugged him.
Shekar plays with Swankar and taunts Swara indirectly.
Shekar: Oh mera Beta see Sharmishta he is just looking like me.
Dp: haan Shekarji as he is ur grandson na.
Shekar: vaise Dpji what about Sanskar and Swara are they planning to give u heir because I dont think it will happen because I know it from the start.
Ap: but Shekar ji giving heir doesnt mean she will be our Bahu both are still kids for us only five years na let them enjoy their life and she caressed Swara’s hair but she can see pain in her eyes.

Ap (think): I have to talk Sanskar about this.
Soon the MF starts to MM but Swara is upset but the morning incident.
In MM…….
Swasan, Dp and Ap entered MM and Swara went to kitchen to get water.
Swara: Maa you all sit I will bring water.
As soon as Swara went Dp and Ap talked to Sanskar about Swara.
Ap: Sanskar what happened Swara looks upset.
Sanskar: Vo Maa and tells her everything.
Ap: Hey Bhagwan what is this.

Dp: Ap calm down what have you decided Sanskar.
Sanskar: Papa tomorrow we have appoint to Doc I think it will ease her pain.
They nods and soon all went to their rooms.
In Swasan room…..

Swara packed her briefcase when Sanskar is in washroom.
Swara: I know its wrong but what can I do Sanskar I cant let you suffer. She put the case inside the cupboard when Sanskar came out and saw her hiding something.
Sanskar: Swara…..
Swara: Haan Sanskar come lets sleep its too late and she lied down hiding her tears. Sanskar too lied in suspicion.

In the midnight…..,,
Swara got up and took her briefcase. She came towards Sanskar who is sleeping. She kissed his forehead and when she turns Sanskar held wrist by stopping her.
Sanskar: you are leaving me Swara.
Hearing it Swara broke down and Sanskar hugged her tightly.
Swara: I am not right for you Sanskar.
Sanskar: If you speak a word against you I slap you hard Shut up.
Swara: But Sanskar…..
Sanskar: I said Shut up tomorrow we are going for check up you sleep quietly.
And soon Swara slept on Sanskar’s chest and they slept like that.
In th morning…..

In the hospital…..
Swasan are in the cabin of Doc explaining about their situation.
Doc: Ok five years is normal for any couples but I can see ur situation Swara I want details about ur monthly cycle and previous medical history.
Swara: here it is Doc.
Doc: Hmmm…. All were normal Ok lets do some test for you both after that we will decide.
Sanskar: Any problem Doc.
Doc: No Mr. Maheswari its just after results we can be more sure about the process.
Swasan: Thank you Doc.

After tests both left for MM not knowing about the upcoming change in their life.

Precap: new entry in Swasan life.

Credit to: Rini

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