An unknown love story (episode 30)


So guys get ready for the leap and there will be more twist so here we go.
The episode starts in Swasan room. Both the love birds are sleeping peacefully with Sanskar hand on Swara waist. She turns up and Sanskar holds her like a baby. Their beautiful sleep gets disturbed by a phone call.
Sanskar: Swaru switch off ur mobile.
Swara: Its ur phone Sanskar.
He reaches his phone and puts it on speaker.
Sanskar: Hello
Dharun: Mr. VinDiesel wake up today is my wedding.
Swara: So what Dharun go and get married.
Sanskar: wish u a happy life now cut the phone and let me sleep and he cuts the call.
Now Sanskar sleep gets disturbed and he opens his eyes and saw his angel sleeping and smiles.
Swara: dont smile so much I know what ur thinking.
Sanskar: Oh then why to waste time my dear and rolls over her.
Swara: Sanskar get up did you hear Dharun.
Sanskar: so what I will not get time and yesterday also we were so tired because of work.
Swara: who will win over you Mr. Sanskar.
Sanskar: then y should u try Mrs. Sanskar and both get intmate.
After an hour…..
Swasan are getting ready when again Sanskar phone rings.
Sanskar: Yes Paul.
Dharun: Had nice sleep.
Sanskar: didnt you get married I thought you would have got ready for ur next marriage.
Priya: Bhai I am also hearing you.
Swara laughs at Sanskar whose face turned pale hearing Priya.
Swara: Priya ur Bhai had gone to another planet hearing you.
Sanskar: Vo… Priya you dont worry if Dharun thinks about other girl I will break him.
Swara: Achaa dont forget what you got in ur college.
Sanskar: so what I am strong now.
Dharun: Guys stop ur fight and reach early and cuts the call.
In the mandap………
Dharun sits on the mandap while Swaragini brings Priya down and made her sit beside him.
After Kanyadaan they stand up for pheres. Sanskar took Swara his embrace while Swara had tears thinking about their journey and smiles.
After pheres Dharun fills Priya maang and makes her wear mangalsutar.
The screen freezes on both the couples.
Dont get irritate seeing space its showing the leap.
In Swara house……
The whole house is decorated beautifull and in middle of the hall one cute craddle is being decorated by Swaragini.
A small girl of three years cuddled Ragini. She is Teju Raglak daughter.
Ragini: Teju plz baba two mintues only.
Teju looks at her with pout.
Swara: Ragini dont make my cutie to wait.
Ragini: Ok I almost finished you tie this thread I will take her and she leaves with Teju.
Suddenly Swara felt two strong hands hugging her from back and helps her tieing the thread.
Swara: Sanskar leave me.
Yes its Sanskar.
Sanskar: Nope I am romancing my wife dont disturb me.
Swara: Shut up we have to get ready Dharun and Priya will come.
He carries her in his arms and says for that I have a better idea and they enters Swara room.
Sanskar: lets get fresh together. And both gets fresh and dressed up.
In the hall….
Soon the hall is filled with guests. Shekar and Sumi welcomes Dp and Ap and other guests.
Raglak and Swasan also comes down and gets busy with the guest. Swara comes to the center.
Swara: hello everyone we welcome you all for name ceremony of my one only Brother Dharun’s son and all clap there hands.
Dharun and Priya gets down with a little baby boy. They lie him in the cradle and stands smiling.
Pandit: ask Baby’s bua to tell the name in his ears three times.
Shekar: but what is my grandson’s name.
Dharun and Priya smiles at each other.
Dhariya: Swankar Garodia.
Swasan looks at them in shock.
Dharun: what Swaru wont u name my son.
Swara with tears in her eyes tells the name three times.
Swara: Swankar….. Swankar…… Swankar… and she takes him in her hands.
Sanskar stands beside her and kissed Swankar on his forehead.
Sanskar: Thank you Dharun.
Priya: Bhai you both were the most important person in our life.
Dharun: so how will we forget u both and hugs them.
The elders smiles seeing them while Raglak admires them.
After sometime Swaragini were talking to some ladies while one old lady questions Swara.
Lady: Swara beta how are u.
Swara: I am fine Aunty how are u and Vella.
Lady: I am also fine and Vella she is again expecting.
Swara: wow great Aunty.
Lady: Haan Swara when will you give us good news.
Another Lady: Actually Swara you were first to get married na If I am not wrong its been five years right.
Lady: Haan its been long see Priya her lap is filled with a baby its a wish and all wont get it.
Hearing it Swara’s eyes r filled with tears. Ragini couldnt control it and speaks.
Ragini: Aunty if I am not wrong Vella got pregnant after 15 years of her marriage now a days having a child doesnt mean that the girl gets status in her society.
Lady: No Ragini I just said in common.
Swara (with tears): No Aunty its Ok Rago I will be back and she leaves from there.
Two pair of eyes sees this and gets sad.
Precap: Swara leaves Sanskar.

Credit to: Rini

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