An unknown love story (episode 3)

Thank u guys for a such an awesome response and I hope u will like this story moving and Our Viplav of IKRS will be playing Dharun role and here is the previous link: unknown love story

Episode 2
Episode 3
Dharun: to who u r talking Swara.
Swara: Oh shit Dharun came and turns to see him in anger.
Dharun: Swara answer me
Swara: Suji Dharun Y
Dharun: Ok did u hid ur no
Swara: Yes
Dharun: Ok tell me nearly how many times the request came.
Swara: many times
Dharun: from when. Swara stays silent.
Dharun (shouts) : from when. Swara gets frightened. Sanskar who is on the other side hears this and clutches his fist.
Swara: from 11th Std.

Dharun: Ok I going to get fresh in 10 minutes come to my room with tea and he leaves.
Swara confirms whether he left and sees the phone on call.
Swara: Hello
Sanskar: Swara who is he u r ok na why did he shouted like that.
Swara: Hello Mr Sanskar its none ur business plz will cut ur call.
Sanskar: but….. and the call ends. Sanskar says who the hell is he to shout at her who gave him tge right to do it I swear if see him again I will cut his tongue and he sees Swara picture on his table.
Sanskar: y did u come into me life because of ur story I got to know what is life and I want u through out my life and kissed the pic.
In Swara house
Swara came to Dharun’s room and both were chit chatting about their day.
Dharun: Swara will u do me a favour.

Swara: tell Dharun
Dharun: can u stop ur ff for a month and end the current ff today.
Swara (shocked) : Why Dharun what was the need.
Dharun: I am ur brother I know about ur conversation with Sanskar.
Swara (have tears in her eyes): Dharun I…….
Dharun: I know Swara when I heard it I was angry u but I thought well and came to a conclusion for a month just stop this Sanskar is obessed with u because he is obessed with ur story if stop it he will automatically ignore u and will move on.
Swara: but what is my fault

Dharun came near her and sat on his kneel.
Dharun: Swara I know it must Suji and Priya who would forced u but think about Maa what and all happened because of this love I know even it can happen with arranged marriage but we all will be with u and now see Maa she is suffering alone no one is in her side and cups her face.
Dharun: I know about Sanskar……
Swara: U know him how
Dharun: its not important more over he is behind u since years so do as I say.
Swara nodes and hugs Dharun.
Swara wrote her last episode of ff and posted it and sat in the room crying but composed herself and cane down and saw Sumi really tried after her work and Swara prepared dinner and served and all went to their room.
In Swara room
Swara came and saw her last epi comments and there is not even a single of Sanskar.
Swara: Swara dont think about him too much but my heart feels pain whatever Dharun told about Sanskar No u cant do this Swara now sleep. Her phone gave a pop up sound and its a message from Sanskar.

Sanskar: Come to fb now Sanskar
Swara thinks about Dharun words and Sumi’s state and says today I am going to finish this Sanskar Maheswari chapter. She opened fb and next sec Sanskar messaged.
Sanskar: u r ending writing because of ur so called brother.
Swara: Mind ur tongue Mr.Sanskar he is my brother.
Sanskar: Oh wow doesnt he know this while shouting on u.
Swara: excuse dont poke in my personal matter BTW I came to tell u dont disturb me again by calling, giving sms etc.,Ok.

Sanskar: So ur Brother told about me right.
Swara thinks about Dharun’s word.
Swara: do u know my brother.
Sanskar: once upon a time were BFF.
Swara: then it will be nice if we stay separate and dont ever follow me Ok good bye and she blocks his account.
Dharun on the other side got details of her recent fb chat and he calls Sanskar.
Dharun: Sanskar I warned u many times dont u get it.
Sanskar: I am also tired of telling u this I want Swara.
Dharun (shout): dont u utter her name from ur mouth She is not the girl whom u think.
Sanskar: I am also telling the same.

Dharun: then what the f**k u r following her.
Sanskar: because I love her and I need her.
Dharun: she is not one who gives u physical pleasure for ur satisfaction.
Sanskar (shouts): dont speak like that about Swara.
Dharun: oh the truth is pricking again I am warning u stay away and u cant reach her till I am here and he cuts the call.
Sanskar breaks the phone in anger and shouts I NEED U SWARA.

Precap: same as second episode

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