An unknown love story (episode 29)


The episode starts with Dharun entering the ICU and sees Priya who is all pale and weak with oxygen mask.
Priya: You finally came.
Dharun (with tears): Why ? I told you na then why you took this decision.
Priya (smiles): I dont know what you think about me but for me in this birth my body and soul my everything is only for you no one has right to touch me except you.
Dharun: why you love me this much.
Priya: because you are my life.
Dharun: then how can you take my life from me.
Priya hugs him and cries. He wipes her tears and kissed her forehead.
Dharun: you take rest I will be back. Priya nods and Dharun came out.
Outside ICU…..

Dharun came out and saw Zintha standing folding his hand.
Zintha: forgive me beta I made a big mistake.
Dharun: No uncle you were right at ur place as a father.
Sumi: haan ji as father u were right but now it all went out of our hands.
Little far from them Swasan and Raglak are standing and talking with eachother.
Laksh: Bhai I have a doubt from where these kind of people are coming from.
Ragini: haan Sanskar first Swara’s papa now Priya’s papa.
Swara: Ragini Priya is basically tamilian like us.

Sanslakrag: really.
Swara: Haan in south tease type of things are common so leave all that finally Dharun is going to get married with my bestie.
Sanskar: Why are u so happy.
Swara: Arre my only brothers marriage I will be the happiest person na.
Ragini: I think ur maa finalised the marriage Swara.
Swara: Sanskar ek problem.
Sanskar: what problem Swaru.
Swara: Papa.
Laksh: yeah Sanskar In this tension we completely forgot about it.
That Sumi and Dharun came to them.
Sumi: Swara you go to ur house we all are here na.
Sanskar: Maa priya is my sister so as a bro I have to be here na.

Swara: Dharun what about Papa.
Sumi: I told him everything about Priya.
Dharun: When Maa.
Sumi: when u were inside.
Swara: Maa…. now he will make a great scene.
Sanskar: I know how to convince him Dharun Maa you be here we will make him.
They nod and the four leaves.
In Swara house…..
Shekar is chatting with Rani, Abhi and Arul when the four enters.
Shekar: here she comes 100 year Swara.
Swara: what are they doing here.
Shekar: they came herw to meet me what is ur problem.
Swara: I am asking for what reason.
Shekar: for the alliance of Dharun and Abhinaya.
The four are shocked.
Swara (little bit loud): wont u leave this match making business.
Shekar: lower ur voice.
Swara: didnt Maa told u about Dharun and Priya.
Shekar (shouts): what is ur problem Swara you always wanted to snatch Abhi’s happiness from her I know u are trouble maker…..
Sanskar: lower ur voice Mr.Garodia u r talking to my wife no one has right to shout at Swara.
Shekar: I know u r Biwi ka chamcha first she made u hers now through her friend she made Dharun her puppet I dont know what is her problem.

Swara: problem is urs you always wanted to stuff ur decision on us.
Abhi: enough…..
Shekar: Abhi…
Abhi: Bade Papa I know Swara doesnt like me I dont know what is my fault because of me you plz dont fight.
Ragini to Laksh: see how she is acting.
Laksh: I know it but what can we do.
Swara: Abhi the thing is Dharun and Priya love each other and Papa knows it but Abhi Dharun is like ur bro how can u think about him like that.
Shekar: keep ur lectures with you and I will speak with Dharun.
Suddenly Dharun enters the scene.
Dharun: whats happening here.
Sanskar: ask ur beloved father Paul.
Laksh: Paul this Elizabeth wants to marry and they came here to ask you.
Dharun laughs: are you guys serious.
Shekar: what is the meaning of this.
Dharun: the meaning is these three should get out before I do something.
Arul: what nonsense.
Dharun: nonsense is ur daughter first look at her and I am sorry to tell you Abhi u r not a marriage material.
Swara: Dharun whats this.
Dharun: what do you know what and all this creep did she only called Zintha uncle and talked rubbish she is the main cause for Priya’s condition.

Abhi: Yes I have only told Zintha uncle about you and About Suraj I have only asked him to talk to you like that what will you do ha.
Sanskar drags Abhi and throws her out of the house. Arula and Rani follows him.
Shekar: what is this.
Sanskar: Mr. Garodia if u want ur Vicky to be in my company then plz shut ur mouth and u Abhi get out of here.
And the trio leaves.
In MM Swasan room……
Swasan came to house in the night after being with Priya and Shekar’s drama.
Swara is standing near the window and Sanskar hugs her from the back keeping his chin on her shoulder.
Swara: I am afraid Sanskar.
Sanskar: kyun Swara.
Swara: If Abhi can do this much means.
Suddenly Sanskar sees a scar on Swara’s hand.
Sanskar: Swara this scar its reddish.
Swara: nothing Sanskar just its finger marks.
Sanskar: I am also telling how did it happened.
Swara (mummers) : he is so dump doesnt understand anything.
Sanskar hears her and understand its because of his doings.
Sanskar: oh…. Dharun said correct about you.
Swara: what.
Sanskar: you are sensitive that You take my impressions and winks at her.
Swara realizes his words and blushes.
Swara: you Sanskar stop it.
Sanskar: what did I do.
Swara: I know about you very well.
Sanskar: Achaa and snuckles at her neck.
Sanskar: then give me what I want.
Swara: you dont know the saying take whatever you want Sanskar.
Sanksar: Then …… and carries Swara.

Swara: then….
Sanskar makes her lie and came on her top and kissed her lips and sucks it.
Sanskar: does I have the right to take.
Swara looking into his eyes: always you only have it.
Both got into a single comforter and made their night a memorable by making eachother their own.

Precap: Dharun wedding and 5 years leap.

Sorry for the boring episode guys but its necessary after Dharun and Priya wedding there will be full of Swasan and Raglak and no Abhinaya character. And plz comment

Credit to: Rini

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