An unknown love story (episode 28)


The episode starts after two days of Swasan house arrest. Swara is working in kitchen when two strong hands wrapped her from behind.

Swara: Sanskar dont you have office today.
Sanskar: Urggh I wanted to extend this house arrest what you say.
Swara: see my hand you will get the answer.
Sanskar leaned and saw her cutting vegetables.
Sanskar: Oh threatening is a bad habbit Swaru.
Raglak: Ahem Ahem….
Swasan turned and saw Raglak watching them with naughty smile.
Ragini: what a change Sanskar.
Laksh: from angry bird to romantic king.
Sanskar: shut up Laksh and where are the others.
Swara: haan Ragini Maa has to eat medicines and its 8 now where is she.
Ragini: Swara calm down We came here to check you both and all will be here in half hour.
That time Swara’s phone rings.

Swara: Arre Suji ka call.
Sanskar: Oh that PM is calling now.
Laksh: what PM.
Sanskar: its a long story yaar I will tell you later.
Swara attends the phone.
Swara: hello Suji.
Suji (in crying tone): Swaru…. Priya
Swara: Suji what happened.
Suji: Swaru Priya cutted her wrist.
Swara (shouts): WHAT…..
The trio gets alert hearing Swara.
Suji: plz come to city hospital.
Swara: Haan I am coming and cuts the call.
After cutting the call Swara explains the situation to the trio and asked Sanskar to get Dharun from the office.
Sanskar: Swara what happened.
Swara: Sanskar Priya cutted her wrist.
Sanskar: What.
Swara: Haan Sanskar she is in city hospital.
Sanskar: Then come we will go.
Swara: No Sanskar you first go and tell Dharun everything I will go therw with Laksh and Ragini.
Laksh: Haan Sanskar Swara is right I will inform Meera she will take care everything.
Ragini: Ok lets go fast and all leave.

In the office…
Dharun is in deep thought thinking about Priya. Then Sanskar enters and tells him Priya which shatters Dharun inside but soon he composed himself.
Dharun (thinks):What is happening un my life all was going well but now this Josh became a danger in my life and Priya is worrying about our life what should I do.
That time Sanskar enters his cabin.
Dharun: Sanskar what happened.
Sanskar: Dharun first come with me.
Dharun: but where.
Sanskar (took a breathe): Priya attempted suicide.
Dharun looked at him in shock and shattered to hear it.
Dharun (in heart): why Priya you took this decision. But soon he composed himself.
Dharun (in heavy voice): which hospital.
Sanskar: city hospital and they leave from there.
In the hospital……
Swaraglak reach the hospital and saw Prema cursing Zintha and Suji crying near the ICU.
Swara: Ragini U called my Maa na.
Ragini: Haan Swara she will be here.
Prema: because of you my beti’s life is in danger. She begged you na to stop the marriage but you didnt heared it.
Zintha: Prema plz listen…..
Swara: Aunty where is Priya.
Prema shows ICU and cries. Suji hugs Swara and cries.
Sanrun also came there. Seeing Dharun Prema even more cries hard.
Prema: see my Priya Dharun she is fighting for her life its all because of this man.
Dharun (with tears in his eyes): what happened Suji.
Suji: Today I went to meet Priya…

FB starts….
Suji: Priya I need ur help yaar.
Priya: Haan I will My BFF.
That time Zintha enters with Josh.
Zintha: Priya I want to talk to you.
Priya: Yes Dad.
Zintha: what is going between u and Swara’s brother.
Priya looks at Josh.
Zintha: dont look at him I am asking you.
Priya: Papa I dont know what Josh told you but the truth is I love Dharun and he too loves me.
Zintha: Love Priya you know very well that when u were in ur mothers womb we decided that u will marry Josh only.
Priya: Papa stop it I am tired hearing it in what generation u r Dad its rediculous.
Zintha: enough now you will marry Josh tomorrow.
Priya falled on his feet. Prema also came there.
Priya: Papa plz this is my life and Dharun is my everything I cant imagine my life without him.
Prema: Ji plz listen to me.
Zintha: its all ur fault only and my decision is final.
Priya runs from there but none moved from their place. After ten minutes they heard sound from the kitchen. All ran and saw Priya cutted her wrist and is in pool of blood.
Suji: Priya…. and Zintha lifted her and they reached hospital.
FB ends…..

Tears flowed from Dharun’s but he wiped. Someone patted Dharun’s shoulder he turned and saw Sumi. He hugged her and cried. Sumi rubbed his back. Doc came out.
Sanskar: Doc how is Priya.
Doc: yeah she is fine but blood loss was so much. She is too weak.
Swara: can we meet her Doc.
Doc: Yeah but only one can meet her and she left.
Prema: Dharun you go and see her u r her strength.
Dharun looked at Sumi. Sumi patted his head.
Sumi: Go Beta…. Go bring my bahu safe.
All smiled hearing her.

Dharun went to see Priya while Swara hugged Sanskar.

Credit to: Rini

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