An unknown love story (episode 27)


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The episode starts with Sanskar enters the room where Swaragini is. Both stood up and Swara speaks normally which shocks the trio.
Swara: Sanskar you came early come I will serve u dinner.
Sanslakrag looks at her in horror.

Ragini: Swara.
Swara: Ragini I am fine Sanskar you get fresh and come down.
Swara walls out leaving Sanskar dump stuck seeing her. Laksh pats him and sends him down.
Laksh: Hey Idiot go and apologize to her.
Sanskar nods and leaves down. He sees Swara arranging the food. Swara sees flowers in his hand and placed in vase. Sanskar sat down and decides to finish it off then and there.
In Swasan room…..
Swara arranges the bed and cleans the bed. Sanskar comes out of the washroom wearing his night dress.
Sanskar: Swara I want to speak to u.

Swara: Haan Sanskar tell me.
He makes Swara face him. Swara smiles but her eyes reflects the pain which she had before.
Sanskar: Swara y u r behaving normal.
Swara: Sanskar I know u had work stress but I dont care about it.
Sanskar: Swara I know u more than ur self u r hiding something from me scold me beat me but ur this behaviour is killing me.
Swara (takes a deep breathe): Ok Sanskar I know you heard what me and Ragini talked. You are correct I am misfortune only. I don’t know why God is not taking me to him when I am a burden to this world. First my birth itself next Maa and Dharun now you its just that I thought ur love will heal the pain I beared for years and started living in dreamland but today u showed me the reality Sanskar about what I am and who I am.

Tears roll down from Sanskar eyes.
Sanskar: Swara I am really Sorry I had hurted you a lot but plz don’t speak like this.
Swara: No Sanskar I should be thankful to you to show me my place in ur life now it’s late come sleep.
Swara lies down to sleep but she cries silently. Sanskar sees this and goes out.
Next morning…..
Swara comes down and doesn’t find anyone in the house.
Swara: where did all went in this early morning.
Sanskar also comes down and sees the house empty. Suddenly the tv turns on and both sees Raglan on the screen.
Raglak: hello Good Morning.
Ragini: I know u both are confused to see us on the tv.
Laksh: for ur kind information u both are house arrested for 2 days.
Swasan look at eachother in shock.
Ragini: we are giving this time to solve the fight between u both if not the house arrest will extended now enjoy ur holiday Bye and tv turns off.
Swara goes to kitchen silently while Sanskar thinks of a plan and smirks.
In the college…..
Dharun is waiting for Priya outside the college. Priya comes towards him.
Dharun: Priya you called me urgently that to college.
Priya: Dharun that Josh came to my house yesterday.
Dharun: Oh so what.
Priya: you are so casual hearing it.

Dharun hugs her and pats her head slowly.
Dharun: You know very well about me then why are you worried.
Priya: Na Dharun I am scared what if Papa doesnt listen to you and that Josh he is right behind us.
Dharun sees Josh behind a tree hiding.
Dharun: Priya u trust me na.
Priya: more than urself.
Dharun: then go to home and prepare for exam this is ur last sem na and ask Aunty to take care of my wife. Priya smiles and goes from there. Dharun frowns thinking something and starts his car.
In MM…..
Swara comes to hall sees Sanskar missing.

Swara: where did he went leaving me alone.
Swara sees a gift box on the table with a smiley. She opens it and sees a baby pink maxi with silver top and a letter.
To my saddest Swaru this is ur by fate Sanskar. You are getting angry na reading it then think what would be my state when spoke those words last night I am sorry Swara I didnt know that I have hurted u this much I had sold my head somewhere in anger that I doesnt even know that I hurted my life. Yes Shona after knowing what I did to you I cant forgive myself but plz dont be like this I want my Swaru back who always smile on small things she gets I am waiting for u in the terrace if you come wearing this dress I will think that you have forgive me.

Ur cute and innocent Husband.
Swara had tears while reading it. She dressed up in the dress Sanskar gave her and plaited her hair in fish braid and left it in the front. She slowly goes to the terrace and saw Sanskar in the middle of the decoration with his both hands on the ears.
Sanskar: I am sorry Swaru…..
Swara ran and jumped on him like child and cries. She hits him and hugs him.
Swara: why did you talked like that I hate you I hate you.
Sanskar: because I love you Swaru and Its all because of that Suraj I swear I will kill him.
Swara: Dont talk that iys ur mistake to talk all the things serious.
Sanskar: Sorry Swara.

Swara: Sanskar leave that na I forgave you.
He leds her to the table and both had breakfast. She sees bed decorated.
Swara: for what purpose this bed is for Mr. Sanskar.
Sanskar: for the union of our first fight nd he walks forward.
Swara: Sanskar this is morning nd she walks back.
Sanskar: so what Mrs. Sanskar yesterday I slept alone on the couch.
Swara: then go and sleep on the couch.
Sanskar: Achaa today I want to try a new couch and he carries Swara in his arms suddenly.
Swara: Sanskar leave me.
Sanskar: Nope and he makes her lie on the bed nd comes on her and both gets intimate.

Precap: Swasan are outside hospital.

Credit to: Rini

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