An unknown love story (episode 26)


The episode starts with Priya getting ready for the college when her mother Prema came to her.
Prema: Priya..
Priya: Maa I am getting late give the bf I will eat it on the way.
Prema: Listen Josh came to stay here. Priya is frozed to here Josh name.
Priya: Maa have u lost ur mind.
Prema: Listen Beti I know about Dharun and u I have no objection about him but u know about ur Dad I am helpless infront of him.
Priya: Ok then I will deal with this Josh in my way and she came down and saw Josh seeing her from top to bottom.
Zintha (Priya father): Priya see who came to meet you.
Josh: Hi Priya.
Priya: Hello Papa I have college so I am going and then to meet Swara.
Josh: Uncle if u don’t mind means….
Zintha: Josh she is ur would be u don’t need to ask me. Josh smiles and Priya unwillingly goes with him.

In Karma Office…….
Sanslak are working when Bindu Sanskar PA came to him.
Bindu: Sir Mr.Reddy arranged the meeting in 2 hours and want the presentation.
Sanskar: What have he lost his mind within 2hours…..
Laksh: Sanskar relax Bindu You leave and she leaves.
Laksh: Sanskar let’s share the presentation I will make the first half and u do the rest its simple.
Sanskar: But Laksh we have planned something big but now….
Lakah: Stop worrying Bhai first we will do the presentation. They started doing presentation but Sanskar didn’t do it whole heartedly.

In Mr.Reddy office….
All gave the presentation and Mr.Reddy was impressed of Sanskar’s work but not Sanskar somewherw he is not satisfied.
Mr.Reddy: Thank u gentlemen for giving ur golden time and I would like announce that Karma Industry won the project. All clapped but Sanskar not.
Sanskar: Thank u Mr.Reddy and I would like to thank Mr.Laksh for helping me in this project. All left from there except Sanslak and Mr. Suraj who is biggest rival of Sanskar.
Suraj: Sanskar it looks like u didn’t did ur presentation whole heartedly.
Sanskar: Mind ur business Suraj.
Suraj: Oh forgot that u r newly wed na I will give u advice give ur work to Laksh because u r good for nothing. Sanskar fumes in anger.
Laksh: Mind ur tongue Suraj.
Suraj: Come on Laksh because of you only he got this project else its a waste I think Sanskar give ur self time and come to office. Suraj winks at Sanskar who is red in anger and leaves.
Sanskar: Laksh I am going to house don’t disturb me. Without Laksh he left.

In MM…..
Sanskar came to house and directly went to his room. When he was about to enter heard Swara talking and became more anger.
Swara ( while cleaning cupboard and talking to herself ): This Sanskar is Good for nothing messed up this whole cupboard. Suddenly Sanskar grabbed her hair and turned her towards him. Swara is shocked to see this side of Sanskar and gulped.
Sanskar in low voice: what did you said now.
Swara fumbles: No…..Nothing Sanskar.
Sanskar little loud: answer me damn it.
Swara: You r good for nothing. That’s it Sanskar slapped Swara. Swara holds her cheek and looks at him.He grabs her arms tightly.
Sanskar: do I look like a joker to u all Am I good for nothing ur father told correctly u r misfortune to me.
Swara frozed to hear those words she doesnt hear anything except the word misfortune. Sanskar pushed her and went out. Swara sat on the floor and kept her head on the bed. Ragini who passed the room saw Swara and went inside.
Ragini worried: Swara y r u sitting like this what happened.
Swara weeps: Ragini don’t touch me I am a misfortune to u all don’t come near me.
Ragini in anger: r u mad who told you that.
Swara still crying: All Ragini first my Papa then I gave tension to Maa now Sanskar he told me I am a misfortune now what I have in my life Ragini I shoiuld go away from u all.
Ragini hugged Swara: Swara stop it yaar don’t cry u r gem don’t think like this come with me and she took Swara to her room.

In a car….
Sanskar is driving his car in full speed. He remembers all the things happened today and Suddenly stopped the car and hits his head on the steering.
Sanskar: You idiot Sanskar what have u done man in frustration u bashed Swara with harsh words and that too misfortune and hits his head. He turned his car and headed to MM.

In MM……
Sanskar came to his room with flowers and saw Laksh arranging his clothes.
Sanskar: Lucky man what are u doing in my room.
Laksh: Welcome Mr. No 1 idiot I am waitin for ur arrival only.
Sanskar: Wow Laksh will tell me the reason for ur complement.
Laksh: Idiot Stupid if you r irritated then go to clif and jump off why the hell u bashed Swara and that to raised ur hand.
Sanskar: I was totally out of my control man I didn’t understand any thing.
Laksh: because of Ragini thrown me out and did you what happened after u left Swara was cursing herself and was talking rubbish that she is a burden to all and more over u.
Sanskar with guilt: I know Laksh tell me where is she. Laksh dragged him to his room. Sanskar through the window saw Swara who is still weeping and was more broken hearing her words.
Ragini: Swara stop it how long will u cry.
Swara: No Ragini from the starting yself I know I am unlucky to my family u when came to know about my father doings he simply ignored me that I am a burden that minute I thought to leave this world or to ran far away so that my Maa will be happy but Dharun everytime convinced me now after Sanskar coming in my life I thought that I have a hope to live but after hearing his words for what purpose I have to live here. Ragini higged her and Swara cries. Sanskar’s eyea became red hearing Swara words and entered Laksh room shocking Swaragini.

Precap: Sanskar apologizing to Swara

Credit to: Rini

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    It is awesome mind blowing
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