An unknown love story (episode 24)


The episode starts Swara coming down with the support of Sanskar. Sanskar is holding Swara’s hand and holding her shoulder by his another hand. Shekar sees this and gets irked.

Shekar thinks: From her birth she is just a burden to me but this Sanskar is treating her like a queen Uff.
Sansakr made Swara sit and Raglak smiles seeing them.
Ragini: How u feel now.
Swara: good Ragini but this Sanskar only kept on feeding me Maa plz will u pack his lunch he have to go to office.
Shekar: Swara didnt ur Maa taught u to give respect to ur husband.
Hearing it Swara feels down Sanskar sees this and assures her.
Sanskar: Sasuji its my wish whether she calls me by name or not respect given by heart not on words I think u cant understand it.
Shekar: its ur second day only beta thats y u r pampering her I will see till when u will treat her like this.
Sanskar: Then Sasuji I will now always treat my Swara like this because she is the one who gave my life back. Raglak and Dharun looks at him proudly.
Sumi smiles hearing it while Swara looks at him lovingly. Shekar shakes his head in negative.
Sanskar: Now my pyaari behen will make snacks for us.
Swara: come Priya I will help u. Sanskar again makes her sit.
Sanskar: Snacks is for u only and sit quietly here.
Swara: but you have office Sanskar.
Laksh: Swara me and Dharun did all the work so today no office.
Priya and Sumi goes from there.
Shekar: Dharun I want to meet ur boss and I want ur office details also.
Dharun: for what purpose.
Shekar: Vo Vicky has some doubts in clearing his office work so I need it.
Sanskar and Laksh laughs hearing it. Dharun signs them.
Sanskar: Sasuji then his boss here infront of u.
Shekar: What.
Laksh: Uncle that is ur son is the sole owner of SS Construction and partner of Karma Empire so obviously u r asking the owner to help his staff to do his work.
Shekar: Vicky told Sanskar gave that work so Dharun can help him.
Sanskar: But Sasuji ur so called Vicky is working under the project which is handled by Dharun.
Shekar: Oh..
they hear some sound and saw Sumi and Priya standing shocked. Priya serves snacks. Shekar starts eating and saw Sanskar feeding Swara. Swara sees this and protest but Sanskar feeds her.
Swara: Sanskar enough plz.
Sumi: If u eat like this how will you carry ur baby. Swara wides her eyes and blushes.
Swara: Maa what is this.
Sumi: did I told anything wrong 1 or 2 years I will have my grand child in my lap na and all laughs while Swasan are left embrassed.
Sumi: Dharun you told me u have plan to open a business now….
Dharun: Maa the thing is me and Sanskar started Karma Industry in our college final year then we decided to open another branch and that is SS construction which we opened later I wanted tell only but I thought to clear all debts first and then thought to tell u.
Swara: Maa its Ok finally he told na dont be angry.
Sumi nods and Dharun gets relieved.
Shekar: Ok then I want to see ur company.
Dharun: Why.
Shekar: I am ur father.
Dharun: R u my partner or my staff.
Sumi: Dharun…
Dharun: Maa not now u r my father inside this four walls only in my office if u want to enter means u have to be my partner or my staff its my rule.
Shekar cant hear any more and leaves from there.
In the evening…..
Swasan gets ready to leave. Swara hugs Priya and Sumi.
Sumi: I know u will handle everything has I have seen it but also be calm and do things if u both fight means u should not run away from the matter because running away from the problem is easy but to find the solution for it tough u know what I mean so smile like this always.
Swara nods and they leave.

In MM….
Ap and Meera are chit chatting when Swasan enters.
Ap: Arre u both came early.
Sanskar: ask ur pyaari beti what she did. Swara rolls her eyes.
Sanskar: dont roll ur eyes to me and tells them everythig.
Ap: Swara looks like I have to become strict teacher for u.
Meera: Oh this is the reason I was all thinking how did my plate ot filled when I finished eating Bhabhi u r intelligent.
Ap: Swara now u go to ur room I will make dinner and will feed you.
After Dinner In Swasan room……..
Swara is arranging the room in anger. Sanskar came out of the washroom and saw Swara arranging the dressing table. She keeps the things with force. Sanskar came stand behind her. Swara saw his and smiles at the corner of her lips. Sanskar tries to hug her but Swara jerks his hand. Sanskar holds her hands at her back and pins her to the dressing table.
Sanskar: What attitude huh.
Swara: leave me Sanskar.
Sanskar press her hands and leans close to her. He takes her eye lash box and spreads like colour powder across her cheeks.
Sanskar: this one filling my life with colours. Swara shys and pushed Sanskar and runs to washroom. Sanskar smiles. He goes inside and locks the door.
Swara: Sanskar what r u doing.
Sanskar: perfect place for romance no disturbance and he walks towards her.
He opens the showers and made Swara stand under it. Water flows down her face. He kissed her cheek and drank the water and slowly leans to her neck and kissed her. She clutched his shirt. Sanskar saw her lips shivering. Swara loosed her control and Sanskar captured her lips and gave her support. They depart and saw eachother. Swara ran outside but stops with jerk. She saw Sanskar holding her saree pallu. He pulls her towards him and twirls her. Swara’s hair falls on his face and he inhaled her fragrance. He removes her hair and took her to the bed. He came on top of her and saw her closed eyes. He kissed her eyes and then her cheeks. Slowly he removed her saree and both went into their comforter. She felt complete with his touch, with his frangrance, with his presence. She didnt stopped him or mourned. She gave herself to the man who loves her the most. Sanskar to felt himself complete. He touched so many women in his life but her fragrance made him carve for her. Everything is perfect with her. Her touch, her presence most of all she gave herself to him.

In the morning….
Swara got up and saw her love sleeping peacefully holding her. She tried to move but Sanskar pulls her back and came on top her.
Swara: didnt u had enough Sanskar.
Sanskar: my desire for u will never fade. He starts kissing her neck.
Swara: Sanskar.
Sanskar: hmmm…
Swara: Sanskar… He draws back.
Sanskar: What Swara.
Swara: Thank u.
Sanskar while tucking her hair behind her ear: For what.
Swara smiles: Everything for loving me, for coming into my life, for protecting me, for standing with me when my own Papa stood against and for making feel feminine.
Sanskar: You when I saw u for the first time I made a promise to myself.
Swara playing with his hair: what promise.
Sanskar strikes his nose with hers: to see this smile always on ur face and the cause should be me only.

Precap: New entry in Dharun and Priya life.

Credit to: Rini

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