An unknown love story (episode 23)

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Recap: Swasan cute moments and Swara gets worried hearing Swara.
The episode starts with Sanskar getting shocked seeing Swara falling down from the stairs and he sees Shekar standing beside the stairs. And Dharun leaning on the couch.
Swara: Aaaaaaaa
Sanskar: Swara………

Hearing Sanskar shouting all come from there own world. Swara rolls down the stairs. Dharun ran to her and holds her head. Sanskar also ran to him and picks her and placed her on the couch. Sumi comes running from upstairs and the trio Raglak and Priya also came. Swara is pale and dull as it is evidant seeing her face that she cried and is unconscious. Laksh called Doctor.
Sanskar (shouts): what is this Dharun for seeing this only I brought her. And what is this man doing here pointing Shekar.
But Dharun is not at all speaking. Doc comes and checks her.
Dharun: how is she Doc.
Doc: she is alright but due to low BP she fainted I think she was in deep stress I give her some meds.
Sanskar: but Doc she is allergic meds.

Doc: Dont worry its stress tablet only it won’t have effects and in few minutes she will gain conscious. Sanrun nods and the Doc left. Sumi caressing her hair while her head is on Dharun lap and Sanskar is holding her hand. Shekar feels jealous seeing their care for her.
Shekar thinks: Uffff for a small matter this Sanskar is calling Doc and see as if she is in serious condition they are treating her their drama will not end.
Shekar: Sumi Doc told she is alright then why are u mourning like this come and serve me.
Dharun says in cold voice: I am controling because of Swaru go from my sight before I lose my control. Shekar gets afraid and goes from there.
After sometime…..
Swara opens her eyes and saw Dharun and Sumi beside her. She tries to get up but Sanskar protest her. Seeing him she doesn’t get up.
Swara: Maa u will not go from here na u know about Dharun he always speak like that only plz Maa don’t go.
Sumi and Dharun cries seeing her.
Sumi: No Swara I won’t go anywhere see I am here only.

Dharun: Han Swara see I am with Maa only I won’t fight with her. All had tears seeing them. Swara looks at Sanskar who is in the verge of crying. Sumi seeing them and says
Sumi: Beta u take her to the room I will make something for u all.
Ragini and Priya: we will make u aunty. Sumi nods and leaves. Sanskar took Swara to the room. All the while Sanskar doesn’t see her.
In the room……
Sanskar makes her sit confortably and gives her meds.
Sanskar: take this…. Swara makes Sanskar see her and holds her ears.
Swara: Sorry Sanskar… Sanskar hugs her tightly and cries. Swara breaks the hug and wipes his tears.
Sanskar: why Swara y u always gets hurt for others did u think about me before doing anything when I saw u rolling down the stairs my hearst sank seeing u unconscious I felt that God is taking my Life again from me. Swara cries seeing Sanskar love for her.
Sanskar: What happened Swara within few minutes these things happened.
Swara goes to flashback…….
When Swara enters she saw Sumi beating Dharun. See runs and stands between them.
Sumi: Swara move aside don’t interferre in this matter.

Swara: what ever plz come and sit we will talk but plz.
Dharun rises his voice: Swara move aside let her beat me she is again forgeting what this man did to us and for him u r beating me.
Sumi: don’t rise ur voice infront of me if u r earning means it is not mean that u will do ur own things.
Swara cries: Maa Dharun plz I beg don’t fight and falls down also.
Sumi: Then Ok I am leaving the house u do whatever u want in ur house. Sumi runs upstairs and Dharun leans on the couch. Swara runs to Sumi and she sees Shekar smiling and drinking tea.
Swara: how can u do this everytime because of u this house peace is leaving.
Shekar: Hey ladki this is not ur house go and give ur lecture to ur husband not me. Swara shakes her and runs on the stairs and suddenly her head starts spinning and she falls down.
Fb ends……
Swara looks at Sanskar who is red due to anger.
Swara: Sanskar plz don’t think about him.
Sanskar: how can he be so cold to u Swara.
Swara: because he thinks I am not here to lit his life with money.
Sanskar cups her face: Swara promise me u should take care of urself and should think about u before anyone.

A voice came from behind.
Voice: its in our gene Sanskar we will always thinks about others before us.
Swara: Dharun Laksh come inside. The voice is Dharun.
Dharun: Sorry Bablu kutty because of me ur BP again got down.
Swara: leave about me did u asked Maa.
Sumi comes inside with Ragiya.
Sumi: he will not like his Papa.
Dharun: Maa….
Swara: its wrong if he is not like Papa little bit.
Dharun: Swara…. Oh so u both joined team against me.
All laughs. Swara hugs her Maa.
Sumi: did u ate ur Breakfast.

Sanskar: Haan Maa she ate with us.
Dharun: Swara tell the truth.
Swara looks at Sanskar and then Dharun.
Sumi: Swara look at me.
Ragini: Aunty she ate with us only.
Dharun: wait Ragini let this madam tell us.
Swara thinks : If I tell truth Sanskar will not leave everyday without torturing but if I tell lie Dharun will get to know it. She closes her eyes and nods in negative. All Sanslakrag looks at her shocked while Dhariya and Sumi are normal.
Sanskar: then what was that in the house Swara.
Dharun laughs: Sanskar after these many days also u didn’t find about her food this girl will not na will not eat whole and will not drink water in short she is a camel.
Sumi: tell me what u did.
Swara gulped seeing Sanskar: I replaced my plate with Meera so it looked liked I ate the breakfast.
Priya: Bhai u have to keep an eye on her she will not take care of herself this is third time she got low BP and its because she is not eating properly.

Swara: Priya shut up.
Sumi: Ok now eat this rice bowl come on.
Swara: Maa rice No I will not.
Sanskar: Maa give it to me and he forcefully feeds her. Swara makes faces Sanskar: do ur acting with Maa and Priya not with me. All laughs seeing Swara.
Dharun: Laksh Ragini come we will eat outside let them be here and they left.
Sanskar feeding : So Mrs. Swara Sanskar Maheswari is that much intelligent.
Swara: I have to be na because after I am young business man Sanskar Maheswari patni na.
Sanskar: from now onwards I will see how u skip ur food that’s y u r lean.
Swara: Plz no Sanskar I can’t eat stop feeding me. He sees the bowl and its not even completed half bowl,
Sanskar: Swara no see the bowl and ur stomach ,
Swara:I know about my stomach more than u.
Sanskar: Achaa and grabs her from stomach.
Swara: Sanskar what are u doing leave me.
Sanskar: I check ur stomach in my way and he strokes his nose with hers. Swara smiles and their forehead is joined.

Precap: New entery Dhariya life

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