An unknown love story (episode 22)


The episode starts with the sun rays falls in the room of the newly wed who r sleeping peacefully in eachother embrace after so much of struggle in their love life. Swara who is sleeping tries to turn but feels heavy and opens her eyes and saw her cute husband sleeping on her and hugging her like a kid. She caresses his hair he wakes up and saw his love lady’s angelic smile and again hugged her.

Swara: Good Morning.
Sanskar {sleepy voice}: Good Morning….
Swara: Sanskar get up fast we have to go to house and then u have to go to office na.Sanskar: No I am not in the mood.
Swara: then let me go na.
Sanskar: No u r also not going and tightened his grip.
Swara: Sanskar stop it yaar its already late I have to do puja else
Sanskar comes face to face to Swara and their eyes met.

Sanskar {smiles naughtily}: or else what will u do.
Swara{ gulped seeing his smile} : I will….. will….. stay in my house.
Sanskar {in teasing tone} : Oh so madam is threatening me If I let u go only means u will go there and leans towards her.
Swara: Sanskar no not now and starts closing her eyes. When they are inch apart they are interrupted by the door knock. Sanskar got up and weared his clothes while Swara wrapped herself and ran to washroom taking her dress. Sanskar opened the door and saw Ragini.
Sanskar: Ragini u r here anything serious.
Ragini: Nothing Sanskar just came to remind Swara about morning aarti and saw the room in a horrible way.
Sanskar: Swara is getting ready she will come in a minute.
Ragini before leaving says something which shocks Sanskar.

Ragini: by the way Sanskar if u want servant I will sent them because seeing ur room’s condition it will take a day to clean it and leaves laughing.Sanskar gets shocked and bolts the door and sees the room. The flowers are crushed and are thrown all over the floor and Swara’s dress is on the floor. Swara comes out wearing yellow saree and dries her hair. Sanskar hugs her from back and place his chin on her shoulder.
Sanskar: u r looking beautiful.
Swara: first stop ur praising and go get ready.
Sanskar: Swara….
Swara pushes him in to washroom and she goes downstairs.
Swara goes to kitchen and saw Ragini preparing breakfast.

Swara: Arre Ragini y are u doing this leave it to me.
Ragini: Nothing Swara vaise seeing ur room condition I thought my vindiesel will not allow u and winks at her. Swara turns red hearing Ragini.
Ragini: Oh ho madam if u turn red like this I think there will be no shortage for tomatoes and laughs.
Swara hits her playfully and Ragini hugs her.
Swara: come its time for aarti and they set the table and leaves for mandir.
Inhouse Mandir……
Dp and AP comes down followed by Sanslak and Meera. Swaragini starts the aarti and sings bajan. After finishing the aarti Swaragini turns.
Dp: after 2 years this house filled with joy because of my betis.
Ap: No they are my betis and their nok jok continues.
The youngsters laughs seeing them.
Swara: Maa Papa we are ur betis only now come to eat its already late. All starts to leave and Sanskar stops Swara.

Swara: what
Sanskar gives her flying kiss. Swara hits his stomach with her elbow and leaves making face.
All sat for breakfast and Swaragini serves them.
Laksh: Swara after long time I am eating nice good.
Ragini: are u taunting me or complementing Swara.
Laksh: Ragini after Swara’s company u became intelligent and laughs.

Sanskar: Laksh this is bad why are u teasing my sissy.
Meera: Hey guys stop it and eat breakfast I am starving.
Sanskar signs Swara to come beside him and she deines. Sanskar warns her but she sits beside Ap and smiles.
Ap: Swara today u and Sanskar are going for pag phere ritual na.
Sanskar: Han Maa we r going after after 10 minutes and looks at Swara. Swara looks at his expression and thinks.
Swara {thinks} : OMG Swaru you are a fool he asked u to sit beside him and u didnt but now seeing his face God plz dont cook foolish ideas in his mind.
Sanskar smiles seeing Swara’s worried face and grins.
Sanskar thinks : So madam thought to tease me na now see what I do. Raglak who saw both their face and smiles seeing eachother.

Sanskar: lets go Swara.
Swara nods and they starts to leave.
Ragini: Sanskar me and Laksh have some work will u drop us. Hearing this Swara’s face lits up and Sanskar smile fades.
Swara: Haan Ragini come we will enjoy. Raglak laughs at Sanskar who is fuming in anger. They all get into car. Infront Sanslak and at back Swaragini.
Sanskar: Lucky tell me where is ur work.
Laksh: Bhai the work is to disturb u and laughs.
Sanskar gives him death glare and Laksh stops.
They reach Swara house. All gets down and saw Priya is standing worriedly.
Swara: Priya why are standing her tensely.

Priya: Swara.. Maa and Dharun are fighting.
Swara: what ? why are they fighting.
Priya: Swara Shekar uncle is staying here when I came here I saw uncle and Dharun fighting and suddenly Maa slapped Dharun.
Sanslakrag are confused to see them.
Sanskar: Priya first lets go inside and speak. Swara worries and stops Sanskar.
Swara: no Sanskar u dont go inside.
Sanskar: why Swara.
Swara: Priya get them out from here and bring them when I call u and runs from there.
Sanskar: Swara wait….
Priya: Bhai plz come lets go out.

Ragini: but priya why Swara is this much tensed. Priya doesnt get word.
Sanskar without hearing goes towards the door and shocked to see….

To be continued…..

Credit to: Rini

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