An unknown love story (episode 21)


Hello everyone very month I visit episodic analysis and today I felt bored and saw some of you wrote analysis of our stories and I want to thank all for loving my FF this much as I cant tell u how much it meant for me I read almost all ur stories and I always comment on the last episode and when I see ur love for my stories Thank You is a very small word I would trry to make u feel happy through my stories. And now no more bak bak lets get into the story.

Recap: Shekar’s arrival, Sanskar warning Shekar, Grah Pravesh, Ritual Romance.

In Swara house…….
Sumi searches for Dharun.
Sumi: Dharun come here food is ready. But no reply.
Sumi; where did this guy gone. She searched and saw him in Swara room sitting and watching her things.
Sumi: Dharun…..
Dharun: Swara I will come now.
Sumi: Beta its me. Dharun hugged her and cries.
Dharun: Maa my little Swara had grown this much that she is married now.
Sumi: Dharun u know na oneday she will go then its hard for us but think about Swara will she be happy to see u like this and wipes his tears.
Sumi: Now come and have food. They came downstairs and saw Shekar with lawyer.
Dharun: what are doing here.
Shekar: I came here to throw you son and mother out the house lawyer saab explain them.
Lawyer: Mr. Dharun Garodia this house belongs to Mr. Shekar Garodia as your sister married against his wish he is asking u to vacate this house.
Sumi: why are you doing this.
Dharun: Maa one minute lawyer saab this house belongs to me now because 2 years ago Mr. Shekar Garodia transferred all his wealth and house on my name.
Shekar {shocked}: Hey I didnt came here nor transferred properties on ur name.
Dharun {brings a file and shows it to lawyer] : Lawyer sir u please verify it and tell ur decision. LAwyer checked the papers and says
Lawyer: Mr. Shekar Dharun is correct 2 years ago u transferred all properties on him now he is the owner so u cant involve in there matter because the second authority is on ur daughter Mrs. Swara Sanskar Maheswari now I leave.
Shekar: how could u do this its all ur training na Sumi.
Dharun: Oh hello not a word against my Maa if I can pay off all ur debts with ur signature means cant I transfer this property on my name now if u want u can go out.
Sumi: Dharun let him stay here for me.
Dharun: then he should not talk here or raise his voice in front of me if he is ok means get him inside.
Shekar thinks I cant go to Didi house I have only life line that him so better I be here and went inside.

In MM Swasan room……..
Swara is standing near the window and thinking about the past incidents. Sanskar came inside and saw his love lady shining in the moon light and hugs her from behind. He feels her crying.
Sanskar: what happened Swara why are u crying.
Swara {wipes her tears and placed her hands on his hand}: Nothing Sanskarji just thinking how my life changed after our meet our marriage and I feel blessed to get you. Sanskar turns her towards him and smiles seeing her face which is pink due to happiness and kissed her forehead.
Sanskar {happy}: I should thank God for sending an angel like u in my life and made me a good human being.
Swara: Sanskarji…..
Sanskar: one minute what is this Sanskarji.
Swara: ur name.
Sanskar; oh hello till yesterday u were calling me Sanskar now this ji.
Swara: after marriage all women call their husband with respect so they always call them ji.
Sanskar: oh come on call me Sanskar its irritating.
Swara {teases} : No Sanskar ji and starts running.
Sanskar: Swara….. and chased her. They fall on the bed and Sanskar starts tickling her.
Swara: stop……. it …….Sanskar……….
Sanskar: now u came to my way and both of them burst into laughter. Suddenly they realise their position. Sanskar is laughing by digging his head between her neck and Swara is under him. Swara turned her head to the otherside and Sanskar lifted his face and saw Swara turned her face.
Sanskar {in low husky voice with lots of love} : Swara……..
Swara closed her eyes and clutched his arm. Sanskar felt her grip and turned her face with his finger and made her face him. Swara’s eyes are closed. Sanskar kissed her eyes. She opened her eyes and saw his eyes which is full of love for her. He leans and kissed her cheek. Her hand went to his back brushed his hair and he kept on kissing her cheeks. He saw her tender rosy lips and leans to kiss her but…….. R…..I…..N…..G…… R……..I…….N……G…….. They hear alarm sound in their room. Both got up and Swara laughs seeing Sanskar.

Outside Swasan Room …… before 2minutes……
Meera and Raglak are waiting outside nervously.
Ragini: Arre Lucky did u kept the timing correctly na.
Laksh: yes Rago Maa I am just thinking why its not ringing. Ap comes there and saw the trio and goes to them
Ap: what u all doing here that to outside Swasan room.
the trio: Nothing maa.
Ap: then there must be something. And they all hear the alarm sound.
Ap: u both what joke is this.
Meera: Maa just for fun na and laughs.

In Swasan room….
Sanskar gets the alarm clock under their bed, couch, dressing table etc like that he takes 10 clock. He heard laughing sound and opens the door and saw Raglak, Meera and Ap.
Sanskar {irritated}: so its all ur work right.
Laksh: this called tit for tat Sanskar Bhai.
Sanskar: Maa u also. Hearing Ap name Swara came and saw Ap.
Swara: Maa its already late and u r talking I told you na u should sleep on time.
Ap: Meri Maa I am sorry.
Swara: Ragini Meera take Maa from here and give tablets and call me after she sleep.
All shout: Stop…….
Meera: we came to tease u but instead u made us to run away. All laughs and Swara pouts.
Ap: enough for today all go to sleep. All leave before leaving Ragini comes to Swara and says
Ragini: enjoy Swara and winks at her. Swara blushed and went inside followed by Sanskar.
Sanskar locks the door and grabs Swara who was going to dressing room.
Swara: Sanskarji what are u doing.
Sanskar: Swara……
Swara: Sanska….. Sanskar captured her lips. Swara widens her eyes in shock but slowly melts in his kiss. He placed her on the bed while they continued to kiss. They break apart and in shy she gets up but stops and saw Sanskar holding her saree pallu.
Swara: Leave me Sanskar.
Sanskar: If I leave now I wont hold it again. Swara closed his mouth and tears fall down her eyes.
Swara: dont ever speak like this I will die.
Sanskar took her in his embrace.
Sanskar: I will not. Swara kissed his cheek. He gets shocked and Swara turns otherside. Idhayam Idam Mariyathe song plays…..
Sanskar slides his hand inside saree and grabs her belly. Swara took a breathe feeling his touch on her. He slowly kissed her neck and Swara closed her eyes. He moved to her earlobe and bit her there. And made her lie on the bed and came on top of her. He removed her saree and both went into a sinle comforter making love with eachother in the witness of this beautiful long lasting night.

Precap: Pag Phere ritual.

Credit to: Rini

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