An unknown love story (episode 20)


The episode starts with Swasan are getting ready for bidaai.

Sanskar: Dharun where is my shoe.
Cibani and Kavya: Mama we have it and laughs.
Ragini: Arre wah girls u really did good job now My dear Sanskar give us money.
Laksh and Joe: this is cheating.
Sanskar: guys I gave u small job Ok tell me what u want.
The girls thinks and says: we want Swara to smile always. All smile and Swara hugs them.
Swara: I will miss u all and kissed Cibani and Kavya.
Sanskar: Ok where is my shoe.
Swara lifts her skirt and he sees her wearing.
Swara: Sorry Sanskar but Ragini insisted.
Laksh: Bhai its not our faukt but urs. And Sanslak nokjok starts. All laughs.
Dharun: Ok enough and hugs them both.
Sumi comes there with rice plate and Priya brings haldi water. Swara walks and throws the rice three times and made her hand print on the wall. She hugs Dharun and Sumi.
Swara: Maa Dharun dont fight with eachother if I get to know it I will come here straightly Ok. Sumi nods and cries. Dharun eyes are filled tears but he doesnt show it.
Dharun: finally u r going.
Swara: Bhai. Dharun couldnt control and cries hugging her.
Dharun: hey Vindiesel take care Swara if I see her sad I will bash u. Sanskar nods and hugs him. Finally Priya made Swasan to sit in the car and they drove to MM.

In MM…..
Ap and Meera did the arrangements for Grah Pravesh. Meera does their Aarti and Swara kicks the kalash.
Ap: finally my daughter came to our house I am so happy.
Swara: Maa did u took ur meds.
Ap: Vo….Vo…
Swara: Maa very bad I told Sanskar to give I think he didnt wait I will make something I saw u didnt ate anything.
Ap: but Swara I am fine.
Swara: Meera dont let Maa to get up from here.
Meera: ji Bhabhi she wont listen to me.
Sanskar and Dp smiles seeing them.
Dp: see Sanskar this house again got its happiness back through Swara I lost all my hopes go get u back to right path but see I am beti did it without ur knowledge.
Sanskar: haan Papa I have also lost it but see because of her I am here as a business man and I want her to be freed from all sorrows she really beared a lot.
Dp: dont worry Sanskar I will look after Shekar now Swara is my daughter and smiles.
Swara feeds Ap and gave her meds.
Swara: Maa now u should rest.
Ap: Arre thats right now u should listen to me we have rituals and u are asking me to rest. Meera get the bowl we have to start ring finding game.
Raglak: without us its bad Maa.
Dp: u both came finally come fast else Swara will run around the house to work. All laughs and Swara pouts. Meera and Ragini brings the milk filled bowl. Swara and Sanskar sit opposite to eachother. Sanskar winks at Swara and she blushes.

Laksh: Bhai atleast win this game.
Ragini: No Swara we should win it.
Meera: Ok ready one…two…three…. and Swasan starts searching. Swara searches but doesnt find the ring. When she is about to take the hand Sanskar tangle his fingers with her. Swara looks at him and he smiles.
Meera shows Ragini the ring and signs them.
Ragini: Sanskar how much time will u take.
Swara sighs him to leave but he is not to leave and tickles hee hand. Swara lowers her gaze and blushes.
Meera: Bhai when I have the ring what are u doing and giggles.
Laksh took Sanskar hand and saw it joined.
Laksh: Bro not bad idea waise I didnt thought about this in my marriage and laughs. All smile while Swasan are embarssed.
Ap: stop it enough of teasing Meera start the ritual. Meera does and Sanskar wins it.
Laksh: Bhai u proved u r Laksh Singh’s bro.
Ap: enough Laksh take Sanskar to Meera room and Ragini Meera take Swara to her room and signs them.

In Swasan room….
Ragini and Meera gets Swara ready in a red saree. Ragini sees Swara tensed and sends Meera out.
Ragini: Meera u go all most everything is ready.
Meera: ok Di and Bhabhi all the best. Swara smiles and and Meera leaves.
Ragini: Swara what happened u looked tensed.
Swara: Ragini I… feel tensed.
Ragini: Swara its natural only even I felt like that and dont worry Ok I read all ur storied then y.
Swara: yaar story writing is different but…
Ragini: Ok donr worry first it will be like that Ok now I am leaving.
Swara nods and Ragini leaves.

Precap: Swasan consummation.

Credit to: Rini

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