An unknown love story (episode 2)


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Episode 2
Swara thinks and Suji Priya wait for her reply.
Swara: Ok but only formal but not now we have classes.
Suddenly their classmate comes and tells them that the next two periods will be free and goes.
Suji: Priya its look like God wants these two to talk and giggles. Swara looks at her angrily.
Swara: I have told u already I dont have faith in these things.
Priya: come on yaar Suji message Sanskar Yes and Suji does.
The next second Swara phone rings.
Swara: Guys I wont talk to him.
Priya: Swara dont back off Ok I will put it in the speaker and she does.
There is complete silence between Sanskar and Swara. Their heart beats fast and they dont understand what is happening. Finally
Swara broke it.
Swara: Hello Mr.Sanskar. Sanskar cant believe his ears for him her voice is like a melodies song sung by a beautiful bird and a broad smile came on his face.
Sanskar: Hi is this Swara.
Swara: Yes.
Sanskar: Swara I am a big fan of ur ff from ur first ff I am reading I cant beleive u have a great writing skills.

Swara: thank u Mr.Sanskar the reads like u only make our day happy.
Sanskar: okay can I ask u something Swara.
Swara(hesitates): Yeah sure.
Sanskar: how u write beautiful romantic scenes I think u r in relation and sorry if I hurted u.
Swara (releived): oh its ok BTW those romantic scenes are not mine My brother’s I ask suggestion and he will give these scenes and I am single only not in relation.
Sanskar felt happy hearing the word single but dont know y.
Sanskar: oh really then I think I should thank ur brother whats his name.
Swara panicked : Ok Mr.Sanskar its nice talking to u I have classes bye and she cuts the call.
Sanskar smiles hearing her voice and talk. He thinks surely she is different from others and continued his office work.
In the college

Suji and Priya are shocked and eyes Swara.
Priya: Swara all ur romantic scenes are by ur Bhaya.
Suji: I cant beleive this.
Swara: Arre stop ur drama yeah its all by Dharun so what I cant hide anything from him.
Suji: why did u cut the call.
Swara: he asked about Dharun of told his name he would have got his no and called him and tell him about the convo if it reaches him I am dead first unfriend Sanskar from my list.
Suji: Comeon Swara I am here na he will be ur frnd but he will not visible to others and dont worry about this talk relax calm down okay.
Swara: u guys r true BFF.
Suji and Priya: u too our true BH and the trio hugged.
In the eve
Swara comes to her house, got fresh and went to the kitchen as Sumi gone for work Swara started to prepare snacks. That time Dharun called her.
Swara: Tell Dharun.

Dharun: did u accepted Sanskar request.
Swara feared : No Dharun its in the request box only.
Dharun (anger): Dont accept his request now only I searched stay away from him and did u hid ur no from the page.
Swara (stammers): No Dharun I forgot.
Dharun: Idiot to it first and dont start to write ur ff I come home and will discuss about it and he cuts the call.
Swara: Oh God I did a big mistake Dharun is telling this much means something is wrong I have to search about him and finished cooking and took the snack and went to laptop and started searching.
Swara: Sanskar Maheswari Yes got it. She gone to the news field and her eyes wide open and the plate fell from her hand.

Swara: Sanskar Maheswari’s crazy search for a story writer. The source says that the great business man Sanskar is craziest fan of a story writer and is searching for her. In an interview he said If the writer is single he and is in the age marriage he will definitely marry her. Lets we hope who is that lucky girl. Swara is in the verge of crying.
Swara: how could u do this Swara inspite Dharun warning to ignore him its ok Suji made a mistake how could u talk to him Ok from now on ignore him completely but inside her it is pain to listen her words.
Swara: No Swara be strong dont distract urself breath in out ok do what Dharun said and start studying. She hid her no from the page and thought unfriend him.
Swara: Swara do it unfriend him and she did and left a sigh of relief. Her phone started to ring she thought its Sumi and took it.

Swara: Ha Maa tell.
Sanskar: Maa nahi Sanskar.
Swara (stammers): wh……ha……at u want.
Sanskar: relax y are u worried to hear me.
Swara: tell me Mr. Sanskar.
Sanskar: can u explain me y did u unfriend me.
Swara thinks its not even a minute how did be know.
Swara: sorry it was mistake wont accept anyone’s request other than my family and my female friends.
Sanksar: so the morning talk.
Swara: Its my friends mistake.
Sanskar: so u dare to reject Sanskar Maheswari’s request.
Swara: even if u r Obama I wont accept it Sanskar.
Dharun: Swara whom u r talking.
Swara: Dharun oh my God and turns to see Dharun standing with anger on his face.

Precap: Sanskar befriends Suji.
Dharun character is played by Mishal Rheja of IKRS

Credit to: Rini

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