An unknown love story (episode 19) Maha Episode Part 2


The episode starts with Priya leaving Swara house and on the way Sanskar comes to meet her.
Priya: Bhai what happened.
Sanskar: Priya tell me the truth who hurted Swara.
Priya (shocked): Bhai what are talking about.
Sanskar shouts: tell me the truth dammit who made the wound to Swara.
Priya: Bhai vo on ur engagement day that Abhinaya hugged Swara na she only hurted her.
Sanskar: Abhi I will not leave her.
Priya: Bhai calm down.
Sanskar: No Priya its high time. He leaves to Buaji house.
In Buaji house Sanskar enters and shouts Abhi name.

Sanskar shouts: Abhi where are u come down. She came down.
Abhi : what happened Sanskar. He slaps her hard and holds her hair.
Sanskar: how dare u to hurt Swara ha I warned u so many times. Rani and Arul came.
Rani (buaji): Sanskar leave her plz I beg u.
Arul: leave her what are doing.
Sanskar: tell ur daughter not to interfere in my life and u didnt see my real face na dont make me to regret and leaves her. He goes and turns.
Sanskar: and if I see any of ur face in my marriage I swear I will burn u all alive and leaves. Abhi becomes mad.
Abhi: Dad see how much he love Swara If I become his wife he will love me more than this,
Rani: Arul call Shekar only he can make it all clear.
In Swara house…..
Raglak enters Swara room with Dharun. Swara is selecting jewels for the wedding dress.
Dharun: Swara I have a surprise for u and Raglak enters.
Swara: Bhai the love birds right.
Laksh: how u know us bhabhi.
Swara: dont call me like that I am like ur sister call me Swaru.
Ragini: Oh how sweet Swaru I am so happy that finally Sanskar is marrying.
Laksh: Yes Yes we all lost that hope but finally the day came na. Swara and Dharun smiles.
Swara: Dharun select me the jewels to worn plz. Dharun nods and gets a ruby set for her pink, white and golden mixed lehenga.
Ragini: and for now I will get my Swaru ready and Lucky you be in the groom side and lets see who will win in shoe game.
Laksh: Han lets see Mrs.Ragini nd he leave with Dharun.
Swara: you both are lovely couple I must say.
Ragini: Yes he is my only life line after I lost the hope to live he gave me new life and she gets emotional.
Ragini: Ok now come already its 4 we must get ready na. Then Ragini saw Swara wound.
Ragini: oh my God what is this let me check.
Swara: No Ragini its….
Ragini: Its deep didnt u went to hospital let me get my medi box.
Swara: No Ragini its fine.
Ragini: chup and Ragini does her dressing. And they starts there make up.
The mandap is decorated with white and red flowers and the pillars are filled with golden flowers with white curtains. The baarat arrived with groom and his friends Sumi does Sanskar aarti and he is welcomed warmly. But he is desperate to watch his dream girl in his selected dress.
Dharun; wait for sometime Vindiesel she will come by the way what about Mr. shekar.
Sanskar: yaar dont spoil my mood by telling his name I told u na he wont come and Lucky is only tracking him. Laksh came to them.
Laksh: Sanskar bad time yaar Mr. Shekar was not at all in abroad it was someone working on his name now only I got the info.

dharun: I told u na we cant trust him I know he will definitely come here.
Sanskar: Dharun relax calm down and show his photo to Laksh and Laksh if u see this man here make sure he does nothing. Laksh nods and gets Shekar photo.
On the otherside….
Shekar arrived domestic airport and Arul recieved him. In the car
Arul: Shekar abhi is crying hard yaar I cant see her like this what will happen to her if Swara marries Sanskar.
Shekar: Arul u dont worry Swara cant marry when she have a elder sister and about Abhi I will make sure Sanskar marry Sanskar I will convince Sanskar.
In the Mandap….
Pandit asked the groom to sit in the mandap. Sanskar sits and finally our princess came down wear the white blouse and skirt with dark pink dupatta and gloden emborydry. Her hair is made in bun with few strands in front. her face face is covered but its transparent. Sanskar is stunned to see his dream girl. Ragini and Priya made Swara sit beside Sanskar and stand beside their partners.i.e Priya with Dharun and Ragini with Laksh. As always Vino and Hema Mami starts their gossips hearing it Priya starts leaving but Dharun stops her and made her stand with him.
Dharun: Mami I think the kids need u if u r finished with ur talks. Both are stunned and leaves from there. Priya holds his hand and smiles. Raglak sees this and smiles.
In the altar Sanskar holds Swara’s hand and she looks at him.
Swara: Sanskar dont worry my wound is getting healed.
Sanskar: how do u know it.

Swara: I could feel ur touch Sanskar. Sanskar smiles. That time Shekar reached there with Arul. As already Sanskar informed Raglak were waiting beside the door.
Laksh: Ragini Shekar uncle came see there.
Ragini: Han Laksh the pheres also started come fast. Raglak came to them.
Ragini: Hello how can we help u.
Shekar; is this Swara and Sanskar wedding.
Laksh: Yes sir but who are u.
Arul: he is bride’s father first of all who r u to stop us.
Ragini: sir its great business man Durga Prasad Maheswari house wedding and The young business man Sanskar Maheswari wedding like this so many people tried to enter so can u plz show us the invitation.
Shekar: hello whoever it is let me in. Then Dharun and Priya came.
Shekar; Dharun stop this marriage I am warning u.
Dharun: Laksh what is this man doing here and u both y came here.
Arul: give respect to ur father.

Dharun: I know what I am doing and answer me.
Shekar: who are to question me I am Swara father and I have rights to stop this marriage.
Laksh: Uncle sorry to stop u even if u stop this marriage they will be married couple.
Shekar: what u mean.
Dharun: u know half story only na in Vicky’s marriage ur sweet Didi got Sanskar and Swara sign in registar which means they are official married and this marriage is for family purpose. Shekar and Arul are hell shocked. Abhi and Buaji o arrived. By the time Swasan finished there marriage and he filled her maan and made her wear the mangalsuar. Tears roll down her eyes.
Pandit: Now u both are married couple. Shekar pushed Dharun and entered. Swara is terrified to see Shekar and holds Sanskar hand. Dp dispersed the guest and its Dp, Ap, Sumi, Dharun, Priya, Raglak and Swasan in the hall with Shekar, Abhi, Arul and Buaji
Sumi: ji u r here.
Shekar: first of all what is happening here u didnt even bothered to tell me.
Dp: Shekarji we know its wrong but the marriage is finished we cant change it na.
Shekar: Durga Prasadji I must say this girl Swara will bring misfortune to ur house only I know her since I tried to contact u…

Dharun: stop there itself not a word against Swara. Swara cries and Sanskar tries to console her.
Shekar: u shut up we elders are talking and Dpji my girl Swara is not a pure girl I warned ur son but u know na this generation. All close their eyes disgust while Swara gets shocked and stumbles. Sanskar holds her.
Sanskar: Swara look at me …… look at me.
Sumi: ji dont ur tongue is ticklish to speak like this about ur own daughter.
Shekar; what I told is the truth and Dpji if u want u can make Sanskar marry Abhinaya she is a nice girl.
Sanskar shouts: stop right there Mr. Garodia. All are stunned to see Sanskar’s anger. Dharun and Laksh tries to stop him while Ap nd Sumi goes and hugs Swara.
Laksh: Sanskar calm down plz.
Dharun: dont lose ur temper cool down. But Sanskar pushed them and goes to Shekar.
Sanskar fumes: how dare u to speak ill about my wife is not ur daughter Mr. Shekar she is Mrs.Swara Sanskar Maheswari I would have killed the person who spoke like this I am leaving u because u r Swara’s father.
Shekar: beta listen to me I dont know what they told about me but plz trust me think once will a father will speak like this about his beti.

Sanskar: I know about u very well Mr.Shekar how u r staying is Mumbai and enjoying in ur son’s money and suddenly he stopped sending money and u came here I must that u r quite manipulative and abou Abhinaya I know about her very well and plz will u leave this place before I do something.
Abhi: Sanskar I….. but Priya came and slapped her.
Priya: its late Abhi If I did this when u hurted Swara na this much wouldnt have happened.
Dharun: and u [pointing Shekar] leave from here before I throw u this is my house and u dont have anything except the name now get out. Shekar goes from there angrily with his family.
Sanskar goes to Swara who is sitting in the same position.
Sanskar: Swara speak something dont sit like this.
Swara: why he told like this am I a misfortune to u all.
Dharun: stop it Swara u r our lucky girl dont think about that man. Swara hugs Dharun and cries. All gets emotional.
Ragini: hello swara save some for ur bidaai. All smile.
Ap: Sumi ji r u sure bidaai.
Sumi: haan Ap ji I am sure because Swara will be more happy with u all. And her Bidaai gets done.

Precap: Grah Pravesh and romance.

Credit to: Rini

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