An unknown love story (episode 19) Maha Episode Part 1

Hello everyone I am back with my FF after my hectic exams uuuffff. Ok no back back lets go to the story as I have mentioned in my previous episode it’s a Maha Episode. Now lets go.

The episode starts with Swara and Priya came after Swara’s dressing. They saw Sanskar looking at them suspiciously.
Priya: Swaru plz be careful I know Bhai will come near u but plz the cut is little deep make sure…. u know what I am saying.
Swara: Yeah Priya but I am tensed Sanskar is possessive about me u know na after that Abhi and Papa’s words now also look at him he is looking at us like eagle.
Little far from them Sanskar and Dharun are talking. Sanskar looks at Swara who is wearing her Saree in maarwadi style.
Sanskar: Dharun look at Swara she is wearing Saree in different manner on the stage also she was looking tensed.
Dharun: nothing Sanskar its ur mind telling non sense aches tell me when will college love birds will come.
Sanskar: they are on the way tomorrow wedding na they will come directly. And soon all winded up leaving to their respective house after dinner. All the while Swara ignored Sanskar. And he felt something fishy. Soon MF reach MM.
In MM…..
AP: hi I can’t wait to see Swara here this one week I missed her so much.
Sanskar: Maa its my dialogue I have tell this.
Dp: Beta first she is our daughter then only ur wife Ok Go sleep now.
Sanskar: u both r incredible parents. AP and Dp laughs and he leaves.
In Swara house….
All are around Swara and feeding her. And all the kids are sad.
Swara: Maa Kutty Mami stop I can’t eat more.
Kutty: stop it after so many days we met and tomorrow u will leave with whom I will fight now.
Sumi: Kutty now u r looking like kid. Swara saw all the kids sad.
Swara: now what happened to u all.
All kids: Akka we will miss u so much. Finally Swara breaks down and hugs all of them and cries. At the door Dharun and Priya saw this. Dharun wipes his tears and leaves. Priya saw this and follows him.

Priya: what happened u r crying.
Dharun: u know Priya from the time I joined college I have seen so many dreams for Swara marriage right from her jewels her dress her groom now I seen her like this I can’t control my emotion already she is broken now if she see me like this she will cry hard. Priya smiles proudly looking at him.
Priya: Dharun don’t worry u fulfilled all ur responsibilities as brother as well as a father and hugs him.

In the night……
Sanskar comes to Swara house and climbs to her room and saw Swara is surrounded by the kids and sleeping peacefully.
Sanskar: OMG these little devils will not leave her and one ticket is missing.
Cibani: Mama I am right behind u.
Sanskar turns and saw her and smiles sheepishly.
Sanskar: Cibani didn’t u sleep till now.
Cibani: this is my house I will walk or sleep now tell me what are u doing here.
Sanskar: Cibani I wanted to meet ur Akka but look at her she sleeping.
Cibani: Mama don’t u know Akka got injured on her hip the blood lost so much Priya Akka did her dressing and gave her meds.
Sanskar: r u serious.
Cibani: u dont believe me na come I will show u. Cibani lifted Swara’s kurti and showed the bandage. Sanskar is shocked and saw the wound is deep. Swara in sleep hissed in pain.
Sanskar: Cibani take care of ur Akka ask her to call me in the morning Ok.
Cibani: Ok Mama and be careful and Good Night. Sanskar smiled and left he thinks about the past incidents and sleeps.
In the Morning…….
Swasan woke up and saw the arrangements as finally their dream day arrived. Priya came and helped Swara in dressing and Cibani made sure none know this.
Swara: Priya be careful.
Priya: first u shut up I would have chopped that Abhinaya like this can’t u change this behaviour Swara u always hide ur happiness and pain in u after this plz speak to me or Sanskar.
Swara: Nero Maa sorry first stop this and check at Dharun.
Priya: u won’t change I hope Bhai is safe from u. Both giggles.
Downstairs Raglan came and saw Dharun.
Dharun: hey my dear lovebirds welcome.
Ragini: my dear Paul walker nice to see u yaar.
Laksh: Dharun pls stop it my ears are paining hearing her tantrums.
Ragini: me u cheater and their nil nil starts. Dharun holds ears and smiles. Priya came down and asked Dharun.
Priya: who are they ?
Dharun: I told u na our college love birds Laksh and Ragini. Raglak stopped fighting and saw Priya and smiles evilly as Sanskar told them.
Raglak shouts: Bhabhi u finally came and smiles.
Dharun and Priya are frowned to hear their shout. All the family members turns towards them but by the time Dharun pushed Priya the near by pillar. Vino and Hema Mami as always got something to gossip. They came towards them.
Vino: Dharun who are they and why shouted Bhabhi.

Hema scans the area and Priya working with arrangements.
Dharun: Vo Mami they are college frnds and they treat Sanskar as their Bhai so they asked Swara as Bhabhi.
Hema signed Vino about Priya and the goes from their smiling.
Dharun: are u guys out of ur minds here no one knows about us and u both shouted, ok leave about me what about Priya what if she get caught both of our families doesn’t know except Swara and Sanskar. Raglak got the situation and asked sorry.
Raglak: sorry Dharun and pouts. After sometime Priya came.
Priya: Dharun I am leaving if Maa calls me I am finished and ur both Mamis are always behind me.
Ragini: Priya sorry yaar.
Priya: its ok and I am leaving. She turns to Dharun.
Priya: I am leaving look after Swara. Dharun nodes and leaves.

Precap: part 2

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