An unknown love story (episode 18)

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The episode starts with Priya entering Swara room. And smiles seeing the brother sister bond.
Priya: If ur bro sis sentiment is over can I speak to my friend.
Swara: Arre Priya where u went we all missed u and winks at her. Vino and Hema Mami gossip about Priya.
Vino: who is this girl talking freely with Dharun.
Hema: but u know na Dharun wont fall anyone.
Swara: Mami she is Priya my BFF.
Priya greets them and became busy.
That time in Sanskar house he gets Abhinaya call.

Sanskar: Hello.
Abhi: Hello Sanskar I think You are happy about ur engagement.
Sanskar: Why did u call me.
Abhi: Bade Papa called me he said that U r Swara’s husband so he is coming to meet his sweet SIL and his impure daughter.
Sanskar: Dont talk about Swara u r not at all in the status taunt Mrs. Sanskar Maheswari.
Abhi: Oh let me see that and cuts the call.
Soon the time came…….
The Engagement of our lovely couple SWASAN.
The MM family came with our hero Sanskar who is wearing Half black coat suit. Swara’s Mamas welcomed them and Dharun presented a chain for Sanskar and they hugged. And then our lovely Angel Swara came down wearing Magenta Pink colour Saree with gold border followed by our kids gang. And some ritual take place between Kanna Mama and Ram. They exchanged garland and Salt with turmeric. Sanskar asked Dharun.
Sanskar: buddy why they are exchanging Salt and Turmeric.

Dharun: it signifies that they accept this alliance with whole heartedly and Like salt they Bride and groom will dissolve and mingle with eachother family and like turmeric they cant be removed from there heart easily.
Sanskar doesnt say anything. Dharun turn and saw him trying to speak with Swara.
dharun: sanskar what are u doing.
Sanskar: ur bhuddu sister is not looking at me. Then Sanskar realize what he said and turns to see Dhaun.
Dharun: what u said.
Sanskar: nothing buddy.
Dharun laughs seeing Sanskar face. Then Ap gives engagement Saree to Swara and she came wearing it.
Swara is wearing golden saree with red flowers embroyed and white in the middle. Sumi smiles seeing Swara and made her stand beside Swara. Sanskar whispers in Swara ears.
Sanskar: U r looking beautiful my love. Swara blushes and Priya came inbetween them.
Priya: My dear Bhai what are talking to my friend.
Sanskar: Priya ur lover is beside me only y are u always coming between us.
Swara: Sanskar dont talk like this to anyone Maa doesnt like all this love things even she doesnt know about us plz.
Priya: Swaru ur Mami is always asking Sanskar and u I just escaped from there.
Swara: Priya do one thing I know Dharun would have told u anyways u be in Kitchen I think now the engagement will start after that go there ok. Priya nodes.
That time Ap and Sumi came taking rings. Swasan made eachother wear the ring. All claps. Dharun gets teary eyed and Priya assures him through eyes.

Abhi enters with some staffs of Sanskar office. Swara saw her and gets panicked.
Swara: Sanskar Abhi came here it means Papa came to know our wedding If he come here means
Sanskar: Swara calm down nothing will happen I am here na more over Dharun is with us Ok.
Abhi came towards them.
Abhi: Hi Congrats I am so happy for u Swara finally u snatched another wish of mine.
Swara: Abhi its not like u think…. but Sanskar stops her.
Sanskar: I think Miss Abhinaya u r not invited by us then how come u here.
Abhi: Oh dont act Sanskar I will not do anything but this marriage will stop for sure.
Yes Miss eskimo but not theirs but urs a voice came from back. Its Priya.
Priya: I think Abhi ur Buaji is desperate to get u married to Sanskar na but bad luck how can he marry tell na Sanskar dont worry Abhi ur Mr eskimo will be wating somewhere.
Abhi fumes hearing Priya taunts. She hugged Swara and took a small kinfe and made cut on Swara hip. Swara feels pain but doesnt showed it.

Abhi: I am going so tomorrow is ur wedding na all the best and she leaves.
Swara feels pain and Sanskar noticed her.
Sanskar; Swara are u ok.Swara touched her hip and sees blood.
Swara (with struggling smile) : nothing I will come now u go to food counter.
Priya comes to her side and sees blood.
Priya: Swara.. and Swara squeeze her hand and signal her.
Priya: Bhai u go with Dharun I will come with Swara. Sanskar nodes and leavess to meet Dharun. Priya holds Swara and took her to the nearby room.
Priya: what is this.
Swara: Priya dont tell anyone take the first aid box and dress it. Priya does her aid and made her wear the Saree properly.

Precap: Maha Episode of Swasan marriage with the cameo of Raglak on 5th april.

Sorry guys for taking so much time but after 4th april I will upload regularly and plz comment.

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