An unknown love story (episode 17)


The episode starts with Swasan and kids gang came from shopping. A girl came running and hugged Sanskar.
Sanskar: Meera… Yes its Meera Sanskar sis.
Meera: Bhai bhabhi kaha hai?
Sanskar calls Swara and Meera hugged her.
Meera: Bhabhi I am so happy atlast Bhai agreed to marry u.
Swara smiles at Meera.
Swara: I am also happy to get a sister like u. Sanskar smiles at them. Kids gang came and dragged Swara. And she helplessly looks at him. The MF leaves Swara house.
In Buaji house….
Arul: what are u talking Abhi.
Abhi: I just hate that Swara in everything whatever I prefer instead of me she gets it. Everything all praise her instead of me am I joker.
Rani: Abhi calm down nothing will happen.

Abhi: Papa u gave me whatever I asked now want Sanskar I want him.
Arul: I promise u Abhi he will marry u only.
In the night……
Dharun and Sanskar are talking in the phone.
Dharun : R u mad Sanskar.
Sanskar: what did I do.
Dharun: U infromed that Abhi about ur marriage.

Sanskar: I generally announced it.
Dharun: Oh really I have to trust this idoit now this will reach Mr.Garodia.
Sanskar: I have to tell that Abhinaya proposed me.
Dharun: Super u r insane Sanskar and they hear beep sound.
Dharun: see he called me.
Sanskar: I know it buddy.
Dharun: means
Sanskar: put conferrence and Dharun does it.
Dharun: hello
Shekar: what is happening in the house.
Dharun: nothing.
Shekar: u r getting Swara married.

Dharun: Yes.
Shekar: who r u to decide her marriage I am her father I am only having that right.
Dharun: hello wait the groom family came and asked Swara hand and they are good family.
Shekar: give me the groom number I want to talk to him.
Dharun gives him the number and cuts the call.
Sanskar: what I man he is Dharun.
Dharun: for this only I have told u. Again they hear beep sound.
Sanskar: Dharun u plz be calm whatever he talks for Swara sake.
Dharun: mmm. And Sanskar attends the call.
Sanskar: Hello Sanskar Maheswari.
Shekar: Hello I am Shekar Garodia Swara’s father.
Sanskar: Namaste Uncle.
Shekar: Beta plz dont marry Swara u r wasting ur life.
Sanskar: I am not getting u uncle.
Shekar: Beta Swara is not a good girl she always roam with boys and most impotantly she ia not virgin. Both Sanskar and Dharun are furious.

Sanskar in anger : Uncle I know about Swara because I love her and she doesnt even know it.
Shekar: Beta I am her father.
Sanskar: but I am her husband uncle and I know u r talking for Abhinaya right.
Shekar: Beta Abhinaya is better than Swara and u married Swara in sympathy and it is not a marriage.
Sanskar : Uncle u r elder to me so I am not saying anything if u talk against Swara then I will loose my control.
Shekar: its upto u and Sanskar cuts the call.
Sanskar: chi Dharun how can he talk like this I cant hear it yaar
Dharun: I would have cut down his tongue if he is infront of me. Now he will try to come here definitely.
Sanskar: No Paul I had blocked his Visa and it will take 2 weeks to get clear by the time we will finish the wedding.
Dharun: Yeah I hope Swara doesnt get to know it.
Sanskar : relax now sleep u have to look good yaar.
Dharun: Ok Vin Gn and cuts the call.
Dharun goes to Swara and saw her sleeping with Cibani and Kavya. He kissed her forehead and leaves.

Both the house are decorated grandly for the lovely couple’s engagement.
In Swara house…..
Swara is sourrounded by ladies and she having mehendi till wrist.
Cibani: Akka u r looking good.
And all her Mamis trying jewellry on her.
Sumi saw this and smiled seeing Swara happy.

Swara prays God plz give all happiness in her life she suffered lot now onwards give her everything. Dharun taps her shoulder and assures her.
Dharun: Ladies…. attention I want Swara to wear this Saree before the arrival of engagement saree.
Vino Mami: Swara u r lucky having a bro like him. Swara cries and hugs Dharun.
Dharun: if u cry like this Sanskar will run seeing ur really face. All face hearing it.

Precap: Engagement Masti and Abhinaya arrival with Buaji.

Credit to: Rini

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