An unknown love story (episode 16)


The episode starts with Sanskar asking
Sanskar: Super Buddy so for this only u warned me.
Dharun: Cibani and Kavya will always be around Swara only like Chota bheem come I will introduce my Mamas. They walk into the hall then four ladys came.
Lady 1: Dharun ivarthan mapillaiya ( is he the groom )
Dharun: Haan Mami Sanskar they are my Mamis this is Vino Mami Joe and Messi mother this Hema Mami Cibani mother this Jansi Mami Kavya and Jovin mother and last this Jero Mami Kattie mother. Sanskar took their blessings.
Jansi: we are not that much old mapila.
Vino: Dharun Swara yenga ( where is Swara )
Dharun: Mami Swara roomla iruka ( Mami Swara is in the room ) and the ladies leave.
Dharun: Sanskar be careful with Vino, Hema and Jansi Mami here no one knows about the marriage drama except Kutty Ok if they get one thing will make it a big scene.
Sanskar: Oh Dharun this rules for ur family.
Dharun: there is waiting more for u.

They enter hall where all elders chit chating. Dharun introduced his Mamas and they chat for sometime.
Kanna: Dp ji Didi told about ur decision and for engagement there will be two ritual for that Sanskar’s Mama should be here.
Ap : Yeah ji we should call Ram bhaiya. Like that when they were talking the kids gang came running to Sanskar.
Sanskar: what happened.
Joe: Mama these girls are stupid.
Cibani, Kavya: Oye who is stupid u and bro only.
Sanskar: One minute what happened.
Joe: Mama here is ur phone don’t ever give to them.
Cibani: we will get it or else.
Joe: else what.
Kavya: we will break the groom shoe nd Mama should walk in bare foot.
Sanskar is shocked.
Dharun: What happened Joe.

Joe: Actually Swara Akka was telling us about the marriage rituals so we all decided who will be whose side.
Cibani: Me and Kavya on Akka side.
Joe: we are on Mama side.
Sanskar: Ok what is the matter.
Cibani: Mama simple u gave phone to Kattie and she becane angry seeing ur phone and Joe bhai grab it from her. Sanskar sees Joe whispering to Dharun.
Dharun laughs with Joe.
Sanskar: what happened.
Dharun: I told u na be aware of them first u open ur phone and see the memo.
Sanskar does and reads: Mama I hate ur phone no taking tom, atleast Fb nothing just having Akka photos u r waste to have Iphone bye. Kattie.
The gang laughs seeing him.
Sanskar: She is too intelligent yaar.
Dharun: whose traning.
Joe: Appa naanga yellam Kolkata suthi paakaum (Papa we all want to roam Kolkata).
Kanna: Joe vellai irukku ippo ( there is lot of work now…)
Dharun: I will take care Sanskar u do onething u will be bored here so u take these kids with u outing Swara will accompany u.
Sanskar: Ok I will arrange van so u all are ready.
Kids: Yes.
After sometime Swasan and the kids came out with the kids.

In the car…..
Swara: so Sanskar how is my family.
Sanskar: very big family I didnt thought u have this much bro and sis.
Kavya: Akka even now u write stories.
Swara: Haan papa y.
Sanskar: Papa….
Swara: in tamil papa means baby.
Cibani: Akka I am also writing stories and u watch serials na.
Swara: Yes I tell u story tonight.
Messi: Akka u r so sweet.
Swara: Sanskar first we will go to movie Messi love it.
Sanskar: what movie…

Joe, Messi: Batman.
Cibani, Kavya: Barbie and the kids Quarrel.
Swara: Shut up now no movie shopping only ok.
All: Akka plz…
Swara: No way we will see in the house Ok.
Cibani: Mama get ready to drain ur purse.
Kavya: u have to give us money for ur shoes ok.
Sanskar: No way I have two bro who will protect it Yes an Joe.
Joe: Yes we will see who wins.
They enter in the shopping mall. They all went to dressing section. With any disturbance Sanskar took Swara to trial room.
In the trial room…..
Swara: Sanskar what r u doing.
Sanskar: from Morning I am watching u always busy with ur gang.
Swara: Oh so u r jealous na u cant reach me till we meet in the mandap.
Sanskar: Achaa ok now I will show u who is Sanskar and comes closer.
Swara: Sanskar no not now they outside.
Sanskar: I won’t leave u today after 2 hours I got time with my wife.
Swara: but Sanskar papa what if he come here.
Sanskar: No worries He will not come and I am thinking about Abhinaya.
Swara: why what happened.
Sanskar thinks If I tell Swara she will get even more worried I have to keep it a secret.
Sanskar: nothing come or else ur gang will come and they leave.
In Buaji house……
Abhi came to Buaji house and saw her father Arul present there.
Arul : Abhi how are u now only Vicky told me about Sanskar today I am going to his house to decide about u.

Abhi laughs and says: Papa its not needed because ur so called brother beti Swara is going to marry him.
Rani: what r u telling.
Abhi: Haan Buaji he told this in our office yesterday I cant bear it that Swara always snatch all things from me. Since childhood our relatives like her only not me.
Arul: Not like that Abhi u r the beautiful girl.
Abhi : Papa u r telling this but that Sanskar he asked me not to show my face but keeping that blo*dy Swara pic in his room and she breaks the vase. Like this she have to break and I enjoy it.

Precap: Engagement……

Credit to: Rini

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