An unknown love story (episode 15)

The episode starts with Swarun teasing Sanskar in tamil. Sanskar stands confused.
Sanskar: Priya what r they talking.
Priya: dont u know Swara and Dharun half tamilian.
Sanskar: Yeah so u know tamil.
Priya: yes Swara taught me if Dharun tease me in future I can handle na.
Sanskar: what they are talking.
Priya and Swarun laughs seeing him.
Priya: They are telling u r looking like the duck in Kunfu Panda and the trio laughs.
Sanskar: what Am I like that.
Dharun: Yes Mr Vindiesel and dont try to be near Swara because ur family are inside only.
Sanskar: when they came here.
Swara: while u both where racing.
Priya: achaa Swara did Aunty called ur uncles.
Dharun: Yeah I only made the call Kutty and Bagath are coming donr know about Kanna and Asir Mama.
Sanskar: who are they.
Swara: My Mama’s I told u na.
Sanskar: Yes I know it but who are Kutty and Bagath.
Dharun: Sanskar they our last two Mamas me and Swara call them by their names since childhood and elder both as Mama.
Priya: Sanskar Bhai dont be happy soon u will face many things.
That Sumi calls them inside.

In the hall
Swara and Priya goes to kitchen while Dharun and Sanskar sat on the sofa.
Dharun: Uncle I wanted to tell u….
Dp: Beta Sanskar already told about ur Father and we agree u will only do kanyadaan and secondly we all decided that we keep engagement in south indian style and wedding as ours is it that u want to tell. Dharun nods while Swara and Priya came with snacks.
Ap: Swara after two days urs and Sanskar engagement happy now. Swara shyly nodes.
Sumi: Dharun Kanna, Asir, Bagath and Kutty all r coming and ur Nani also so we have to see all things.
Dharun: Maa dont worry I have arranged every thing and Sanskar plz if u want speak to Swara speak here itself u both get caught by Nani or by my 4 bro and sis then I cant help u both ok. Sanskar shockingly looks at Swara and she nodes teasingly.
All laugh looking at him.
Dp: Ok we come tomorrow to meet the guest and about ur ritual.
Sumi: Dp ji if it is possible call Sanskar sis to the engagement as she has to be to here.
Ap: Yeah she will come as it is her Bhai’s marriage na now we leave. Swara smiles looking at Sanskar.
Next day…….
Sanskar gets up early to surprise Swara and went informing Ap.

In Swara house….
Swara is doing aarti when turns she see Sanskar praying and she gives him prasad.
Swara: this much early what is the matter.
Sanskar: wanted to meet my wife is that wrong.
Swara: I have to tell u that Kanna Mama and Kutty know hindi ok dont underestimate them. All knows english ok.
Sanskar: Yes they hear choas and goes to hall. With no time so many kids hugs Swara calling her Swara Akka.
Swara: Yeeee Yenna thidhu (yeee what is this)
Kids: Missed u Akka.
Swara: Yenka yennoda rendu dolls (where are my two dolls).
Dharun: yenkita Swara ( here with me).
Sanskar saw Dharun carrying two kids one boy and a girl. Swara took both of them and kissed them.
Swara: Kattie Swara va miss panniya ( Kaatie did u missed Rini )
Kattie: Swara naan romba miss panna first phone na kodu ( Swara I missed u so much first give me the phone ).
Sanskar: who are these kids.
Dharun: Sanskar they are our consins.
Sanskar: what they are so young.
Dharun: in our family all did late marriage except kutty u know Maa and Kutty have 16 years difference like Swara and Kattie have.
Sanskar: Kattie.
Swara: Ok all of u yenga Messi kaanom( ok all where Messi is missing )
Messi: Akka unga punnadi ( Didi right behind u )
Swara: ok come Mama va paakka venaama ( ok come dont want to see ur jiju ). As Sanrun are little far Swara came with the gang.
Swara: Sanskar they are my bro and sis first this is joe he is studying 12th.then cibani studying 9th then Kavya studying 6th then Messi studying fourth then Kattie she is 4 years and Jovin he is 3 years. And guys this is Sanskar ur Mama.
Joe hugged him followed by all.

Swara: Joe, Messi, cibu and papa Mama vuku Tamil theriyaadhu so Englishla pesunka ( Joe, Messi, Cibu and papa jiju doesnt know tamil so speak with him in English ). Meanwhile Kattie went to Sanskar.
Kattie: Mama phone kodunka ( jiju give me ur phone )
Sanskar looks at Dharun.
Dharun: she is asking ur phone.
Sanskar: what phone.
Dharun took his iphone and gave it to Kattie.
Kattie: Dharun pattetn yenna ( Dharun what is the pattern ).
Dharun: Sanskar tell her the pattern.
Sanskar told her S and Kattie opens the lock and works. Sanskar looks shocked.
Sanskar: what Paul she is works in Iphone.
Dharun: all my training yaar she use Kutty phone means her father iphone when she was 8 months so she know all things so better be safe. Sanskar looks at the cousin group and lets a sigh what will happen.

To be continued……

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