An unknown love story (episode 14)


The episode starts in Sanskar office. Sanskar shifted his office from Mumbai to Kolkata completely after Ap’s come back and he transferred all employes with their neccesities.
In Sanskar office
Sanskar entered the office thinking about Swara and smiles. All the staffs wondered seeing his behaviour. As they dont know about his marriage except Abhinaya and kept quite as she knows after Dharun behaviour he will not let the marriage happen.
Sanskar gathered all staffs.
Sanskar: Attention plz everyone I have an anouncement that soon I am gona get married.
Staffs: Congratulation sir.
Sanskar: thank u everyone and I also a gift from my side ur four months salary.
Staffs cheers and he leaves. Abhinaya fumes hearing it and she goes to his cabin as she his secretary.
In the cabin….
Abhi enters and saw Sanskar fixing Swara’s pic beside the door.

Sanskar: Abhi tell me fast what are the meetings for today.
Abhi: first I want to speak about ur marriage Sanskar.
Sanskar signs the workers to go out.
Sanskar: tell me what is the matter.
Abhi: If I am not wrong about Dharun means whom u r going to marry.
Sanskar: Unfortunatly u r wrong Abhi I am going to marry Swara officially with all blessings.
Abhi: Badi Maa didnt informed us.
Sanskar: Invitees are invited by me only and I dont want to see ur and ur Buaji’s face.
Abhi: u will regret hearing her past Sanskar.
Sanskar: Sorry Abhi now also u r wrong and I know all the past and I will be happy if not see ur face now leave and shows her way. Abhi fumes and leaves.
In afternoon……

Sanskar gets Swara call.
Swara: Sanskar plz come fast to city park quick and cuts the call. Sanskar got tensed and left the office. Swara winks at Priya who did the same with Dharun.
After sometime…..
Dharun came to the park followed by Sanskar and both see eachother.
Dharun: what are you doing here.
Sanskar: vo…. Swara called me and u.
Dharun: Priya called me. Both thinks and says they planned this.
Swariya: Yes we only planned this.
Dharun: Priya what is this y u called me.
Sanskar: Swara nothing happened na.
Dharun: What u want something to Swara.
Sanskar: Not like that Paul.

Dharun: dont call me Paul.
Swara: Dharun stop it we called u because
Priya: because we want u both to be the old shoyla brother.
Sanrun: What.
Swara: want u to be like before.
Dharun: Swara u know all the matter then y.
Swara: Dharun I know u lost ur trust on Sanskar but also I know that u feel lonely after u broke with Sanskar.
Priya: Sanskar bhai.
Sanskar: Bhai.
Priya: cant I call u.
Sanskar: Not like that u call me Bhai.
Sanskar: Bhai u know about Dharun he feels sad after u broke uo with him.
Sanskar: Priya I didnt broke with him in his mad anger for his sister got away from me.
Swara: Plz Dharun I will feel bad when two important person in my life fight with eachother in wedding and pouts her face.

Dharun: Ok dont start ur drama and cups her face.
Dharun: for my bablu kutty I can do anything.
Sanskar: Oh Swara ur name is Bablu kutty so cute.
Dharun: Oye I have the rights to call her ok Vindiesel.
Dharun: Ok Mr Paul Walker and both hugged eachother. Swariya smiles and shows thumps up.
Sanskar: for our reunion.
Dharun: till my house.
Swara: what is happening.
Sanrun: race.
Swara: God no plz I will faint.
Priya: what Swara.
Swara: dont u get Paul Walker and Vindiesel. Priya nodes no.
Sanskar: Paul how u r going to manage my behen.

Dharun: like u did with Swara.
Sanskar: I have one month experience man.
Swara: stop u both Priya Dharun in his college known as Paul Walker because he drives like a professional and won many race and these two are know by FF movie heroes.
Priya: Oh…
Dharun: Swara coming with me.
Swara: Yes my dear Bhai.
Sanskar: Swara I am ur husband.
Priya: dont worry Bhai I am with you.
Dharun: Lets see and both got into their car. Race starts like in the movie and both of them gone high speed but Dharun gets the lead.
Priya: Bhai Swara is right no one can beat Dharun.
Sanskar: hey Priya use ur skills yaar.
Priya: but u know naa Dharun is unique piece.
Sanskar: haan but try. Priya tries to distract Dharun but fails.
Meanwhile Swara sees Priya and thinks

Swara: Mr. Sanskar is doing cheat then let me show him.
Swara: Dharun let him ahead of u.
Dharun: anything devil mind.
Swara: get me two his right plz.
Dharun: Ok and does as she said.
Sanskar: what is he doing.
Priya: we r gona loose.
Sanskar: why Priya.
Priya: see ur right.
Sanskar turns and saw Swara giving him flying kiss.
Sanskar stops suddenly and saw they are 5 steps away from Swara house.
Priya: I told u na we will loose.
Sanskar smiles sheepiesly
Sanskar: Priya its ur fault u r loving a unique piece.
Priya: true one thats y he is not like ur boys not get infulenced by girls easily.
Both got down and sae Swarun giving winning look.

Precap: Abhi planning something

Credit to: Rini

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