An unknown love story (episode 12)


The episode starts with the rise of the morning and light falls in the room of the new fond couple who are sleeping peacefully in eachother embrace and cuddling. Swara slowly opened her eyes and saw herself in her dream boy’s arms.
Swara: why came into my life and filled it with unknown love and colours. what I have done to u that you love this much. I dont know but something is bothering me but I want to like this forever..
Sanskar: You will always be like this in my arms Swara and nothing will happen.
Swara: u woke up already.
Sanskar: because I want to be first one to see my sleeping beauty.
Swara: Oh so u want to see me daily.
Sanskar: Yes.
Swara: but I am afraid of Dharun.
Sanskar got up and so Swara.
Sanskar: what happened Swara.
Swara: yester day Priya called me she said Maa sent me here without informing Dharun and she informed Dharun that I am in Dida house.
Sanskar: thats it na u scared me to hell.
Swara: if Dharun see us together what will he do.
Sanskar: I am here na but I am also scared to face him.
Swara: what I am afraid because I know what will he do but y u .
Sanskar: Even now I feel the slap when I told Dharun that I love u and keeps his hand on the cheek.
Swara: oh I know it may be the mark would on ur cheek for a week.
Sanskar:: yeah to hide it I grown beard but how u know it.
Swara: that.. that … nothing leave it I have it get ready fast Maa would have got up.
Sanskar: Swara dont change the topic.
Swara: nothing like that today u dont have office.
Sanskar: No today we are going out .
Swara: what Maa is here she is not completely fine.
Sanskar: Swara chup I asked Papa and Maa is completely fine now get ready.
Swara: u r impossible and left to get ready.
Sanskar took his phone and dialled someone.
Sanskar: hello vicky did you found about Shekar Garodia.
Vicky: yeah Sanky he is an engineer and now working as a driver in his brother company.
Sanskar: anything personal.
Vicky: nothing important but is angry on his son, daughter and wife because they hurted his sister family.
Sanskar: Ok make sure that he dont enter India.
Vicky: I will take care of it.
Swara came out wearing a yellow saree and comes to cup board and gives Sanskar his his dress.
Sanskar: what is this Swara blazzer get me a suit
Swara: we r going out to roam and not for meeting now get ready fast I am going down.
Sanskar smiled and went to get ready.

In Swara house
Dharun: Maa I am going for a meeting call Swara I have to talk to her.
Sumi: Dharun u know about her na wont get up this much early U talk to her in the evening.
Dharun: Maa I feel u r hiding something about Swara.
Sumi: nothing Dharun u will to office.
Dharun sighs and leaves.
Sumi thinks thank God today I escaped I feel Swara is happy and prays.
In Sanskar house
Swara is setting dining table and Sanskar AP and Dp came and sat for breakfast.
Ap: Sanskar u r looking good in this dress.
Sanskar: all because of ur daughter Maa.
Swara blushes hearing it.
Ap: Swara where is ur Mangal sutar.
Swasan is shocked and looked at eachother and remembers how Dharun thrown it..
Swara: Vo… Maa that…
Dp: Ap leave it what is there if she wear it or not.
Sanksar: I wanted to gift that to Swara so for that only we are going and signs Swara.
Ap: Ok both of come fast. Swasan nodes and leaves.

In the beach
Swasan comes to beach and Swara holds Sanskar hand and walks.
Sanskar: Swara u can walk alone also I wont leave u.
Swara: Nahi Sanksar I always walk holding Maa or Dharun hand after that I am holding u.
Sanskar: why
Swara: because I feel save when I hold them now I feel it by you.
Sanskar smiles and hugs her .

On the otherside
Dharun and Priya are sitting on the sand.
Priya: what happened u look worried.
Dharun: I am thinking about Swara I think she is not with Dida.
Priya: why u think like that.
Dharun: I dont know but something is there that I am not able to see that.
Priya turns to speak to Dharun and sees Swasan playing in the water.
Dharun also sees Swasan and is shocked.
Dharun: Priya its Swara and she is with that Sanskar.
Priya doesnt speak anything.
Dharun: Now I got it come with me lets follow them.
Priya: Dharun plz listen.
Dharun got up and Priya follows him.
Swasan then goes to mall and Dharun Priya follows them.
Swara: Sanskar do u like super heroes.
Sanskar: Yeah y u r asking.
Swara: because I saw Captain America sticker in ur old notes.
Sanskar: Yeah I thought u will laugh.
Swara: y I always buy Ironman things for Dharun come we will buy some for u and they buy somethings. Then they came out.

In a lakepark……
Sanskar brought Swara to the lake park and closed her eyes.
Swara: Sanskar what is this.
Sanskar: Swara wait and here u go. and he took the hands her eyes.
Both are standing on the over bridge and she smiles seeing the view. Sanskar hugs her back and placed his chin on her shoulder.
Swara: thank u Sanskar its lovely.
Sanskar: u liked it na then I am happy.
Swara: Sanskar I feel something but dont know. Suddenly Swara was dragged from Sanskar.
Sanskar: Dharun.
Swara: Dharun you…
Dharun: Dont talk a word come with me now.
Sanskar: Dharun leave her I will explain.
Dharun shouts: dont talk a word. Swara is startled and hides behind Dharun. Seeing her Sanskar calms and Dharun took Swara.

Precap: Dharun slaps Swara.

Credit to: Rini

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