An unknown love story (episode 11)


The episode starts with Swara cries loud and hugs Sanskar. He consoles her.
Sanskar: Swara plz dont cry nothing happened.
Swara: Why did he do this to me. If he doesnt love fine why he played with my life.
Sanskar breaks the hug: Swara all loves u no one hates u.
Swara: but my papa does, not my papa my Maa’s husband.
Sanskar: why u hate him Swara that too this much
Swara: u dont know anything it is good if u dont ask me.

Sanskar: dont I have the rights Swara I know u dont consider this as a marriage but the vow which we took I made by my heart I promised to be with u and will share ur pain.
Swara smiles sadly: Pain my life is full of pain. U know I am third child for Maa.
Sanskar: third child.
Swara: haan second child died in Maa womb. My dad doesnt want third child when Maa found that she is pregnant. He tried to kill me in so many ways by asking his friends, seeing movies.
Sanskar: seeing movies is he mad.

Swara: but by God Grace on third month Doctor told Maa that I survived those treatment because I want to live and then born. U know I have maternal uncles.
Sanskar: four then u will be pampered right.
Swara: haan because in my maternal side after Dharun I am the first Girl baby but in my Papa’s they were jealous to see me and Dharun pampered by our uncles. As every girl child I thought my Papa love me and I am Papa’s girl. Maa used to say I always tell my friends that all the dress I wear is bought by my Dad. But….
Sanskar: what Swara.

Swara: When I was in fourth grade me and Dharun got ready to go to temple and he went out for some reason. I woren a jean type chudhi and my papa came and started fighting with Maa.
Sanskar: why whats the problem.
Swara: my dress if go out like this and boys will eve tease me can u imagine he was speaking about eve teasing to a nine year old girl I dont even know what it means My Maa argued with him and he started to beat her. i cant do anything then Dharun came. My papa is afraid of Dharun so he backed of from that moment I started to wear simple chudhi and I see all my age girls wearing modern dress. Dharun used to fight with Papa but I said I really liked it. Then one day I asked him y he is doing like this then he took me in bus for sometime. And he pointed a girl age of 25 and some boys commenting on her. I was shocked how can he compare me with a girl of 25.
Sanskar controls his laugh. Swara saw this.

Swara: u can laugh Sanskar I wont mind because for others it will be silly but if think from my point u wont laugh.
Sanskar: Swara I cant imagine how can I man even Meera used to wear short skirts when she was 9.
Swara: then I started to think then on puja holidays he took us to Buaji house. In that house he behaves with us differently like he is controlling us and Dharun kept Mum but I couldnt and I asked Maa what is this all then she told about my birth how my uncles did all the things for me and Dharun you my uncles only paid our school fees. How will u feel even ur education is not given by ur father.

Sanskar stays silent.
Swara: me and Dharun studied in priest convent there one priest seeing mine and Dharun’s talent he used to treat us like his child and he paid our fees till Dharun finished college. In school he used to encourage us he treat Maa as his sister my uncles also treated him as Bade Bhai. So Dharun called him FP.

Sanskar: FP means
Swara: Favourite Papa. Even though Papa hurted me I think anyone in his place. I used to scold Dharun but he knows the true face of Papa. Then I attend puberty and Maa is a Tamilian.
Sanskar: Oh u r half tamilian.
Swara: Yes in Maa side they conduct big funtion when a girl attends puberty so my maternal uncle Nana, Nani and Papa’s all came to house. For the expenses Maa asked Papa money but he denied and didnt even gave single peny but my Papa ordered Maa that his family should get good care.
Sanskar: his family means u, Dharun and Aunty na.
Swara: Nope Dada, Dadi, Buaji, Chacha, Chachi they r all his family we r not. Then FP gave money and he arranged photographer and food all. I was happy but as well as sad. Then Papa came to know that FP did all the responsibilities that Papa had to do. Then one day he asked Maa…… I cant say that
Sanskar: what is that Swara.

Swara: he asked does Maa has an affair with FP. And does Dharun is helping in their affair. Maa and Dharun argued with him and Dharun fighted with him. I was shocked and sat that still then Dharun broke all ties with Papa and we shifted to guest room. Maa and Dharun is shocked and he made cry. Then FP called and Dharun told what all happened he was upset and felt bad from then I started calling him Papa I didnt speak to Dad and slowly we became bankrupt and my elder uncle offered Papa job but he refused it and went to help Chacha abroad. Till now he didnt even sent us his salary then one day I found he sent all his salary to Buaji then I argued with him and he always accused Maa for everything. Then to distract myself I came to this fanfiction world and wrote stories and Dharun with hardwork finished MBA and joined office and he used to send money to Dad because he have some accounts he spent on me, Maa and Dharun and then these many years I locked it inside me not even Suji then last year FP died and I cant control myself then again I got hold of myself and distanced me from Boys.

Sanskar: u have this much pain in u. Ur dad didnt know that he missed a diamond.
Swara: Yeah I am a diamond thats y he selled me to Buaji.
Sanskar: No Swara I promise u even if ur Papa harm u I will protect u. Swara hugged him and they sat on the cough in a way that she doesnt want to leave him. She felt some kind of relief in his arm and cuddle like child. He hold her like a mother hold her child. Soon the sun set to give a new bright morning.

Precap: Dharun saw Swasan together.

Credit to: Rini

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