An unknown love story (episode 10)


The episode starts with Swara gets ready in a baby pink lehenga with voilet border and dupatta. Priya opened her mouth and thinks Bapre this Sanskar made this lehenga perfect and she is loooking angel dont know what will happen
Swara comes to Priya and shakes her.
Swara: Priya what happened.
Priya: meri BH is looking hot yaar.
Swara: chup and now get me ready fast.
Priya made Swara hairstyle. Swara hair is single plaited and the half is left front.
Priya: Swara wear this set.

Swara opened the set. It is a diamond neck set with a blue single stone in the center.
Swara: It look beautiful Priya but looks like costly who gave u this.
Priya: my uncle now come on wear it.
Swara and Priya got ready and start to get down.

Sanskar is with his friends and waiting anxiously to meet his beauty. Sanskar is wearing violet kurta which matches Sanskar.On otherside Buaji introduced Abhinaya with some guest. All look weird to see Abhi. Her hairstyle is traditional but her dress is western. And some teases her.
Abhinaya came to Sanskar.
Sanskar: Oh God this fevicol coming.
Abhi: Sanskar how I am looking .
Sanskar: great no one is like u.
Abhi: really.
Suddenly all started to speak about someone.
Lady1: She is really looking like an angel.
Lady2: Yes I think she is from bride side
Boy1: hot chick yaar
Boy2: I think she is hard crack.

Sanskar is confused and saw Abhi fuming he turned and saw his beauty coming down with her beautiful smile. Sanskar is mesmerized seeing her. Swara felt his gaze and hid behind Priya. He smiles seeing her. Sanskar heard some ladies speaking to Buaji.
Lady 1: Rani who is that girl and points Swara.
Rani: Shekar’s daughter.
Lady2 : she is looking preety and looks cultured girl.
Rani: what happened.
Lady2: I like her very much can I speak to her mother.
Sanskar is shocked and goes towards Swara. Swara hid more and Priya is worried.
Priya: Swara wat happened.
Swara: vo… Sanskar is coming.
Priya looked up and saw Sumi entering.
Priya: Maa Swara Maa is here.
Swara: Maa y is she here. Both goes towards Sumi.

Swara: Maa what r u doing here.
Sumi: Bhabhi called me here for something important.
Priya: what but Buaji is here only. Rani came to them.
Rani: Sumi came fast all r waiting for u and Sumi and Priya u too follow us. And all followed Rani.
Sanskar felt something strange and followed them. All goes into a room and locked. Sanskar called Priya.
Priya: Hello
Sanskar: Priya dont cut the call plz.
Priya: Ok and she keeps it on.
Sumi: Bhabhi what happened.
Rani: Sumi the bride ran away from the mandap.
Sumi: what.
Rani: haan Sumi so I decided something I even asked Shekar.
Sumi: I cant understand Bhabhi.
Rani: Shekar told to get Swara married to Vicky. All are shocked.
Swara: what is this I wont accept it.
Sumi: Bhabhi Abhi is elder to Swara then.

Rani: Sumi I am not asking u but ordering Swara is looking like bride only make her wear this chunri and dont act smart Swara is going to marry and guards are outside only in 30 minutes marriage will start. Sanskar cant understand anything but one thing is sure he have to save Swara. Rani came out and Sanksar hid from her. Sabskar enters the room and Swara cries in Sumi lap.
Priya: Sanskar tum.
Sumi: who r u beta.
Sanskar: aunty I am Sanskar Dharun friend I heard everything.
Swara looks at him with hope.
Sumi: What will I do my child life is in danger.

Sanskar: Aunty I will get u out but for that u should do what I tell.
Priya: what
Sanskar: Priya first u call Dharun and tell him the situation hear and ask him to reach here as soon as possible. And we have to let the marriage happen but I will take Vicky place and delay the marriage and Priya tell Dharun to reach asap ok.
Sanskar looks at Swara and assured her. Sanskar gone to Vicky room and made him unconscious and tied him to the chair. And Sanskar took Vicky’s place. Priya called Dharun.
Priya: Dharun here is big problem ur Dad asked Buaji to get Swara married to Vicky as the bride ran away.
Dharun: what are u serious
Priya: plz reach here as soon possible the wedding going to take place.
Dharun: I will be there dont worry.
Sanskar hid his face with seher and Rani got him down and Sumi got Swara down. And made them sit. And all happenings u know and FB ends.
Swara got Dharun call and switched off the gas.
Swara: Dharun
Dharun: u didnt even informed me.

Swara: Maa only told that…..
Dharun: so what Ok took good care and forget everything and should be my old Swara.
Swara: Ok Dharun I have work bye and cuts the call.
In the park
Sanskar is sitting on the bench and thinks about the happenings. He gets a notification and sees the phone.
Sanskar: Swara started to write stories. He sees the title.
Sanskar: An incomplete desire of a girl. He starts to read.
Sanskar: Guys after so many days I am righting a story its purely a true story of a girl whose desire cannot be fulfiled except one desire which changed or going to change her life. Before starting I want ask u all few questions. What will u do
If the person who u thought ur first love not all loved u.
If that person faked his love and u came to know about it.
If the things u r using is not at all bought by that person but ur Maa’s saving.
If that person’s real face is revealed to u when it is not the time how will u feel.
Yes I think u all r confused who is that person its our Father our beloved Papa. If u get to know
about these things are done by ur Papa what will u do. These and all experienced by a girl. And I will continue tomorrow. By Swara.

Sanskar: what is this Swara why u r doing this the time came I know its not but u have to answer me. Sanskar starts his car and drove it to his house.
Sanskar house….
Sanskar enters the house and ask the servant.
Sanskar: Ruk where is everyone.
Servant: sir all r in Maaji room.
Sanskar nodes and leaves to Ap room. He saw Swara feeding Ap.
Ap: Swara enough I dont want to eat this soup.
Swara: Maa u have to order me to do work for that u want energy now drink the soup.
Dp: Han Ap u have to drink.
Ap nodes and drinks the soup.
Sanskar smiles seeing this.
Dp: Swara I want to give u something and gives her a neck piece.
Swara: Why this?
Dp: Beta ur this house daughter so this is Papa’s responsibility to happy their daughter happy.

Swara with tears: can I call u Papa.
Dp: Han beta U have to .
Swara hugs Dp and took his blessing. She made Ap to sleep and went to her room. Sanskar followed her and closed the door. Swara turned and saw him.
Swara: why u closed the door.
Sanskar: to ask u the answer for ur tears.
Swara: what tears I have so many works. And she walks past him but Sanskar pulls her back.
Sanskar: I want the answer for act towards ur Papa and ur story what was that question tell me damnit. Swara started the cry and hugged Sanskar and cried loud.

Sanskar doesnt understand but to comfort her and he hugged her back.

Precap: Swara tells about her past.

Credit to: Rini

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