An unknown love story (episode 1)


Hello guys its me Rini I know u all r feeling bored of my Love is painful ff that’s y I get low comments but its ok today I got an idea and this story is only of Swasan so be ready.
Prologue: Swara is a 20 year old girl lives with her Maa Sumi and her elder brother Dharun. She has a craze for story writing and she writes so many story on website and loves her family very much. Lives in kolkata.
Sanskar 24 years old business man stays away from his family for some reasons lives in Mumbai and guys not for Kavitha always surfs internet and has a great interest in reading. So guys how love blooms between them. WAIT AND WATCH.

Episode 1
One fine morning a girls wakes up from her bed and goes towards the window and enjoyed the sun rise. She turns hearing a voice.
Boy: Maa look who got up early I think I am dreaming. Swara are u okay. Yes the girl is Swara wearing night suit.
Swara: Dharun its too much see the time is eight. The boy is Dharun her brother.
Dharun: Arre that’s only I am telling actually ur timing is 12 only na then don’t tell me u got up to read those stupid stories.
Swara: Dharun I told u don’t tell like that Yes I got up for that so what.
From downstairs Sumi shouted on them.
Sumi: hey u both in the morning itself u started if I come there u both are finished.
Swara and Dharun: Coming Maa and Swara goes to get ready.
Swara and Dharun come down for breakfast. Swara is surfing her phone.
Dharun: so Swara how many comments for last epi
Swara: only ten Dharun plz help me yaar I want some suggestion. I will do whatever u ask.
Dharun: okay evening I will tell u. Suddenly Swara gave a pop sound.
Dharun: Swara who’s friend request.
Swara: Dharun this guy named Sanskar following me fb and this is tenth request.
Dharun: so what block it up.
Swara: he is giving from so many fake account what can I do
Dharun: don’t respond to him and he himself leave u.
Swara: Dharun u r best bro in the world and hugs him.
Sumi comes there and serves them food.
Sumi: Dharun ur papa called in the morning.
Dharun: tell me how much today he want.
Sumi: as always
Swara: Dharun don’t send him money.
Dharun: I am paying him back for what he did to us so its like loan for me leave it Maa I going to office and he leaves.
Swara also leaves to her office.

In mumbai
Sanskar is waiting impatiently for the story of Swara and finally it came and he read that the story will be posted in the night. He calls his asst and asked about the request sent and get a sad news.
Sanskar: she is someone different from others and he sent a message in fb.

In the college
Swara is with her frnds Priya and Suji.
Suji: today we r going for a movie u too come with us.
Swara: sorry guys tomorrow me, Maa and Dharun r going for the same movie.
Priya: what is this u always talk about ur Bhai and Maa plz spend some time with us also.
Swara: they r most important for me the happiness I get when I am with them its not comparable with any happiness I get.
Suji: don’t get senti give ur phone today how many request.
Swara: same Sanskar I am getting irritated.
Suji: Hey Swara he sent a message for u. The trio read it.
Sanskar: Hello Swara I am a great fan of ur ff plz acept my request plz…..
Priya: Hey Swara accept his request na
Swara: you know na other than my family remembers and female friends I won’t accept anyones then.
Suji: Oh shit Swara I am sorry instead of reject I tapped accept.
Swara: Suji what is this yaar.
Priya: hey sent a message again and the trio saw it.
Sanskar: Thank u so much Swara for accepting me request and if u don’t mind can I call u now.
Swara: How did he got my no
Priya: hey dumbo u opened the fb page na in that ur no is visible na.
Swara: Dharun told me to hide it see I am a mental.
Suji: Swara wait he said he is ur fan na then he will be in ur group let’s search about him.
The searched about him and Suji, Priya are literally shocked.
Priya: Suji pinch me I am dreaming right.
Suji: No yaar I am only dreaming.
Swara: guys stop ur drama.
Priya: he is the big business man Sanskar Maheswari he is behind u yaar plz tell Yes to him.
Swara: r u mad if Dharun gets to know.
Suji: Come yaar just a formal talk nothing will happen. Swara thinks and Suji Priya are waiting for her reply.

Precap : Swasan conversation.


Credit to: Rini

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