Unknown heartbeats – Chapter 9 by Abbi

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Chapter 8

Chapter 9:

“The boys are coming later!” Shivaay informed me.
“Yeah yeah. Two more like you,” I said sarcastically.
“You’re so mean!” he replied.
We started cleaning his very messy room up since the boys are going to be here any minute now. I haven’t met them, actually, and I am a bit excited.
A few minutes later, we can hear voices calling Shivaay out.
“Here they are,” Shivaay whispered to me.
He danced as he went outside.
“Shivaay-Bhaiyya!” I heard them shout.

A few seconds later, I decided to go outside.
“You must be Annika!” Omkara said.
I nodded shyly.
“Shivaay has told us a lot about you,” the long haired one told me.
I raised an eyebrow at Shivaay.
“And what the hell are you telling them?” I asked while glaring at him.
“Hey! Chill. I told ’em you’re my best friend!” he replied while wrapping his arms on my shoulders.

“Shivaay?! I thought we have something special?!?!” Omkara said.
I burst in laughter. I didn’t know that Omkara Singh Oberoi was really true.
“So… it’s 6 pm. Where are we sleeping?” he asked.
“1 gets it in my room, and 1 in Annika’s room,” Shivaay casually replied.
“ANNIKA’S ROOM?!” they said in unison.
“Yup! I have a room here!” I replied.
“So yeah. How do we divide the rooms?” Rudra said.

“I’m with Shivaay!” Om said right away while Shivaay rolled his eyes.
“I want to be with Annika diiiii, please?” Rudy pleaded with his puppy dog eyes.
“Yeah,” I replied with a smile and watched as he bounced up and down.
“So that leaves me with Om” Shivaay said.
The boys headed to their rooms. Rudra and I went to my room here in Shivaay’s house.
“How come you have a room at this house?” he asked me.

(Omkara and Rudra live with Shivaay in US, it is their first trip to India. Even they both are quite famous due to their individual achievements and also because they’re Shivaay Singh Oberoi’s brothers.)
“Well, he has one at my house, too. We’re just so close, I guess,” I said.
Shivaay told me that the boys will be here until they leave which is the day after tomorrow. And yeah, tonight, I’ll be sleeping here since it’ll be their last day tomorrow. Their mom doesn’t mind me sleeping here. She will be at their other house a few blocks away, so we could have this one on our own.

“So I’ll be sleeping on the couch,” Rudra said, being as gentleman as ever.
“No. You sleep on the bed. I don’t mind though,” I replied.
Rudra smiled at me. Why does he have to be so cute?
“Is it true that you have a girlfriend?” I asked.
His face turned very red and he bowed his head.
“I guess that’s a ‘yes’,” I teased.
“Uh, yeah,” he replied shyly.

“Tell me about her?” I said.
“She’s Soumya. She’s the prettiest girl I have ever seen. She lets me lie on her lap while she sings my favorite song and I play with her fingers. She calls me by my name, but makes it sound so sweet. Every move she does just makes her more and more beautiful. Just seeing her smile completes my every day. She’s just… someone I can’t imagine living without. And yeah, she’s everything I need,” he muttered.

(Well, I personally like Neha as Rudra’s lead. Even though the new girl is nice but I like Soumya.)
I wasn’t able to form any response in my head. Whoever that girl is, she’s very lucky. I know Rudra loves her truly. With the spark in his eyes, I can see it.
“What about you? D’you have a boyfriend?” he suddenly asked.
“Nah,” I said.

“But why?” he said.
“Well, uh… the one I like doesn’t feel the same way?” I blabbered unsurely.
“Huh? Tell me about him?” he said, saying the exact thing I told him a while ago.
I nodded. There’s nothing wrong with telling Rudra, right?
“He’s someone I’ve always had the crush on. But who knows that a simple crush can turn to a deep feeling. He keeps on telling me how beautiful I am, inside and out. He makes me feel the most special girl in the universe. He never fails to make me smile. I love him, I really do, but he’s just so far. It’s somewhat impossible for me to reach him. He’s out of my league. Well, let’s just say… he’s a heartbeat away, and I’ll never reach him, I’m his unknown heartbeat.”

He just looked at me.
“He’s lucky,” he finally said.
“Huh?” I asked, trying to make him elaborate what he just replied.
“You love him, and really, I can’t see his point of not loving you back. Every boy in the world would dream of having a girlfriend who loves them as much as you love him.” he said.
“I haven’t told him, so therefore, he doesn’t know,” I replied.

“Oh. You should go and tell him. Look, I’m sure something good will happens. Trust me,” he suggested with a smile.
Should I?

Heyaaaa people! This is Chapter 9. So, the OMRU are here! Yayy.
Rudra is just soooo cuuuteee. Who else agrees?
And Rudra and Soumya’s love story? They both are cutie pie!
Anyways, sorry for not being able to update from past a week. I’ve a reason for that, my rib got fracture last Friday and I’ve a fever too, I’m on a bed rest. I’m extremely sorry once again that I couldn’t stand by my promise.
This story has 2 more left. 😀
I hope you all liked and enjoyed it.

Leave your comments belowwww.
Take care.
Much Love.
And smile! 🙂

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  1. Alekhika20

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      Thankyou Alekhika! Love. <3

  2. Heya Abbi…..i started reading ur ff last week…..so thought to comment today….honestly i got attached to this story as sumwhere my story is also lyk that……its title ‘unknown heartbeats’ its story everythng relates me….jst a lil diff. is that he is not famous lyk our SSO ‘wink’? anyways enough of my blabbring….
    Its an amazing story…waiting fr ur next part…bye t.c

    1. Abbi

      Hey Ayushi! sorry for replying late.
      Thank you deary, this is so overwhelming. Even I do the same thing, a story in one go. Thankyou once again.
      That’s amazing that you can relate to it, even I’m relateable to this story.
      About fame, no one can takes our SSO’s place, in any manner. *WINK BACK*
      Posted the next one already, do read that.
      Love you. <3 🙂

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  4. Shanaya Rajput ??

    Cute episode. Rumya are cutest??????. Anika’ s lover is Shivay isn’t it??? N yes do get well soon

    1. Abbi

      Thank you Shanaya!
      Indeed they are, thankyou for commenting. 🙂
      Oh yeah Shivaay’s the loverrrr.. who else? :p
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    so ..finally omru here…yippiee ..
    three of the obros are amazing but I love shivaay the most…leneesh is also nyc but to be very honest I really like neha ❤?..and rumya…i miss them a lot

    now be fine very soon-ish and post the next one ASAP plzz
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    1. Sairish

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  7. It’s really amazing!!!! But I kind of want Shivaay to propose first…. if thats ok with you…

    1. Abbi

      Thank you juhi! 🙂 🙂
      And thank you for the suggestion, I’ll think ’bout that. 🙂

  8. Fati

    Are u okay now? How did that fracture happen? No issues at all. U know u should have been taking rest but you are here writing. Take complete rest. The chappy was awesome❤ OmRu and RuMya? RuMya is my fav couple after Shivika (as they destroyed Ishkara?) although they destroyed them too but they are and they’ll be always be special? Rudi is immensely in love with Saumya and that’s great? something so good to read on RuMya. Om had always been a sach ka boyfriend? I wish ky he spill out the beans…? And take complete rest dear❤ It’s something so important for you?
    Laaave You❤

    1. Abbi

      Hey Fati darling! how’re you, how you doin’? It has been days since we talk. *SIGH*
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    Dear Abbi
    Thank You So Much For RuMya?And I Really Like RuMya And LeeHa.And I Miss Them.Again Thank You

    Take Care?

    1. Abbi

      Thank you lovely! means a lot.
      They’re love. <3 Thanks once again. 🙂 🙂

  10. Anika told her feeling to rudra it’s Awesome…. Waiting 4 nxt…
    Get well soon dr… Tc…

    1. Abbi

      Thank you Banita! I missed you really. 🙂
      Already posted that, go and read it!
      Thanks oncyy, love you. <3 🙂

  11. Ashwinee

    Hey di, are you fine ?? Please don’t take stress. And get well soon.
    Coming to the update, it’s just awesomely cute . Loved it ???

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  12. Anagha

    Hey Abby!
    Finally, the one which I was waiting for a loooong tym came up ! As usual , I love it. The bond between Anika and Rudra was adorable… Well , sometimes Rudra does says sensible things. Hope Anika gathers some courage to open up . But, the fear of losing her best friend is pulling her back. Anyway, you nailed it. Post soon .
    Love ya loads !❤

    1. Abbi

      Hey Anagha!
      Thankyou deary, means happiness.
      I really love both aniru, they’re both are cuteness. Well, you got it right, she is scared right now. She will do something, wait for the last chapter, I swear it will be a blast.
      Thanks once again, love.
      Love you.

  13. Awesome…..Loved it…?
    ShivikaOmru scene was cute….
    Anika’s description of her feelings was just awesome….
    I personally liked Rumya cuz I found them to b d cutest couple on IB….
    Waiting fr d nxt…?
    Lots of love….❤

    1. Abbi

      Thank you Shivika. <3
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      Love you too love. <3

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      Already posted the next.
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      Thank you Ankita!
      I’ve posted the next chapter deary, read that too.
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  16. Eeeeeeeeee……Finally you posted, was waiting for it since ages! Awesome chappy as always. How’d someone write so well, pure. ?❤️
    Sorry that I couldn’t be able to comment on previous chapters, but I did this timeee!!!
    I love you Abbi, get well soon.

    1. Abbi

      Heeya H! Thankyou for such a great comment. I’m happy now. 🙂
      It’s totally fine, yeah you did this time, thanks. 🙂 🙂
      I love you too! <3

  17. I’m so happy ? my shivomru are finally together, thankyou for this. ❤️
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    1. Abbi

      Thankyou Temmo, means a lot. Oh pleasure all mine. 😛 🙂
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    Hey Abbi !
    Can you let me know your age please..??
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    Sorry for the late comment, but you left me spellbound. I am glad that you introduced the two loveys…love them ??
    Keep writing sista, love to you❤

    1. Abbi

      Hey Jerry!
      Thankyou love that is so sweet of you, I love you buhat zyada, even I don’t know how to thank you. You really are a pretty soul.
      It’s totally fine, even I’m repling late.
      That introduction was necessary, Omru are something special to me.
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