Unknown heartbeats – Chapter 8 by Abbi.

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Chapter 8:

“Hey! That’s mine!” I said while running after Shivaay.
He got my phone from me, and now I’m running like a complete idiot here.
Of all the things I possess, it was my phone he hasn’t touched… ever. That was the only thing which I can consider JUST mine.
“Shivaay! Give that back to me!” I shouted as I try to run faster.
“You should catch me!” he teased.
We were running around the football field. He was starting to browse stuffs from my phone. Oh my gosh. He might see some things related to him.
“Shivaay Singh Oberoi!” I shouted.
“Here I go at the… ‘My Personal Diary!'” he said.
I ran faster.

“NO!” I said.
He chuckled. Suddenly, I felt like crying. Tears stream. I can see him focused on my phone. My knees fainted. He can’t read that. He… just can’t.
“Go and catch me, An–Annika?! Hey, uhh,” he said as he walk towards me.
I tried to stop the tears, and smile.
“Hey, look, I’m sorry,” he said as he pokes me.
“No, I’m fine. I’m just exaggerating,” I replied while wiping away the tears.
“I didn’t read anything, I promise,” he said in the most thoughtful voice.
I felt a sort of relief from what he said and smiled.
“Sorry,” I told him.
He shook his head.
“It was my fault,” he stated.
He stretched out his arms, and helped me stand up. He handed my phone and mouthed a ‘Sorry’.
“Let’s eat ice cream!” he suggested.
He really knows how to make me smile and brighten up my day. Ice cream is my only cure for bad vibes.
We walked side by side going to one of my favorite places here, the ice cream parlor between the football field and the park.
We each grabbed a cup, and started filling it up. We paid for it, and sat on tall chairs near the counter.
“I missed this,” I said.

“The ice cream?” he asked jokingly.
I chuckled.
“Partly, yes. And you know, eating it with you,” I replied.
“Yeah, me too,” he replied while nodding, “and I’ll miss this.”
I frowned at his last sentence. Why does he have to always say that thing?! Why does he have to always remind me that he’s leaving?! Why is it that every time I am happy… he has to ruin it?!?! Really, why doesn’t he care about how I feel… especially about how I feel towards him.
Hello people!
It’s short, I know. I have to compress the chapter because I don’t have much time, sorry. I’ve been busy and always out these days.
I need to finish this story this week. This has like 3 more chapters left.
Hope you still liked it, though.
Comment, I really need suggestions. They’ll mean so much, especially about how you want it to end.
Thank you for reading. 🙂
Take care. 🙂
Smile! :)))
Much love.

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  1. Anagha

    Hey Abby ❣.. I always look forward for your ff. One among the reasons why I open TU. Love your writings gal. Ice cream wala scene was cute. And how Anika felt weak when shivaay was about to open the ” personal diary “, you explained it perfectly., That I could visualize it.
    3 more chapters only ??.. NOOOOO… Aisa mat karo ! See, even if you stop this one , promise that you will come back soon with another ! Love ya ❤

    1. Anagha

      Oops, forgot to type this . ” Don’t break anika’s heart in the end “… Just a suggestion.

  2. Awesome

  3. Awesome….Loved it….
    Ice-cream scene was cute….
    Anika getting all emotional about him leaving….
    Waiting fr d nxt…. 🙂

  4. Nikita_jai29

    It is lovely dear

  5. Fati

    Hi Abbi. Kahan theen?? Well, short update but lovely. Why Shivaay didn’t read that. I know reading someon’e personal things is so bad but it’s Shivaay and Anika na?. Please please before Shivaay leaves Anika ko confess karwadena and Shivaay ko bhi. ?
    Laaave You❤

  6. Madhuani

    Ice cream part was cute.
    N that chase n sorry fabulous.

  7. Aryaraju

    It’s superb… Please let them confess ?

  8. Dhar

    Lovely little update ….. Loved it to the coreeeeeeeeeee waiting for your next update plzzz do post the next update ASAP

  9. Sairish

    heyy abbi aapi…
    i have a lot of complaints from you…
    first you don’t post soon
    second..itna chotu sa update ??
    third..u are ending this story ??…

  10. Gayathri.visu

    Areee Abbi, its not short but too short. Its ok…..I can understand ur situation.

    Awww! Cute n Fabulous part dear… That chase part is too good. Ice cream part….hmmm what to say, obviously its cute!
    I want happy ending…don’t break Shivika’s heart. If possible can u please add OmRu scene with Shivika! Eagerly waiting for next part dear…. Take care dear.

  11. Ashwinee

    Cuteee update

  12. Simrat_14

    Awwwww! Shivaay is so caring for his friend. Hopefully they become more than friends later. Amazing update as always ?

  13. It’s too short yr….. Nd u end it in 3 epi…. Ice crem sence was Fabb…. Luv it… Waiting 4 nxt…

  14. Its fabulous like always… I love this ff a lot, so please don’t end it soon yaar. U know this ff is very unique for me and I don’t know why. I always wait for this ff. And you know, as soon as I see a new chapter of this ff, I read it… no matter what I am doing or how busy I am. And I don’t know why I do that. i guess there is something special about your ff that attracts me towards it. And seriously, the way you potray Anika’s emotions, its really amazing. Like I can seriously feel what she is feeling. For example, when Shivaay took Anika’s phone, I myself got scared. I was basically like: No Shivaay! Don’t read the dairy!!!!! And thankfully he didn’t. I really love how Shivaay cares for Anika. And why does Shivaay always have to talk about leaving???? Seriously, this Shivaay na…. Hope you update soon…..

    And I am sorry for commenting late… I read it a long time back… but I am commenting now as I didn’t have time earlier.

  15. Jerry_36

    And I was thinking that if I could learn a little bit from you, your writing skills. Yeah, I loved it Abbi, like anything. Every time I wait for your story desperately and every time a wide smile plays across my like. One chotu sa request, try updating it little longer, I know you don’t have that much time, even I don’t?, still, if you can. Amazing chapter, loved it !❤

  16. Ankita27

    Superb update…

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