Unknown heartbeats – Chapter 7 by Abbi.

Chapter 7:

Today, I woke up a bit early, and not because of Shivaay. Its 5:30 in the morning, and I’m wide awake. The day after tomorrow, he’ll be gone again.
I grabbed the basket and blanket. I cooked some aalu poori and sandwiches. I also had bread, and placed fried rice on three lunchboxes.
I went to my room to change. Just as I finished changing, and preparing, a ‘bang’ was heard from my window. And yeah, it was Shivaay.
I hurriedly went down.
“Good morning!” I greeted happily.
“Wow! You’re fast,” he replied after seeing that I was dressed properly.
“Well, I woke up thirty minutes before you tried to,” I said in some bored tone.
“Really?!?! Whoa! You changed!” he teased.
I rolled my eyes at him.
“Let’s have breakfast!” I offered.
“Nice idea,” he replied.

“Stay here,” I said.
I went inside and grabbed the basket.
“Let’s go!” I told him.
“I thought we’re having breakfast here,” he replied, confused.
“Nah,” I said, dragging him to a football field.
I just dragged and pulled him for the next 3 minutes, until we’re there.
“We’ll have breakfast here?” he asked.
“Yah!” I replied while clapping my hands.
I placed the blanket, and put the basket on it.
“Don’t you want to eat?” I asked him since he’s still standing there.
“I do,” with that, he sat in front of me.
I grabbed the food I prepared at put it in front of us.
“Where did your ordered all these this early?” he asked me.
I looked at him.
“I cooked these!” I argued.

“You did?” He said with disbelief in his eyes.
I bit my lip, lowered my head down and nodded.
“They’re delicious!” he exclaimed.
I blushed lightly.
“They’re just ordinary,” I humbly said.
“They look ordinary, but really, they’re awesome!” he replied.
I blushed more (if that was still possible).
I just ate my food. I can’t see why he says they’re delicious (well, of course he I can’t see it, but maybe I can taste it?).
“Annika…” he broke the silence.
“Yeah?” I replied, looking up at him.
“Please don’t forget me,” he said.
“Huh? I won’t,” I muttered.
“Promise me. Even when I am away. Even though I can’t talk to you that much… you won’t forget me,”
I was shocked about what he said.

I won’t forget him. Of course I won’t.
“I am much afraid that you’ll be the one to forget me,” I stated.
“I won’t,” he assured me.
“You meet thousands of people everyday. I’m no one special, and–” before I could finish, he cut me.
“You are special,” he said.
“Okay. But I’m no one beautiful,” I corrected myself.
“You are, too,” he complimented.
“No,” I said.
He paused for a moment.
“You are beautiful. Everything about you is. I love how your hair falls out of place. I love how you walk in your pajamas every morning. I love how you always try to smile. I love your laugh. I love how you talk when you’re nervous. I love how you pout when you don’t get something you want. I love everything about you, Annika. So don’t tell me you aren’t beautiful.”
I was a bit taken aback. He said he loves everything about me, yet he can’t love me. Well, that makes a best friend’s life.
Someone missed hard that I’m back the next day, just joking.As I promised to post daily, here I’m.
So many of you are asking me why my chapters are getting shorter day by day, the answer is, I write when I feel happy or sad or lonely or dunno what it’s hard to explain, I write with the flow of emotions that revolving around my head at the time writing basically and stops when it all gone, so yeah that’s the reason actually.
Anyways chapter 7 is here!
Thank you for reading.
Hope you liked it. 🙂
Please let me know what you think by your comments. I would appreciate those.
Take care.
Wear a smile.
Love lots.

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    Hey Abby ! Your ff reflects pure Friendship, and I love it. Reminds me of my friend. Coming to the episode, it’s awsum dear. Good going ! ❣

    1. Abbi

      Thank you Anagha! You’ve been my favorite reader, that’s your love that you found this worth reading. Thanks once again, love. ❤

  5. Awesome Update….Too cute….
    Shivaay almost confessed his love for Anika….
    Waiting fr d nxt…. 🙂

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      Thank you!!
      Posted the next chapter, do read that. Love. ❤

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    Awesome episode dear, plzz post the next update ASAP, loved it to the coree

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    It reflects pure friendship.

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      Thank you Madhuani! ❤
      Indeed their friendship is a pure bliss. ?

  10. Such a beautiful chapter it is! You wrote it with great emotions.
    Love you Abbi. ❤️

    1. And please keep writing, I’ll be waiting for another great story after this will end.

      1. Abbi

        Will surely try my best. Thanks for appreciating me. ?❤

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      Thank you H! Really, it feels great to read your comment. I love you too love. ❤

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    heyy abbi aapi
    this was awesome….confession almost made its way…do post the next one soon ..
    loads of love

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      Thankyou Sairish! Much love to you. ❤
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      Already posted that.
      Love you sweetie. ❤❤

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  15. Fantastic update Abbi…. Luv it.,.. Post ASAP…

  16. This ff is just amazing!!!! I mean its really unique…. I love how you potray this beautiful friendship between Shivaay and Anika….. I also love how you potray the emotions of Anika.. its like I can feel the emotions…. this ff is really unique… update soon…

    1. Abbi

      Thank you Aarti! I’m humbled with this must love from you. Really it means everything.
      Even I loved the way how the understood it.
      Thankyou once again, still don’t have words.
      Love you. ❤

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    Abbi…..fantastic. Loved it!! Sorry dear for not commenting on prev parts….

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    Hi Abbi.. Commenting late but aap ho kahan?
    The update was as always awesome..?
    Why is Anika not telling that she loves him..

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      Heya Fati darling! I’m right here only. Sorry for commenting late, itna zyada.
      Thankyou love. ❤
      Well she’s a bit scared, shayed. ?

  19. Jerry_36

    Sorry for such a late comment dear, but beleive me you nailed it !! Loved it thoroughly, as always admired this piece of writing to the core, an amazing writer indeed. Loved it. Yeah, Shivaay loves everything about her but does he love her, well of course I know the answer…?? but I will stay shut. Truly amazing !! Post soon dear, love yaa !❤

    1. Abbi

      It’s okay love, even I’m late too. Thank you Jerry, was waiting for your comment.
      Your comments are satisfaction to me, truely they really are.
      Everyone knows it, hey are shivika man. ?
      Just posted the next one, do read that. Apna ‘vichaar’ (I hope it’s a right word) zaroor dijiye ga. *Wink* ?

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