Unknown heartbeats – Chapter 3 by Abbi.


Chapter 3:

He stood in front of me. I wasn’t moving. I was just staring at his deep blue eyes, those eyes which were staring back at me. He placed his hand on my waist, and leaned forward. He was inches away from me. I closed my eyes, and waited for his lips to land on top of my own.


I woke up to the loud sound coming from my window. When my mind was already processing the right way, it finally sank in that it was Shivaay. When will I get used to him waking me up at six?! I quickly got up, took a very quick shower, and dressed up. I went outside, and opened the gate for him.
“Good morning!” he said.
“Yeah. Thank you for waking me up at the middle of a very good dream. You’re the best!” I said sarcastically.
“And what was the dream?” he asked.
“Not for you to know,” I replied.
“That must be about me. Hmmm,” he answered.
I laughed silently. If only he knew that it was actually about him.
He silently laughed. We went inside, trying not to make loud noises since Gauri was still asleep.
“Let’s bake,” he suggested.

I smiled and nodded.
We decided to bake cookies. We gathered all ingredients and started.
“Wait, tell me, why are there bags of icing here? Really? Icing on cookies?” I asked as I mixed the ingredients into a bowl.
“Well, actually, that wasn’t meant for the cookies,” he replied.
“Then why are they here on the table?” I told him, trying to put my focus on what I was doing.
I waited for his response, but instead of replying, he plastered the icing all over my face.
“Hey!” I said, trying to stop him.
“You should see how you look!” he said, in between his laughter.
I reached for the end of my apron, and wiped my face. I grabbed a random icing bag on the ingredients, and got ready for my revenge. I squeezed it on his hair and face, and because I’m lucky, I picked green. Now, he looks like an alien.
I laughed devilishly.
“You’re so mean!” I shouted as he buried his face on my apron, making it look so dirty.
“And so are you!” he said.
We were laughing as we try to continue baking.
“What’s the noise all about?” Gauri said, popping out of nowhere.
“Your sister made fun of me!” Shivaay complained.
“Oh. So you’re having fun, huh? And you woke me up. Thank you for waking me up at 7 because you’re happy,” Gauri replied with a pout forming on her lips.
“And how long have you been awake?” I asked her.
“I’ll tell you later,” she replied.
I was a bit confused about her answer, so I gave her a questioning look. She just winked at me.
“Let me help you with baking, so you don’t have to mess with my kitchen,” she said, grabbing the bowl from my hands.
“Oy, this is my kitchen, too!” I answered.
“Whatever,” then she started rolling her eyes at me.
“I’ll get the trays!” Shivaay volunteered.
He danced as he made his way to the cabinet.
“You look cute together,” Gauri whispered.
“Shut up,” I replied.

Shivaay have gone home after eating more than half of the cookies. I’m inside Gauri’s room, she said she’ll show me something.
“Okay, what is it? Don’t tell me I was wasting my time here with you when I should’ve gone with Shivaay because he only has 5 more days left,” I told her.
“You’ll love me for having you waste your time. Here,” she said as she handed me her IPhone, “Play it.”
I quickly played the video.
“Oh my gosh,” I said in shock.
My lips suddenly curved, forming a smile. My sister just recorded our crazy baking a while ago. I can’t help but feel happy. We look like a couple.
“I told you so,” she said, teasing me.
“Wait, when do I tell him?” I asked her, suddenly thinking about confessing to Shivaay.
“I don’t know?” she replied.
“Uhm, should I tell her now? Later? Tomorrow?” I asked.
“Try to… prepare him first. Like giving him clues and all. Also, try to prepare yourself. Like asking him if he’s fancying on someone?” she said.
“You’re the best sister ever” I told her.
“I know,” she replied, pulling me into a hug.
Yeah, maybe I was just being paranoid. My sister loves me, not Shivaay.

Heeya people! This story is totally based on Annika’s POV. Well I think I posted this chapter before a deadline, well I was feeling happy yesterday that’s why I wrote it a bit earlier. *WINK*
Anyways, here’s Chapter 3.
Hope you all liked it.
Leave your comments and silent readers do comment, it gives me a boost!
Thank you.
Take care.
Wear a smile.
Love lots.

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