Unknown heartbeats – Chapter 10 by Abbi.

*Do read author’s note at the end, a very important announcement is there.*

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Chapter 10:

“Movie time!” Shivaay shouted as he blasted on our room, distracting me and Rudra in our talk.

“Is there food?” Rudra asked.

“Don’t worry, I’ll cook for you,” I said, making him blush.

“You don’t have to,” he replied.

“Hey, hey! Back off, dumbbell. I’m the ONLY best friend!” Shivaay protested.
I giggled.

“But Rudy’s cuter than you, Shivaay.” I teased.
Shivaay’s eyes narrowed.

“Okay. Just go out for the movie,” he said, then slammed the door.
I turned to Rudra.

“What’s with him?” I asked.

“No idea,” he said while shaking his head.
We went down, and saw the movie has already started.

“Popcorn?” Rudra asked the his two brothers.

“Nothing left for you,” Om said. “Shivaay got a lot.”

“You’re so mean!” Rudra told Shivaay who is holding a bowl of popcorn.

“Annika is gonna cook for you, right?” he flatly said then continued watching the movie.
I pulled Rudra to the kitchen.
I put the popcorn on the microwave in complete silence.

“Here,” I handed Rudra a bowl of it after five minutes.

“You okay?” he asked.

“Yup,” I replied as normal as possible.
I was just wondering why Shivaay was acting cold. We went back, and sat side by side on the couch.

“Can I lie on your lap?” Rudra asked. “I just miss my girlfriend.”
I nodded in response. He’s such a cutie pie, I wish I had a lil’ brother like him, Shivaay is so lucky that he have both of them.
He placed his head on my lap and turned his head on the television while both his hands are on the popcorn which is placed on his stomach.
I run my fingers through his soft black hair. I picked up popcorn.

“Say ‘ah'” I told him.

“Aaaaah” he said, opening his mouth as wide as possible.
I dropped the popcorn in his mouth. Just then, he picked popcorn and placed it in front of my mouth. I slightly parted my lips, and felt his thumb touch it as he dropped the popcorn in my mouth.
Shivaay stared at us. His eyes were narrowed, and glaring at Rudra. Rudra was just grinning.
The movie was finished without me and Rudra wasn’t paying attention that much.
He keeps on tickling me the whole time. If not, he’ll pinch my cheeks, play with my fingers and put my hair around his finger. Shivaay keeps glaring at Rudra every time Rudra touch me or even look at me.

“Time to sleep!” Om announced, and we all headed to our rooms.

“Yey. Still a long day tomorrow,” Shivaay replied while stretching.

“Last day in India!” Rudra responded.
I almost forgot that it was their last day tomorrow. I suddenly felt a knot on my chest.
As Rudra and I walk towards our room, Shivaay walked on the other side of Rudra, and whispered something. I was a bit confused about what he said, but I didn’t mind asking.
Rudra and I went straight to bed. We were quiet for a couple of minutes even though I know that he’s still awake.

“Shivaay is acting weird,” I broke the silence.

“Yeah. He has the reason, though,” he responded.
I turned to look at him. He was just staring blankly at the ceiling.
He placed his hand under the pillow and pulled his phone out. He showed me his wallpaper.

“She’s pretty,” I said upon seeing it. “You’re perfect for each other.”
It was a picture of a girl, which I suppose was Soumya, and him. They were on a swing. Soumya was
holding a pizza slice, and was focused on it, while Rudra was sat on the swing next to her with his eyes locked on Soumya.

“The way I look at her is the same way he looks at you,” he said.

“He?” I replied.

“Shivaay bhaiyya. Can’t you see?” he responded which made me feel confused.

“What do you mean?” I stated.
He paused for a while then turned to me. He looked me in the eye. His black ones locked on mine.

“He likes you.”
Heya people! Chapter 10 is here. 🙂 Second last chapter actually.
Well it is pretty fast update 5 days, isn’t it. I completed it day before yesterday , but didn’t get time to post it because of doc’s appointment. And yeah I’m felling a bit better now, bed rest sucks!
More of AnniRu (Annika and Rudra) moments. I almost forgot that this is Shivaay and Annika’s story since I was carried away by their sweetness.
Comment your suggestions for last update, and write what you think about this one.
Take care!
Much love.

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