The unknown feelings – Part 3

ragini: if you don’t have objection we like pragya for abhi
sarala: abhi…I don’t have objection and I like abhi
Ragi: so we can make marriage arrangement for abhi pragya and prabha bulbul
Sara: OK .but what about abhi and pragya ? we should ask them
neel: I don’t think so I think they are in love
Sara: then OK I will tell her today
Ragi: then call us
sara: OK I’m leaving
neel: OK
sarala left to her house

at evening
purab : mom…mom ..where are you?
Sara: I’m here only come here
purab: mom ..I’m thinking that if on prabha’s marriage day can we kept pragya’s also
Sara: what are you saying ? and pragya’s marriage we should find a nice guy also
purab: mom..its not difficult I found a nice guy for pragya
prayaga and prabha come there
praya: who is that?
purab: its our abhi
sara: what abhi?

prabha: what are you saying they are just friends
Sara: friends?
purab: hey ,no I saw them on beach they were behaving like they are lovers
praya: what ? I will show her when she come here
purab: hey no no we should pretent as we don’t know any thing and mom ,you should talk this about neel uncle and ragini aunty?
Sara: I already talk with them they don’t have problem
praya:its good news
prabha: we shouldn’t tell her that her marriage is fixed with abhi ,OK?
praya:but when neel uncle or ragini aunty tell this to abhi , then plan will flop
pragya : which plan will flop?
they all look towards pragya

pra: what is happening here?
all with one sound : nothing
PRA: nothing
praya: hey leave it , come pragya I had a work with you
pragya and prayaga left there .when praya turned to leave praya show thumb up
purab: hey we should call neel uncle
prabha: yes

at that time , in mehra mansion
neel and ragini waited for abhi
abhi came
Ragi: abhi go ..get fresh up and come back we have something to talk
‘abhi, it will be about marriage “with this thought he went to fresh up
that time purab called neel and told him to not to mention girl is pragya at first they didn’t but after they also agreed
when abhi came back they tell him that they took a marriage proposal to abhi and girl is good .but abhi protested but there

is no way .it last with a big fight between abhi and neel .but they didnt tell that they are planing it to happen on bulbul’s marriàgè
day .abhi went to his room .
in aurora house they didn’t told praya about her marriage

the next day ,in office
praya came to office abhi is already there today he is at time then she noticed that he is not in good mood
PRA: today also fought with uncle?
abhi: he is always talking about marriage ,now he selected a girl without enqiurng me if i wish to marry or not?

PRA: abhi…. ,’then she look around and then continue “come with me ”
abhi without making an objection go behind pragya .they went to a coffee shop
pragya ordered two coffee
pra: now tell what’s your problem ?
abhi: he always want me to get married .
pra: what is the problem in it
abhi: I can’t suddenly be in a relation . I want time
pra: it is a small problem you can tell this to your partner ,right?
abhi: but…..
pra: then ..what ?..abhi you should understand why they are compelling or you should make them understand about

your point of view .without this ,no problem get solve
abhi: you are saying right ,I should ask them
pra: that like a good boy
abhi: what ?……boy ? what are you thinking am I a little boy?
pra: oh god its just slipped from my mouth
abhi: OK

at evening

abhi came with a full confidence to say about his point but when he about to go to his mom room he heard some people
are talking about some thing so he decided to. eavesdrop .
neel: how many time I said you to take rest ma?( yes its abhi’s dadi)
he went straight to the room
abhi: dadi , when did you come ?

dadi: beta.
abhi: you are looking too weak .what happened?
when dadi was about to say something she became unconscious
abhi: dadi ..dadi what happened to her?
neel: come with me

they went out side the room
neel: she is not well abhi ,it start with a fever but now she is like this suddenly became was her wish to saw your and Bulbul’s marriage .so only we talked
with sarala and also fixed your marriage .but you are not ready
abhi: who said I’m not ready I’m
neel: thanks beta

at night ,praya called him

pra: abhi ,what happened ?
abhi: I agreed
pra: but your point .do you said it to them?

then abhi said about dadi and her wish
abhi: so I decided to talk to my partner
pra: its good abhi I’m proud of you
abhi: dont say big words its all for my dadi
pra: then bye

the next day dadi’s health became worse so they shift her to hospital and talked with sarala to make the
marriage tommarow to happen because dadi is in serious and she want to see the marriage. sarala also
agreed.she tell abhi’s dadi’s condition to them they also wish the same so pragya decided to go to saw
dadi .she get dressed up and went that time sarala stop her and said that her marriage is fixed and that
is tommarow so she shouldn’t go out .

pragya became shocked
pra: what? what are you saying mom?
purab: pragya come with me I will explain
pra: you know it before?
purab take pragya to a room
pra: purab what is…….

purab: pragya listen in our family your are elder so you must get married first
pra: so?
purab: so we thought to arrange your marriage on prabha’s marriage day
pra: purab, I am asking about why you all didn’t said me before about this?
purab: we planned to surprise you and we are about tell you but..
pra: but?

purab: you see Bulbul’s dadi’s health became worse and prabha’s marriage became
tomorrow .so your marriage also will be on tomorrow.
pra: OK ,who is my groom?

thank you guys for your comments and thanks all who read my ff
and sorry for my English ..and bye all

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