The unknown feelings – Part 2

abh: friends?
PRA: OK your home at AB street?
abh: yes .where is your house ?
PRA: its on PS street .
abh: but it is on that way right?
PRA: yes,I have a party to attend its on LK street. a small get together
abh: oh. here stop
abhi get down from the car

PRA: which is your house ?
abh: that one
PRA: then OK bye
abh: bye

abhi went to his house and pragya went to LK street
gradually they became thick friends they shared all thing each other

one day ,
PRA: hi abhi
abh: hi
PRA: what happened ?
abh: fought with dad
PRA: hey chill
abhi’s bike is on workshop so pragya decided to drop him he sat on passenger
seat pragya started the car
PRA: what’s the matter?
abh: ha?
PRA: fight with dad
abh: oh that .he is compelling to get married
PRA: are you not interested in marriage?
abh: not like that
PRA: then ?
she teased him
abh: now I’m not interested
PRA: what about your plan? do you have any love?
abh: no .plan if i had a destiny to be loved before then love marriage .if not arranged one.what about you?
PRA: I don’t want to love before marriage .I’m only interested in love after marriage.
my brother will find a nice guy .
abh: you have brother you didnt told me about it
PRA: I have two brother and one sister .purab ,prabha and prayaga
abh: I have a sister bulbul
PRA: bulbul?
abh: do you know her ?
PRA: I heard this name somewhere .forget
abh: hey leave it
PRA: what is she doing ?
abh: : studying
abhi’s stop came so he get down from the car pragya went to her home

after sometime pragya was hardly thinking about bulbul .prayaga noticed it and came
there and asked “where are you lost?
PRA: praya do you heard any name bulbul
praya : you forget about your would be sister in law
PRA: oh yes praba’s girlfriend
praya: yes .why you asked this ?
PRA: I to said about abhi right his sister name also bulbul
praya : oh .come mom is calling for dinner
PRA: I’m

the next day
abhi: hi
PRA: hi
abh: busy
PRA: ya
abh: OK then continue

one that day .do to some reason they only had half day work so they planned to
go to movie .and bulbul birthday is near so abhi want to buy something for her
they planned as first movie then shopping
after movie they come to rhy mall and look for a gift
PRA: what is you plan?
abh: I don’t have any idea so I need your help
PRA: what’s her favourite things?
abh: hmmmm……….
PRA: can you show her photo
abh: what is the need in photo?
pra: uff come with me we can select a jewel for her
abh: no she is not interested in jewels
PRA: then ?
abh: I think buy a fashion dress
pra:then come
they brought a beautiful dress
abh:pragya ,you said you heard about bulbul?
pra:oh my brother’s girlfriend name is bulbul
abh: oh ….wait your brother name is prabha .right?
pra: ya
abh: oh ..that ..prabha..bulbul sister…
pra:wait. wait take a breath …ok now tell
abh: your would be sister in law is my sister
pra:wow its super that mean we are going to became relative
after some time abhi started the car that time he noticed that pragya is lost in somewhere
pra: what do you feel when bulbul said that she is in love?
abh: first i became angry but then i though she came to share her feelings .then i said i want to talk to prabha
he is nice so there is no problem .she chose a nice guy .what your feelings when prabha said he is in love?
pra:same feelings .i also talked with bulbul she is too nice
abh: whose sister?
pra: ha but thank god he didn’t give your character
abh: you…
pra:look into the road friend
abh:tommarow you should come there ,ok
pra: i will come for sure but not for you .its for my brother and bulbul
abh: ho?

the next day evening at mehra house
abhi is wearing a cot suit and welcoming all guest bulbul is getting ready
abh,where is pragya? she should come now . i will call her
he took his mobile and called then he saw she is coming with her two brothers and her sister
pragya is wearing a blue saree
abh: why are you late ? you should…
pra: sorry traffic , where is birthday girl
abh: she is getting ready
when pragya is about to go abhi hold her hand and came near her .she fell uncomfartable
abh: today you look beautiful
pra: tanx
abhi left her .pragya fell something special in his touch but when she saw bulbul she forget it
the party was super they enjoyed a lot abhi and pragya danced .

after the party
pra: abhi do you saw prabha?
abh: bulbul is also here
pra: then sure they will be together
abhi smiled then he remembered something and said :come with me i want to introduce you to someone
abhi take pragya near his mom
abh: mom, she is pragya,my colleage ,friend moreover prabha’s sister
pra: nameste aunty. she take blessings
ragini: nameste
abh: pragya this is my dad ,neel .dad this is pragya
pra: nameste uncle
neel: nameste beti
ragini: then? how you are tolerating him ?
abh: mom
rag: hey just kidding
they talked somuch things ragini and neel liked her

after some time when pragya was about to go
pra: abhi uncle and aunty know about bulbul releashionship?
abh: yes i told them i don’t want to kept them in dark
praya: pragya shall we leave
pragya: ok bye abhi
praya: bye abi
abh: bye
after so many days abhi and pragya thought to take a step in prabha and bulbul love so they decided to proced it with their family
.sarala accepted .so the two family decided to meet and they meet

neel ragni and sarala were talking
sarala: before prabha i want to find a groom for pragya and prayaga
neel and ragni look face to face then
ragini: if you dont have objection we like pragya for our abhi

thank you all for reading ,and sorry for my english
my previous update posted on some other page but thank god at last it came on
kkb page .thanks for all who commented my previous part and for informing me about the post

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  1. Hey dear u post it on savitri devi page but it is nice……after your title add KKB ( kumkum bhagya) ff ….So , it get posted on right place . You have amazing writing skills . Keep going sweetie.

  2. Riyarocks

    Aneesa dear, its absolutely fine……….it got posted by mistake, it wasn’t ur fault………..btw, u r an osm writer….I enjoyed reading ur ff(short ff of 2 episodes…..haha)…..actually I stopped watching kkb due to lot of dragging & all……….I couldn’t bear tanu & aaliya anymore, for which I stopped watching it……..but kundali bhagya is doing good……………enough of my bak bak…………keep up the good work dear………..

  3. Hey aneesa dear i know tumhe pta chal gaya hoga ki update galat jagah post ho gaya h… Btw sweety u r amaz writter … Ssorry actually m kkb nahi dekhti pehle dejhti thi per story ko itna drag kar diya ki bus pucho mat tanu aaliya nikhil offo hamesha bas pragya ko marne ki planning abhi bachata h wo bhas jata then again pragya save him saal me jane kitni baar kidnapping track dikhate h… So sorry m tumhe hurt nahi karna chahity sabir nd srishti jodi r superb but track is going hell… U have amaz writting skill keep it up..lov u and sry again tc

    1. Haha….di they have copyright of kidnapping & memory loss track . I also enjoying the show first…..Infact i love Abhigya…both lead done great acting…..but Our ekta mata ji drag this show so much.

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