The unknown feelings – Part 1

A marriage hall is shown .It is filled with lot of people .All are happy by this marriage pandit ji is telling mantras .Groom is sitting there and waiting for bride his face is shown
he is Abhi ,Abhishek prem mehra ,a normal employ in a famous company” 4P company” he had his mom ,dad, and a pyari sister .his mom name is ragini and dad neel sister
bulbul .

Look there come our bride pragya, she is smiling but some thing is fishy .it didn’t seemed to be a real one.she is also a normal employ in 4P company .she had two brother
purab and prabha and a sister prayaga and mom sarala Aurora .these four siblings were born on same day ,same year, same month .they had a secret .they are the
owners of 4P company but others don’t know about it .they don’t want to show that they are rich so they kept it as a secreat .

Now look they were taking vows .they looked at each other .They slowly stepped intothat day when they meet ……

Pragya was busily working .she had to complete submit some work at 2 pm .so she didn’t noticed her nearby seats or near by colleagues. Abhi ,a new staff come there
and sat beside her .It is his new seat he looked around and took his sweet box and went to distribut it amount his new colleagues. he firstly went near pragya

Abh:hello I’m abhi , new staff

pragya is busily working so she didn’t looked into his face and replied ‘so’ by looking into her laptop .’TAke a sweet’ said by Abhi .’can’t you see I’m working if you can
place one on my table if not please leave me ‘pragya replied harshly.abhi placed a sweet on her table and went from there and thought ‘what an arrogant girl ? what
will happen if she look towards me and take a sweet? she is acting like it is her company and others are playing here instead of working ‘.he distributed sweet to others
and came back to his seat ‘oh god I’m near her how will I tolerate this b*t*h’ he thought.he then start his work one of his colleague told him what he should do.

after three fays pragya is really busy so they did not talked each other.

when abhi is about to take his bike. he noticed that his bike is punchered .he kicked his bike tire and looked as if any one is coming then he saw a car is approaching
him .he tried to look who is that .that car stopped it was pragya’s she asked ‘ what happened’

he replied as his bike is punched she asked him about his destination.he replied it was on her way so she offered a lift but he said” no thanks”
PRA:” hey why are you became formal come I will ”

At last he sat on passenger seat .she start driving
pragya: I’m pragya . new staff?
abh: I’m abhi ,yes
PRA: oh I’m searching for you
abh : for wat ?
PRA: on that day I was really busy that manager gave me a sudden project and said me to complete with in 2 pm . on that time I’m really anger so only I behave
with you like that
abh: its OK no problem .I forget that at that time ( but he is really not)
PRA: oh I thought you were thinking as how arrogant im and what will happen if I look towards you and took a sweet and I’m acting like owner of this company and other
are playing instead of working …..
abhi became shocked but he did not showed that and said : no I’m not
PRA: oh if I’m on your side I will think like this, sure
abhi liked her honesty
abh: so friends?

thanks for reading .you can see how imperfect is my English .grammer mistake and
spelling mistake ,sorry for that .and give your coments about this shot and
bye all .

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