“That Unknown Feeling”- Chapter 6: Closer

That evening, Sayyam was walking down the hallway towards the Kitchen, when he saw Krishna standing on a shaky stool. “Hey!” he called out, but she didn’t seem to hear him. Annoyed, he walked towards her, grabbing her waist and swiftly setting her down on the ground. She spun around startled, gasping when she saw Sayyam.

“What do you think you’re doing?” she pursed her lips and narrowed her eyes, wondering what his intentions were.

“Oh hello!” he countered, crossing him arms. “I didn’t want to touch you; besides, many girls die to be picked up by me” he smirked, looking away, while she just scoffed, obviously not believing him. “You were about to fall, you stupid girl…Girnewali”

She felt offended. “What was I supposed to do then? I needed the rice flour” She paused for a while, “Khadoos” she finally labelled him, beaming proudly.

Sayyam reached up grabbing the rice flour box and handing it to her. “You could’ve asked someone for help…” he shook his head in amusement, walking away.

For the next few days after that, he saw her almost everywhere around the Birla house, most of their meetings starting with her bumping into him. He almost always saw her reading her romance novels. He thought reading fiction was a waste of time, but when he told her that, she would give him a fierce look and walk away. They had argued so often, and she had fallen so often, that he had started calling her “Girnewali” and she had labelled him as “Khadoos”.

Once, Krishna had been walking down the hallway, looking for an earring she had lost. She’d knelt when Sayyam walked in, looking under a table.

“Oh, wow, Girnewali, you always fall after I walk in, but today you sat down there itself when you saw me”.

“Oh, Khadoos!” she stood up immediately, brushing herself off and pulling her hair back into a ponytail. “The world doesn’t revolve around you!” she scoffed, walking away, before turning around, “and besides, I was looking for my earring”.

“This one?” Sayyam pulled a silver earring with blue gemstones out of his pocket.

“Where did you get that?” Krishna pouted, “Couldn’t you have told me earlier?”

“Sorry, but I’m not sorry” Sayyam laughed, “I have too much fun troubling you” he lifted the earring out of Krishna’s reach just as she grabbed for it. He backed away with the earring, teasing her, “Come and get it” he challenged her.

“Sayyam, no.” Krishna warned, “Sayyam…” without warning, she dashed at him. He took off running, and they chased each other around the dining table. Finally, she got close enough and clutched at his shirt, tugging him closer to her. Leaning heavily on him, she snatched the earring from his hand, tripping in the process. He caught her as she fell; one hand on her waist and the other behind her back. “Girnewali,” he smirked, breathing heavily. “Khadoos,” she huffed, waving the earring in his face. It was then that he felt an unknown feeling tugging at his heart and was about to let go of her, when they heard a livid voice.

“Sayyam!” Yuvaan roared.

Sayyam let go of Krishna, setting her upright and pushing her away. “Bhai, she fell-” he started to explain.

“Don’t touch her! You’re just like your father!” Yuvaan pushed Sayyam back.

Sayyam felt a lump in his throat at the mention of his father and backed away, turning on his heel and walking out of the house. Krishna watched his retreating figure, feeling guilty for what Yuvaan had said to him, a strange sense of longing coming over her.

Hey guys! I missed you all 😉
I’ve commented on the previous page, but I just want to say: Thank you sooo much for all the love, it really means a lot. Also, thank you to Shreya (my ‘name twin’ 😉 ), Fidato, Annie, Prethiga, Faeeqa, Shabnam, Aarav, Shivani, Mithila, Dinu, Isha, and all others who have commented. I just got back home, and I felt so happy reading all the comments.

Back to the story, there was a (small) time leap) after Kriyam’s meeting in the kitchen, that’s why they were much closer and ‘comfortable’ with each other.


  1. Prethiga

    love your ff…you have just put the characters the way they are in ssel like saiyyam feeling guilty, krishna feeling bad for saiyyam and yuvaan’s short temper… you have understood the characters so well…and their little fights and romance is also wonderful…keep going…waiting for the next chapter…and again loved this chapter..

  2. shivani

    Now it surely lies undenied that you are a born writer who is truly blessed with majestic skills. The episode captured every nuance and detail in a magical manner and presented it in a beautifully worded way.
    The episode was supremely glorious and extremely amazing. The conversations of the ‘girnewali’-‘khadoos’ pair were seriously very adorable and lovely. The way in which they cared yet not cared for each other and the growth of their beguiled feelings for the opposite is truly wonderful. Persons like yuvaan have the sole purpose of acting as antagonists and injuring the protagonists so that it leads to a supremely magnificent story. Yuvaan can surely act as a catalyst to convert the ‘girnewali’-‘khadoos’ pair into the ethereal couple ‘kriyam’.
    Awesome and amazing…



    |Registered Member

    Wow. This was so adorable. Your perfect descriptions and perfect dialouges all stole my heart. I loved their nicknames for each othrr and their comfort with one another and i cant begin to describe the magic of your writing. Thank you so much for mentioning me and its no problem i will always continue to support you name twin 😂😊

  4. AnahitaAnnie


    |Registered Member

    Aww, the nick names were so cute… Sorry for not commenting earlier shreya.. Anyways i think I have to kill Yuvan again..anyways liked to see Kriyam a bit comfortable with each other…and one thing u write like professionals.. Enthusiastic and marvellous writing..keep going..and can’t wait for the next one…❤❤

  5. Faeeqa

    Aww loving their little arguments. This was such a cute chapter, looking forward to the next one!

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