“That Unknown Feeling”- Chapter 32: Broken Apart

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(Recap: Suhani discovers that Yuvraaj was poisoned and finds out that Sayyam is responsible for his condition. She pleads with Sayyam to save Yuvraaj’s life, and Sayyam agrees to do so- on one condition.)

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Sayyam felt his head turn to the side as Suhani’s palm struck his face. It stung, but more than the physical pain, the emotional guilt was eating at him. He felt tears spring to his eyes, but immediately blinked them away, making sure to hold the vial out of Suhani’s reach. ‘What a stupid, stupid plan’, he inwardly cursed himself, ‘but he’d had no other idea’.

“Sayyam!” Suhani was furious, “Stay in your limits! Krishna is not a toy! Under no condition will I blindly give her to you.”

Sayyam blanched, ‘Would Suhani really reject his conditions? No, no,’ he convinced himself. ‘Suhani would do anything for Yuvraaj’. The poison would wear off in three hours, and after that, he wouldn’t be able to convince Suhani.

“Listen, marriages can always be broken; divorce papers can be signed,” he looked at Suhani meaningfully, then continued, “but I doubt life can be returned once it is taken – I mean, death certificates can’t be annulled, can they?”

Suhani was on the verge of breaking down as she understood what he was implying- Yuvraaj would die unless she got Krishna married to him.
She glared up at Sayyam, disgusted with his behavior. “I can’t believe this is who you really are, Sayyam Shrishtav,” her voice cracked. “From now on, you are not my son; you are dead to me.”

Sayyam closed his eyes from the sudden overload of emotions, he had finally done it today- he had become just like his father in Suhani’s eyes and ruined his relationship with the person who meant the most to him. He opened his eyes and smirked, ignoring the shreds of his heart that now lay scattered at his mother’s feet.

“Good,” he nodded, “I’ll give you the cure after Krishna and I get married,” he spun on his heel and walked out, leaving an utterly shattered Suhani alone in her room, to wonder what devil there was in this son of hers.


Krishna looked at herself in the mirror; she was almost unrecognizable. Yuvani had curled her hair and pinned a few of the loose strands back, leaving the rest to frame her face. Her lips had a shade of cherry red lipstick, while her eye shadow was glittering in the light. Her red blouse had golden embroidery work on it, and her skirts pooled around her feet.

As Yuvani walked into the room, Krishna held her hands up to finally examine them for Yuvaan’s initials. What she saw though, was a deep red ‘S’ in the middle of her palm. Her eyes furrowed in confusion. “Yuvani,” she called out, “I can’t find Yuvaan’s initials on my palm”.

Yuvani, froze, remembering that the mehndi artist had drawn an ‘S’ on Krishna’s hand. She quickly walked over to Krishna and pointed at the same space on her palm, tracing a ‘Y’ exactly where Krishna had spotted the ‘S’.

“But Yuvani,” Krishna asked innocently, “Why is there an ‘S’ here?”

“No Krishna,” Yuvani shook her head, “that’s part of the design; there’s only a ‘Y’ on your hand’.”

“Oh, okay,” Krishna nodded, still not convinced, when Suhani walked into the room, holding a nose ring with an intricate design.

“Krishna,” Suhani sighed, putting the nose ring on Krishna, “you have to come and sit at the mandap now.” Suhani was worried as to where Yuvaan was, he had been missing all this time. Sayyam had told her that he didn’t know when she confronted him, but she had the feeling that he knew where her son was.

“Ok aunty,” Krishna smiled, unaware of how long the night ahead of her was going to be.

Hey guys!! I got a constructive pm regarding my current plot arc, and I really do hope you all are finding this section of the story interesting and accurate. I just want to portray everyone’s emotions as best as I can: especially Sayyam, Krishna and Suhani’s. Please feel free to message me if you have any advice or tips 😉
Thanks again guys, the next chapter will be coming out next Friday.

(I don’t usually leave a precap, but I’ll give you all something to look forward to 😉 )

Krishna was in tears at this point. She struggled against Sayyam’s strong grasp as he told the priest to start.

“Sayyam, where is Yuvaan? Don’t do this,” she pleaded.

Sayyam faced her for a second, tightening his grip on her hand,

“Yuvaan isn’t coming.”


Until next time,
Shreya <3

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