“That Unknown Feeling”- Chapter 31: Crossing Limits

Chapter 30: Here

(Recap: Sayyam poisons Yuvraaj by sneaking something into his juice. He feels guilty, but convinces himself that this is the only way to fix things.)

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“Yuvraaj, listen…Sharad wanted some help with decorating the mandap. I can’t believe today is my Yuvaan’s marriage!” Suhani rummaged her cupboard, looking for one of her nose rings which would go perfectly with Krishna’s bridal dress. “Yuvraaj? Are you even listening?” she asked playfully, turning around to face him.

Her eyes widened in shock when she caught sight of him. He was leaning forward; and the book he had been holding when she had walked in was now on the floor. What scared her the most, was the thin line of blood trickling down his chin. “Yuvraaj!” she gasped, rushing towards him. Cupping his face in both her hands, she lightly shook him. “What happened to you? Yuvraaj, say something!”

She saw Sayyam entering the room from the corner of her eye. Panicked, she beckoned him to come closer, while keeping her eyes on Yuvraaj. “Sayyam, see what happened to Yuvraaj! Call the doctor-” she stopped talking when she heard the door close.

Suhani looked away from Yuvraaj and towards Sayyam, wondering why he had locked the door. “Sayyam, did you hear me? Call the doctor!”

Sayyam looked at her, and his face was strangely calm for what was going on. Suhani looked at his eyes, alarmed; they were darker than ever, and even through the façade he had put up, Suhani could see darker emotions under the surface. She had only seen him like this when…her face turned pale as she connected the pieces.

“Yuvraaj won’t need a doctor,” Sayyam tilted his head, holding up a vial. “Because I have the medicine,” his lips tugged up into an eerie smile.

“No,” Suhani whispered desperately, hoping that this all was just a dream, as she felt her head start to pound.


Sayyam was finding it very difficult to continue this drama, but he had to do this. Blame it on the genes he had received from his father, but this was the only plan he had come up with; it was rather flawed. He forced himself to smile, and held up the vial, which now contained water; but of course, Suhani didn’t know that. He had to make her believe that what he had was the only cure that could save Yuvraaj.

He saw his mother whispering something to herself, and watched as her eyes shifted out of focus and she held her head. Beads of sweat formed on his forehead as he realized he might’ve triggered one of her panic attacks again, but she shook her head, as if to regain control of her thoughts. She stood up and slowly edged towards him.

“Sayyam, beta,” she emphasized, hoping that what she was seeing wasn’t true. “You have the medicine, right? Give it to me beta…Yuvraaj needs it,” she spoke softly, as if he were a merely a kid who was throwing a tantrum.

“But I also need something. Maa. Give me what I want, and this cure is yours.” He raised his eyebrows, silently questioning her. Suddenly, Yuvraaj started to cough, gasping for breath.

“Yuvraaj!” Suhani eyes welled up with tears and she stepped closer to Sayyam. “Sayyam, please, give me that cure, this isn’t who you are. You’re my son, Sayyam, don’t do this.”

“First give me what I want,” he refused to give in, willing himself not to show any signs of weakness.

“What do you want?” she cried out helplessly as Yuvraaj collapsed to the ground.

“Ahh…finally! I’ll get right to the point,” he paused, reassuring himself that he was making the right decision.

“I want Krishna.”

Woah, the words have been said! There’s no taking them back now. There are a lot more Sayyam-Suhani scenes coming up and even more Kriyam scenes. 😉 I hope I’m taking this at the right pace. Since this chapter is short (sorry for that) the next chapter will be coming out tomorrow morningish.

Love you guys!
– Shreya <3

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