“That Unknown Feeling”- Chapter 30: Dangerous Decisions

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(Recap: Sayyam secretly watches Yuvaan meet a new girl the day before Krishna and the latter’s marriage and discovers that Yuvaan is planning to get married to his supposed lover. He vows to save his mother’s and Krishna’s respect)

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Sayyam stood at the entrance of his mother’s room, a glass of juice in one hand and a vial filled with a colorless, sweet smelling substance in his other hand. He took a deep breath, sending a silent apology to his mother and Yuvraaj, before emptying the contents of the vial into the juice and walking in.

Sayyam cleared his throat as he walked into the room, spotting Yuvraaj immediately, who was sitting on the edge of the bed, a book in his hands.

“Um… I thought you would want some juice,” he stated, handing Yuvraaj the glass of juice. “You looked tired after working so much, so I thought…”

“Oh, thank you Sayyam” Yuvraaj smiled, and Sayyam felt a twinge of guilt, reminding himself that this was necessary. Yuvraaj thirstily drank all the juice, giving the glass back to Sayyam once it was empty.

Sayyam smiled hastily at Yuvraaj and took the glass. He almost bumped into Suhani on the way out, who was hurriedly entering the room and mentally apologized to her again, for
what he had just done.


*The previous night*

Sayyam glanced at the clock, pulling a dark sweatshirt over his head; it was 1:00 am. ‘Good’ Sayyam thought, ‘Everyone should be asleep right now’. He pet Tiger’s head, reassuring himself he was doing the right thing and grabbed his car keys, cautiously exiting the outhouse.

Sayyam drove for about half an hour, keeping his eyes trained on the road, when he spotted it- a tiny cottage at the side of the highway. He pulled over and got out of the car, quietly knocking on the door. An elderly man opened the door, peering warily at him.

“I need to buy one of your…goods,” Sayyam raised an eyebrow, hoping the man understood what he was trying to say. The man eyes widened in realization, and he opened the door wider, letting Sayyam in.

“I need a substance that has dangerous side effects, but will wear off within a couple hours.” Sayyam tried to be as clear as possible.

The man’s eyes narrowed, “I’m afraid I don’t have that here,” he responded.

“I know you have it, so hand it over,” Sayyam growled, “I’ll give you how much ever money you want.”

The man perked up, “five-thousand, nothing less,” he said, clearly talking about the price of the item.

“Done,” Sayyam glared down at the man.

The man took out a clear vial, filled with a liquid resembling water. “Whoever drinks this will…have trouble breathing…and there may be other side-effects.”

“It’s not fatal, is it?” Sayyam questioned, worried that something adverse would happen to Yuvraaj.

“No, of course not, it’s effects will wear off after three hours, and the person who drinks it will not remember what has happened in the previous twelve hours,” the man assured.

“If something happens, I will personally hunt you down,” Sayyam threatened the man, handing over the money.

“I can assure you, beta-“

“Don’t call me beta.”

“Well, I can promise you, nothing serious will happen to the person who takes this.”

“Okay then,” Sayyam pushed the tiny bottle into his front pocket and walked out. He placed a hand over the vial securely and got into his car, starting the engine and driving away.

The man looked out of his window, puzzled, “Ajeeb ladka (strange guy), if he is so concerned for the person, why is he feeding them this?” but then he shook his head. “You should know already,” he scolded himself, “hardly any of the people who come to meet me are normal”.

Hey guys! I’m back like I promised 😉
This chapter and the next two chapters are gonna be pretty weird, as in: these things don’t happen in real life. But, I assure you, this is as unrealistic as things will get. This is also where all the action starts- officially!
Since, this chapter was really short, I’ll be updating next tomorrow evening or on Sunday as well.

Love you all!
– Shreya <3

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      Thank you so much! I believe that the plot arc the cv’s were following had so much potential for Kriyam, but they never made use of it 🙂

      There is another Shreya on this site, whose name is ‘AFANFICWRITER’, many people usually get confused, so that ff is most probably hers.

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